Omnipotent Sage Chapter 566


Three days later, with all kinds of panaceas, Wang She recovered at last and spoke slowly about the trip to the Infinite Star Sea under the eager gaze of a group of people.

This event was extremely simple, simple and chilling. The so-called exploration of the Infinite Star Sea did not take place at all. As soon as they came out of the Transmitting Formation and the rays of the formation disappeared, they greatly suffered.

A Lunar True Thunder exploded on the spot. Then the Rolling Dragon King led dozens of Venerables to strike a vicious blow on these explorers from the five biggest sects.

Half of the elites of the five biggest sects died on the spot, while the other half fled separately and were badly hurt because of the Lunar True Thunder. Facing the pursuit of dozens of Demonic Immortals at the Venerable Realm, their results could be imagined.

Of course, it could only be imagined now. Given the situation, Wang She was extremely lucky to survive. His cultivation and strength did not stand out among those elites of the five biggest sects, but he was proficient in the Snake-like Breath Holding Skill, and had a few unknown tricks. All these helped him dodged a bullet, but he could only protect himself, unable to figure out what was happening to the others.

Thanks to his modest strength, he did not attract the attention of those Lords of Heaven like the Rolling Dragon King, so he escaped successfully from the pursuit, and got Kunpeng Bloodline in a mysterious place in the Infinite Star Sea. Then he refined the bloodline and got a huge benefit.

However, in a place like the Infinite Star Sea, no matter how much benefit was gained, it was useless. When Wang She had recovered from his wounds, he thought it should be all right for him to use his Snake-like Breath Holding Skill and his newly acquired power to pass through the Transmitting Formation, because all the Venerables brought by the Rolling Dragon King had gone after other survivors. Therefore, he went back to the Transmitting Formation to find a chance to return.

Everything was going well, and only two of the Venerables were there, and they weren’t very attentive. After all, with their strength, everything within 50 kilometers of the Transmitting Formation could not be hidden from their spiritual minds.

Wang She launched the Transmitting Formation with his Snake-like Breath Holding Skill under their noses. But these Venerables were not good-for-nothings. As soon as that Transmitting Formation started, they found Wang She and struck him seriously. However, as the Transmitting Formation was launched, the two Venerables were afraid to follow too much to cause a rebound of the five biggest sects. That was the reason for Wang She’s lucky return.

“Others either died or ran away, and you not only got Kunpeng Bloodline, but also came back alive. If I were Yu Nanzhe, I would become madly jealous as well!” In the silence, Child-endowing Buddha spoke, and looked at Wang She with a spurious smile, “How lucky you are!”

“Yes, I was lucky, but thank you for standing up for me that day!”

“No, I should thank you. Without that opportunity, I couldn’t have been able to ask Zhou Bao to undo my inhibition. Isn’t it, Zhou Bao?”

Zhou Bao gave him a cold snort and left without uttering a word.

“He really has a bad temper.” Seeing Zhou Bao leave, Child-endowing Buddha grinned, “White Tiger, that guy is now one of the Four Signs of your Immortal Palace. If he’s always in this temper, it’s easy to make things get out of hand and irreparable!”

“What do you mean?” White Tiger threw Child-endowing Buddha a displeased glance.

“I mean he was so impulsive that he almost killed Yu Taixu’s son on the spot. Fortunately, he didn’t do it. Or else, do you think Yu Taixu would have put up with it?”

“So what? We Immortal Palace can do what Yu Taixu did. It’s no big deal. Are we timid people?”

“Of course you are not timid, but now we’re in a troubled time. It’s not good for us to have disputes within our five biggest sects!” Child-endowing Buddha gave a meaningful expression, “The matter of the Void Map of Infinite Star Sea was very much a secret, and so was the Grand Transmitting Formation of Infinite Star Sea. How could Rolling Dragon King know it? What’s more, Rolling Dragon King has deep hatred for us. It’s not that simple. Do you really think they stumbled across it?”

“It’s certainly impossible for them to stumble across it!” When it came to this, White Tiger got serious, “There is reason in it. The Sea Area is vast and mysterious. From the words left by our forefathers, we can see that they have a strong power that we cannot match. Likewise, we don’t have to worry too much, because the Seven-deity Regions have a strong inhibition. Even if Demonic Immortals of the Sea Area has formidable power, they won’t be able to enter the Seven-deity Regions and baffle us, or, with their power, they could have swept away our Seven-deity Regions long ago. How could they have kept us alive for so many years?”

At this point, White Tiger looked at Child-endowing Buddha with an odd look, and his voice grew louder with a tone of determination and fierce. “Besides, even if the Sea Area tries to deal with our Seven-deity Regions, we Immortal Palace will never sacrifice our own people for the sake of the so-called righteousness and overall situation. At the worst, we die with them. So don’t talk nonsense in front of me!”

“Er!” The muscles of Child-endowing Buddha’s face stiffened, and he cast an awkward glance at White Tiger and left.

White Tiger looked around at those people of the other three sects, as if he had not seen Child-endowing Buddha’s ugly look. “Now that everything is clear, what do you think we should do?”

“Damn it, that f**king White Tiger, I was only play acting. He was so mean!” Child-endowing Buddha muttered in a low voice, wandering about. He, although leaving the hall, did not leave Immortal Palace.

“You were play acting, so was White Tiger. You’re just two actors!” Just as he muttered, Zhou Bao suddenly appeared beside him, “What do you think of this event in Infinite Star Sea?”

“Eh?” Child-endowing Buddha was surprised by Zhou Bao’s sudden appearance, “I thought you were going to turn against me as soon as we met!”

“Humph, your inhibition has been undone. It’s no use turning against you. You know a lot of my secrets. How can I turn against you?”

Looking at the sneer tugging at the corner of Zhou Bao’s mouth, Child-endowing Buddha smiled, with a twist of his face, “All the secrets I know won’t work. You’re now able to stand up to an Eight-tribulation True Immortal on the surface. If I am not mistaken, you must have used some of the power of that Heavenly Fairy Weapon when you were dealing with that Green Pith Leaf. Thus, it’s no longer a threat to you. Now, even if Divine Wind Palace knows your secret, I don’t think they will dare to act. I know you. You definitely have a bluff that I don’t even know. If I really dare to threaten you with your secret, you could kill me in return!”

“I’m not that powerful!” Zhou Bao shook his head with a smile, “We don’t really know each other very well, but we’re old friends. Stop talking nonsense! Tell me, do I have a big chance to go to the Infinite Star Sea this time?”

“This is a big deal and the Sea Area is involved. Even if we have the map of Infinite Star Sea, the five biggest sects will be very cautious. It’s not easy to start the Transmitting Formation to Infinite Star Sea again!”

“I don’t think so!” Zhou Bao shook his head again, “I’m sure the second trip to Infinite Star Sea will start soon!”


“The reason is simple; there’re other people alive, but they’re not as lucky as Wang She was and didn’t come back. Most importantly, although Wang She is seriously injured, he got Kunpeng Bloodline. Kunpeng is a kind of Primordial Fierce Beast. Over time, his power will inevitably grow and his potential will be limitless. What does that mean? This means that there’re treasures in the Infinite Star Sea and we can benefit greatly from there! Do you think they will leave the vast benefits to the Sea Area alone?”

Child-endowing Buddha nodded with approval, “It makes sense. Wang She really had some fate. He actually got Kunpeng Bloodline! It’s enough to arouse everyone’s greed. In the face of such huge benefits, the danger can no longer stop them. You might be on the list for a second exploration, but chances are slim!”


“The first reason is the benefits. The huge benefits in the Infinite Star Sea have been proved by Wang She. You’ve already offended the two biggest families of Divine Wind Palace, and your combat capability is formidable. Then will they easily allow you to try your Divine Fate in a place full of treasure? Second, they think you’re still at the Level Nine, and no one knows you have broken through into the Mysterious Realm. They worry that if you really get the lucky chance there and break through to the Mysterious Realm in one go, you will not be bound by the Golden Book of Fate because you’re not in this macro world. That’s what Divine Wind Palace doesn’t want to happen, so your biggest obstacle this time is Divine Wind Palace!” At this point he paused and said, “If you really want to go to the Infinite Star Sea, the only way is to get the full support of Immortal Palace!”

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