Omnipotent Sage Chapter 567


Here is the Infinite Star Sea.

Now, Zhou Bao was in the immense hollow, looking around the boundless sea of stars, with all kinds of thoughts surging in his mind.

This was not the first time he had stayed in the hollow. Last time, he stopped at the Desolate Ancient Star Area, which was a remote, backward Star Area and the region where the Azure Big World laid in. Even in primitive times, it was a mysterious place with a special topography and infinite space. Once caught up in it, Genuine Immortals at the Lord of Heaven Realm and even Human Immortals could hardly come out. The two who drove in Silver Frost Castle that day dared to break into the Desolate Ancient Star Area with confidence entirely because of their Silver Frost Castle.

That Silver Frost Castle was an Upper Grade Highest Heaven Celestial Device. In a sense, however, it was no less valuable than an ordinary Taihao Fairy Weapon, because there was a Gold Bridge of the Sea of Bitterness in it. Although it would take lots of energy to launch the golden bridge, and even though the Silver Frost Castle could only launch it once, most of the time, they did not really need to launch the Gold Bridge of the Sea of Bitterness and only needed to launch the Void-breaking Bridge that evolved from the Gold Bridge of the Sea of Bitterness. Although the Void-breaking Bridge could not be compared to the Gold Bridge of the Sea of Bitterness, it could ensure that they escaped from any space trap, so they dared to enter the Desolate Ancient Star Area.

This was, of course, off-topic.

It was not until he arrived here that Zhou Bao understood the meaning of Infinite Star Sea.

This really was a wonderful Star Area. Standing outside the Transmitting Formation, you would get an eyeful of starlight. The twinkle and rotation of immeasurable starlight formed a vast sea.

“This really is a great place. How surging the star force flows! If Child-endowing Buddha were here, he would look like a duck to water. Hehe, with the help of the infinite star forces here, his Sky-measuring Star Ruler, even if unable to exert the same power as the Taihao Fairy Weapon, will be at the top of all Pure Yang Celestial Devices. Unfortunately, he is now too low in cultivation to come to this Infinite Star Sea.”

It was true that Child-endowing Buddha’s cultivation was too low. It was not easy to come here, as Child-endowing Buddha and Zhou Bao expected.

There were huge benefits in the Infinite Star Sea, as you could see from Wang She’s gains.

There was great danger in the Infinite Star Sea as well, as you could also see from Wang She’s experience.

For the five biggest sects, the Rolling Dragon King was not a big threat. He was just a Lord of Heaven, and the Seven-deity Regions also had Lords of Heaven. Although the Seven-deity Regions had fewer Lords of Heaven in the Seven-deity Regions than the Sea Area, the Rolling Dragon King did not represent the entire Sea Area.

In the camp of the Rolling Dragon King, there was only one Lord of Heaven and dozens of Venerables. The Seven-deity Regions concentrated the power of four regions and found five Lords of Heaven, so that the Seven-deity Regions could defeat the Sea Area.

Yes, there were five Lords of Heaven coming here. There were no more than 10 Lords of Heaven from all over the Four Eastern Regions, plus the hermits and those who were far from the world. This time they were almost out in force. If the matter remained unresolved, there would be no need for the Four Eastern Regions to exist.

The five Lords of Heaven should come from the five biggest sects respectively. And as the head of the five biggest sects, Divine Wind Palace was duty-bound to send another one. Besides, Dark Sect also sent a Venerable because they had no Lord of Heaven at present.

Immortal Palace did not send a Lord of Heaven, but sent Zhou Bao.

Although everyone thought Zhou Bao was only a Level Nine expert, he showed unparalleled combat capabilities and killing power when he defeated an Eight-tribulation True Immortal. As a result, even though he was not a Lord of Heaven, he was duly recognized by the five Lords of Heaven.

Just as Child-endowing Buddha said, to send Zhou Bao, Immortal Palace this time had put in a great deal of effort. People of Immortal Palace were puzzled why Zhou Bao firmly insisted on entering the Infinite Star Sea. However, he now was not only one of the 28 constellations, but also one of the Four Signs. Considering his high status in Immortal Palace, and his terrifying combat capabilities, Immortal Palace aggressively pursued a chance for him, even though others didn’t quite understand what he was thinking. Divine Wind Palace had some complaints about this, but Zhou Bao got this chance at the insistence of Immortal Palace.

Then he came to the Infinite Star Sea.

“King Wuyang, here is the Infinite Star Sea. It deserves its name, doesn’t it?” Just as Zhou Bao was feeling the magnificence and vastness of the Infinite Star Sea, an extremely soft and magnetic voice sounded in his ear. Zhou Bao trembled slightly from fright, and then a smile spread over his face.

“Yes, it does deserve its name. Infinite Star Sea, Infinite Star Sea, a sea of stars. Only nature could do such a feat!” He sighed with feeling, “I heard you’ve been here before, Lord of Heaven. You must be very familiar with the Infinite Star Sea!”

The man who spoke to Zhou Bao was a middle-aged man who looked gentle and dressed in black clothes. He was elegant and unsophisticated, with a black iron crown over his head and eyes as unfathomable as endless pools.

He was the Highest Elder of Dragon Thunder Palace, and also the only Genuine Immortal at the Lord of Heaven Realm in his sect, named Yuan Tiangang.

The five Lords of Heaven from the Four Eastern Regions had different attitudes towards Zhou Bao. Lords of Heaven from Dragon Thunder Palace and Jade Pool were very kind to him. The Highest Elder of Snow Mountain Great Wheel Temple was neither indifferent nor warm to him. He did not show enough kindness, nor did he show malice. However, the two Lords of Heaven from Divine Wind Palace and the Venerable from Dark Sect showed obvious hostility to Zhou Bao.

One of the two Lords of Heaven of Divine Wind Palace was Hong Taihe, who was defeated by Zhou Bao last time. The other one was both the Highest Elder of the Yu Family and the Highest Elder of Divine Wind Palace, named Yu Changmen, a Seven-tribulation True Immortal. In order to save Wang She, Zhou Bao offended the Yu Family and Divine Wind Palace in public, so he naturally had no favor to Zhou Bao. The Venerable of Dark Sect was the Patriarch in Dark Sect in the Four Eastern Regions. He was the teacher of the Supreme of Demons Qiao Huai killed by Zhou Bao, and so with such a deep hatred for Zhou Bao, he certainly didn’t have a good attitude towards him. However, he knew that Zhou Bao was better than him in terms of actual strength, because although he had great confidence in himself, he could not compete with an Eight-tribulation True Immortal, let alone defeat an Eight-tribulation True Immortal. Therefore, he just glared at Zhou Bao.

In fact, regarding the choice of coming to the Infinite Star Sea, several Elders of Immortal Palace did not agree with Zhou Bao’s request at the very beginning, fearing that he would be hurt by others. If Zhou Bao had not insisted, his request would have been rejected.

Therefore, when they arrived in the Infinite Star Sea and sighed at the magnificent scene, the atmosphere among the several people became a little embarrassed.

After a period of silence, Yuan Tiangang sighed, “It seems difficult for us to cooperate, but I believe we all have our own methods and it should be easy to find each sect’s survivors. Rolling Dragon King isn’t a fool. After Wang She ran away, he should have expected that the Four Eastern Regions will not give up and will find him to settle accounts. So, either he’s gone now, or he’s hiding in the Infinite Star Sea far away, and he’s not going to go after survivors any more. Let’s find those survivors separately!”

“Good!” Before Yu Changmen could speak, Hong Taihe answered with indifference, and disappeared into the air with a flash.

Yu Changmen’s face twitched, but he did not speak anything and also disappeared with a flash.

Then, so did the Highest Elder of Bigwheel Temple and the Dark Lord Red Blood of Dark Sect. Without saying a word to the others, they all turned into a stream of light, heading in different directions to the Infinite Star Sea. Obviously, they had sensed the position of their surviving elite disciples through different ways.

“Hehe, they can’t wait. Then, I’m leaving, too!” Yuan Tiangang laughed, cupping his hands to say good-bye to the rest, and disappeared on the spot. Now, there were only Zhou Bao and the Highest Elder of Jade Pool around the whole Transmitting Formation.

“King Wuyang, there’s something I want to ask you!” The Highest Elder was a very kind, but very thin old woman. Zhou Bao had seen many horror stories in his previous life, and was always in awe of such an old woman. Now at her words he felt a chill in his heart but forced a smile, “Please tell me your advice, Grandma Loulan!”

“It’s not advice. As far as I know, before Yeyue left, she borrowed two Pure Yang Celestial Devices from King Wuyang, didn’t she?”

“Yes, she did borrow two Pure Yang Celestial Devices from me, and I can sense the position of those two Devices!” Zhou Bao laughed, “I think she’s fine!”

“Good, good, Yeyue is the hope of our Jade Pool’s future. Haha, it’s good that she’s fine!” Grandma Loulan smiled joyfully, “I guess that since the two celestial devices you lent Yeyue were powerful, and she was protected by them, I can’t sense her position for the time being. Thus, I have to bother you, King Wuyang.”

“No problem!” Zhou Bao nodded, “She’s not far from here!”

Together they set out, turning into a green stream of light and a white stream of light, flying into the depths of the Infinite Star Sea.

The Infinite Star Sea was a vast Star Area. Zhou Bao saw a sea of stars before the Transmitting Formation, but god knew how long it took to travel from one star to the other.

However, no matter how vast the Infinite Star Sea was, it was none of Zhou Bao’s business because he was looking for Ji Yeyue. Besides, there were not many people from Immortal Palace entering the Infinite Star Sea last time, and only Wang She survived under the attack of the Rolling Dragon King’s Lunar True Thunder.

In his haste Wang She did not see what happened to the others, but saw clearly what happened to the members of Immortal Palace at his side. Therefore, unlike others, Zhou Bao had no mission to save the members of his sect, and he was not that eager to explore the Infinite Star Sea. He thought it would be good to find Ji Yeyue first and get some information about the Infinite Star Sea.

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