On The Way Home I Got A Bride And Twin Daughters Who Were Dragons Chapter 4

Trying to suppress my injuries, I wiped the tears from the corners of my eyes.

I didnt have time to be crying now.

Ive seen that person run away with my own eyes. I didnt feel killing intent from them so I held back, but still, the wounds Ive inflicted upon them shouldnt be light.

It was impossible for that person to come here before my return.

In that case, theres only one conclusion.

There had already been someone herea person who slipped into the nest in such a way that I wouldnt notice them, and who then took away [those children].

No wonder I found it suspicious!

That womans slashes stung sometimes, but even though she had a few opportunities, shed never approached the nest.

It mustve been because her objective was to buy time. In other words, she was a decoy.

I was careless. It mustve been because I was exhausted after the weakening period.

Not to mention, it was the first time ever for me to fight while protecting something. There was a whole bunch of things that felt off, and yet I didnt pay attention to them!

Its so frustrating I cant help but tear up.

Its not like Ive ever expected it to happen, and Ive got no idea why it did.

But, Ive brought them into this world my children.

Ive had neither the preparation nor the resolve, but it really is too much to lose them without actually experiencing motherhood.

I cant stop my tears. However, I have no time to wipe them from my face.

For the time being, I grabbed the white one-piece dress that was the top-most piece of clothing in the nearby clothes box and mindlessly pulled it on through my head. My clothes were destroyed in the battle just now, after all.

The dress got caught by my horns and torn. It mightve been my favorite, but theres no way Id care about such crap now.

[Those children] are still close.

I have no idea why, but I can feel it.

Its in the towns direction. The pulse of [those children] as they quickly fade into the distance.

They should be on a car or a motorcycle.

I must give chase before Im no longer able to see or sense them.

I jumped out of the nest and started running.

I was running with all my strength, so earth cracked with my every step.

With a loud noise, I continued to dash forward. Before long, the end of the steep cliff appeared in front of my eyes.

Without a single shred of hesitation, I took a giant leap and, discarding the torn dress in midair, issued a loud roar.

A lightning-like flash flickered, illuminating the surroundings.

The [True] form of the serious me.

Twisting my giant body, I flapped my wings furiously. Then, seizing the wind, I ascended into the sky. As it wasnt enough, I supplemented it with my bodys power.

Being flustered renders the wings movements dull.

If the balance crumbles, the body would fall from the sky.

Twisting my body with all my strength, I climbed even higher.

After sensing the approximate location and direction, I turned.

I have no idea what the culprit looks like, but I absolutely mustnt lose them.

Wait for me, okay? Even though Im such a failure.

Even though I was blessed with new life when I didnt know anything.

Mama will never give you up.

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