On The Way Home I Got A Bride And Twin Daughters Who Were Dragons Chapter 5

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Ive bought the groceries at a medium-sized supermarket.

Its good to be energetic, but Ive got no clue what the guy at the cash register just said. Still, I gave him a light nod and left the shop.

The supermarket beside the big state highway was one of those often seen in the countrysideits parking lot was even bigger than the shop itself.

Even without guessing, I can feel that Ive walked for quite a bit by now. Itd be a royal pain to walk this far every day.

But, even though our house is surrounded by a forest, you just have to walk a bit and youll find yourself in the residential area.

Lets have faith that I can find some other shops or supermarkets nearby if I look around a bit.

Lets go back.

Talking to myself is my bad habit. It mustve manifested because I rarely talk with others outside. I put the shopping bag on my shoulder, passed through the parking lot, and reached the big state highway.

To get to the other side, I had to wait for the green light.

With three lanes in each direction, the traffic here was quite heavy. After all, if you follow it, youll eventually arrive in Kanto. However, since there was also a lot of dump trucks and big trailers, it appeared as though there were more vehicles passing by than there actually were.


As it turns out, the traffic lights here are the type where you have to wait long after pushing the button.

My stomachs already completely empty. Ive just noticed, but its already evening.

I want to return quickly with such thoughts on my mind, I looked in the direction of the big boulder.

The big boulderwhich I could see even herewas right below a small number of approaching clouds.

It looked kind of magical.

While I was admiring the view, a cat-eared woman with a cat-eared boy in tow lined up beside me in front of the crosswalk.

They must be family. They were talking with large smiles and holding each others hand tightly.

Mom! Whats for dinner today?

Youve just asked, havent you? Are you that happy? Weve got curry today~

Yay~! Hurray! I love curry!

How peaceful. Looking at the boy, I relaxed my expression slightly. How nice. Im fond of obedient kids like that.

Shouhei also used to be like that Now, he became cheeky and good at arguing, so hes not adorable at all.

Well, hes handsome, so it should be okay. Im not quite sure what that it is, though. That bratty younger brother.

While I was lamenting over the passage of the ever-cruel time, the cat-eared mother took notice of me and drew back as her face fell.


I forgot I have quite the nasty look.

Its not like I was looking at them with some wicked thoughts. Such stuff happens a lot.

Im tall, my hairstyle is a bit rough, and Im well-built, too, since Im working out. Add to that eyes slanted upwards that make it seem like Im looking down on others, and Im often misunderstood.

Ive already got used to it. I havent lived 17 years just for show.

Thats why, Im not fazed at all!!!

W-whats that?!

Ive heard a voice come from afar. It was a rough voice of a middle-aged guy.

As I looked over my shoulder, I saw a middle-aged guy wearing a uselessly showy jersey. He was pointing at something.

Flushed red and having shock written all over it, the face he was making was one of those that might come to haunt you in your dreams.

It was more intimidating than the gaudy tigers face on his jersey.

At his feet, a fluffy toy dog in a sweater was barking. That breeds Welsh corgi, aint it.

Somehow, I found it rather pitiful. Its already fluffy even without a sweater.

The cat-eared woman, who saw what the middle-aged guy was pointing at before me, grabbed her cat-eared son and made a run for it.

It was at that point that I finally felt like looking at whatever the middle-aged guy was pointing at.


What I saw was a black cloud.

It hung abnormally low and formed a swirling vortex as it approached with an insane speed. It was also pouring thick thunderbolts everywhere.


There were so many thunderbolts that I thought it was raining at first.
Faced with this completely unreal scene, I pathetically froze in shock.

The customers all around were hopping into their cars or frantically making their escape to seek shelter inside the shop one after another.

So thats how a pandemonium looks like. [TL/N: Possible pun herepandemonium also refers to Avici hell, the lowest and most painful level of hell in Buddhism]

Starting with a shrill scream that I would normally find utterly disgraceful, I finally took a step back as well.

And then, I noticed.

A giant silhouette was approaching with the same speed as the black cloud.

It was quite long; its central part was thick, but the closer to its ends, the narrower it became.

My curiosity won. Ive stopped the foot I just moved and fixed my stare on the silhouette.

A thick thunderbolt struck a telephone pole 20 meters away from me. Perhaps it was the first time Ive ever found my life in danger.

The ground shook as it was covered with flickering electricity, and an insanely shrill sound pierced my ears, hitting my body with a powerful impact.

It was as if I was hit deep in my gut with massive forceit pierced my body and made me feel faint.

And yet, the retarded me who wanted to see the mysterious silhouette in detail managed to make out a figure more or less around where the silhouette had been.

It was human. Well, maybe not quite.

Finally, my eyesight started to recover, and as the figure approached, its appearance was displayed clearly in my eyes.

Wearing a vulgar golden down coat with some exaggerated crimson fur attached to it, a lion that made me feel it couldnt be called human was walking on two legs.

H-heup! Heeeeelp!!! [TL/N: Typo on purpose, a while later too]

Right in front of my eyes, the king of beasts was running while shedding giant tears.

He had not a shred of the usual majesty left.

Gueeee! Ooooh! Thatz why I zaid I dont want toooooo! Therez no way to defeat dat thing! Therez no waaay itd goo zmoovlyyy!

The king of beasts (lol) who approached while running in panic every which way was carrying a big cloth bag on his shoulder.

R-right! I vorgot about that! The magic gun Ive zbent loadz of monie on! I forgooot! Am I an idiot or zomething!

Fumbling with one hand under his vulgar jacket, he quickly took out a stupidly big gun.

Wait, it was actually a bazooka. What the hell. Just how did he fit it in there?

At this time, around 50 meters away from me. The me whose curiosity was piqued couldnt turn his head away.

E-eat dis!!! A gravitation magic gun Ive bought on loan! Goodbye, my annual salary!

The lion who turned around pulled the bazookas trigger, causing it to issue a thunderous roar. A pitch-black mass flew out of the bazooka, scoring a direct hit against the silhouette.

At that instant, the scene was rendered flat for a split second.

GAAAAAAH! the silhouette roared as it slammed into the ground. A cloud of dust flew up, dancing in the surroundings.

Z-zerves you! Dont undereztimate Gasalio-sama, you dumb lizaaaard!

As the king of beasts (lol) burst into loud laughter that was just as vulgar as his jacket, he continued escaping nearby me.

Damn, what an interesting existence.

So thats the lion race, huh. It was the first time Ive seen one.

After measuring that Gasalio-sama or whatever with my eyes, I fixed my stare on the silhouette that slammed into the ground. It was still concealed by the dancing plumes of dust, so I couldnt see it clearly.

Finally, the dust slowly dispersed, and I strained my eyes to see the silhouette clearly.

Hm? Eh?

Without thinking, Ive started running.

It was because the giant silhouette, which had been one big mass until now, was replaced by a small humanoid silhouette.

Uwah, are you serious? Theres actually someone there?

Maybe it was someone who was unable to get away in time and was embroiled in the crash just now.

I must save them. I should call an ambulance too.

Oi! Are you alright?!

With a whoosh, I approached the person within the dissipating cloud of dust.


I was shocked once more. Fudge. Im being shocked a lot these days, huh.

The one there was a naked girl. A bona fide stark-naked woman. I know Im repeating myself, but with how she was lying there, she was completely exposed. What a sinful sight.

Im a healthy teenager, so it cant be helped that I lost my cool. However, this isnt the time and place for that.

After freezing for an instant, I quickly rushed over and shook the girls body.

O-oi! Youre alive, right?! Should I call an ambulance?!

I tried talking to her with a loud voice.

Ah, what?

Im an idiot after allonly now did I notice her appearance.

This girls hair was nearly transparent blue. It was quite long and seemed to coil around the girls body well it was quite sexy. By covering the top of her modest bosom, it made her erotic in a way different from straightforwardly displaying her nude body, but now wasnt the time for such stuff.

The small bulge which appeared as always whenever a young man was thinking of such things aside, my much more fervent interest piqued the wings growing from the girls back, blue and covered with bird-like feathers.


Im an idiot, so what left my mouth was what an idiot would think of.

If others heard me say such stuff, itd spread that Im an idiot with no learning in no time.

Of course, I quickly found out that she wasnt an angel.

Why? First of all, she sported splendid black horns on both her temples, roughly above her ears. Additionally, a big tail covered in pretty blue feathers was growing near her bottom.

W-what race is this?


While I was flustered, the girl got up and grabbed her shoulder with a stagger. After taking a good look, I noticed a lot of blood flowing from her right shoulder.

O-oi! Youre badly hurt! Im calling an ambulance, so dont move randomly!

From a pocket, I took out my smartphonewhich I rarely ever useand keyed in 110, then remembered it was actually 119 I was supposed to dial and started all over.

Forgive me! Im at my wits end here!

E-excuse me! The girl clung to my waist and called out with a touching voice. Please help! My children were abducted! I beg of you!

I was dragged into something.

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