On The Way Home I Got A Bride And Twin Daughters Who Were Dragons Chapter 7

In my hands were the two still pulsating stones.

After putting the acute pain in my palm into the back of my head, Ive noticed that Im staring at Aoinoun-san.

Eh? What? Eggs?

J-just why are they hatching?! Ive been trying to talk to them, stroke them, and warm them for a whole month, but the children wouldnt awaken at all!

Eh, even if you ask me

Eh, oh, right, the police

Ah, thats right! Aoinoun-san, who had her arms crossed to cover her bosom, suddenly extended her right hand. I, I apologize. I didnt know how to use it, so I accidentally broke it

M-my smartphone!

On her hand, I saw my ringophone with a miserable big whole in it and its electric circuits exposed.

[TL/N: Ringo = apple try to guess the brand lol]

T-that stuff aside! My eggs!

That stuff, she said

No! Ive told ya to call an ambulance, girl!

In my irritation, I unknowingly switched to overly casual speech.

Ah, I-I recover fast, so something like that is no big deal, she said as she slightly shifted the jacket to show her right shoulder.

Brushing away the already coagulated blood with her finger, she showed off her pretty skin sporting not even a single trace of injury with some exaggeration to emphasize her point.

Ah, is that so.

So in the end, Im the only one injured?

It seems like the stolen children were actually eggs, but thats still a kidnapping. We should still hand over that vulgar lion, Gasalio, to the police after all.

Then, we should hand over the kidnapper to the poli

Turning my head, I looked at Gasalio lying on the ground.



Our glances metmine and a womans from the bird race who just picked Gasalio up and placed him on her shoulder.

She was colorful, just like a bird from the Southeastern Asia. She had a yellow beak and, just like Gasalio, a down coat with scarlet fur, though this one was silver.

This woman from the bird race resembling a parrot was carrying the unconscious Gasalioshe was about to load him into a van.

Te tehe.?

The beak is abnormally big on the right side. I wonder whats that. A tongue?

Anyway, the woman from the bird race stuck out that tongue-like pile of meat from her beak and laughed.

Seems like she was trying to say, Teehee, pero, but what came out was a slurring pseudo-imitation, Tehe, slurp.

[TL/N: Hes talking about an expression where you stick out your tongue (and sometimes cutely pretend to hit your head with your not-quite-clenched fist) because you dont know how to react when youre caught red-handed (when doing sth bad or stupid) just google tehepero and check the images]

T-theyre running away!

Please dont move, Kunpei-san!!! Aoinoun-san called out in a voice much louder than mine.


Because her voice carried a terrifying power with it, I found myself unable to move.

L-lets escape, Bro! We were exposed!

Goot iit. Geeet ooon faaast.

I saw a gray ball of fur sitting in the vans driver seat.

He, too, was wearing a down coat with scarlet fur, though this time the coat was black. Is that some sort of uniform or something?

Ah, now that I look at him closely, he seems to be a sloth. What race should I call that?

After the vans door was slammed close, the engines roar resounded.
Just like that, the van ferociously took off.

You dare to steal my eggs! Theres no way I can let you off, is thereeeee!!! Aoinoun-san let out an overwhelming roar.

Flinging my jacket off with considerable strength, she leapt.

At that instant, a lightning bolt-like flash illuminated the surroundings.

W-whats that?!


A powerful roar resounded, shaking the earth.

My field of vision was obstructed, just like when a flashback occurs. For now, I prioritized protecting the two throbbing eggs in my hands.

I closed my eyes tightly, then opened them wide.

After taking a moment for my eyes to adapt, I found out that I was engulfed by a giant shadow.

I looked upwards.


The one who was there was a dragon.

Spreading its blue wings with all its might, yelling towards the sky it was a dragon.

W-whats that?

A dazzling, shining orb of light was floating before the roaring dragon, high in the sky.

The surrounding black clouds were swallowed by it as it gradually increased in size.

The dragon temporarily closed its mouth, then took a deep breath.


The dragon opened its mouth once more, then let out a powerful roar.

At the same time, the orb of light started soaring forward in a straight line.

It was heading for the escaping van.


I saw it hit the car.

After that, I couldnt see anything because of the violent flash of light, and neither could I hear anything because of the thunderous bang and the shaking earth.

However, it wasnt difficult to guess what the result was.

They should be dead, right?

(Its something Ive found out later, but Gasalio and his two companions have survived. They were apparently seized by the police, who found them twitching in the middle of the vans charred remains. What a sturdy bunch.)

As the shock wave finally settled down, the dragon flashed with a faint light and slowly decreased in size.

Phew. That was refreshing.

As the light disappeared, a beautiful girl appeared.


Ah, Kunpei-san, please stay like that! Maybe its because youve touched them, Kunpei-san, but the eggs are hatching!

What, me?

Sigh, Im so confused Im not sure what I should ask her about first.

For now, lets go visit the shop selling mobiles tomorrow eh, am I running from reality here?

Ah! Please look!

Wrapping herself in my jacket that had fallen on the ground, Aoinoun-san leaned forward beside me.

Look! The child on the right! Its almost there! Its the older sister!

Indeed, the egg Im touching with my right hand started cracking loudly, pulsating in a different way than before.

It feels like somethings scratching at it from the inside.

My right hand which was supposedly seriously injured started to gradually feel warm.

Do your best! Just a bit more!

Aoinoun-san was becoming more and more hyped up. It doesnt seem like shes capable of dispelling my doubts now.

With a cracking sound, I heard something break. The egg in my right hand started throbbing even harder.

At the same time, the egg in my left hand also began to vibrate every now and then.

Wow, wow! The child on the left too! Amazing!

I-I can let go now, right?

Ah, yes! It seems like its okay now! Here, please look!

Finally letting go of the eggs, I temporarily relaxed.

Take a deep breath. Lets be clever about this, Kunpei.

A big crack appeared on the right egg, accompanied by a loud, high-pitched sound. The shell started to fall off in large pieces.

As I glanced at Aoinoun-san, it turned out she was shedding a waterfall of tears and nasal mucus.

With a small voice, she was single-mindedly murmuring [do your best, do your best] without stopping.

The egg on the left was also doing well, starting to show small cracks. Aoinoun-san seemed quite anxious, turning her neck restlessly to look at either egg.

Some time passed.

When I came to, I was gripping Aoinoun-sans hand and holding the egg protectively in my arms. Unable to contain the anxiety, I was restless and wanted to do something.

I had no ulterior motive.

Soon, just before Aoinoun-san became dehydrated due to spilling so many tears, that moment arrived.

Fuah, atchoo!

The egg hatched at the exact same instant Aoinoun-san sneezed.

Breaking through the last layer of the shell with its head, the hatchling opened its eyes and started blinking with all its strength.

Ah, aaah she hatched!

Aoinoun-san who held my hand was trembling, overcome with emotion.

Thin whitish hair grew on the hatchlings headit should be fluff.

It seems it wasnt quite grown yet, since I could see the skin beneath it.

The half-opened eyes displayed clear black pupils, and their owner snuggled up to me, staring at us intently.


Yep yep! Its mom!

Aoinoun-san reached out with her hand towards the child sitting on the lower part of the shell.

The baby girl stared at the hand for a while, then abruptly grabbed her middle finger tightly with both hands.



she showed the most beautiful smile in the world.

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