One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 1121

Chapter 1121 Grandpa

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She heard that he was the Mus family headthe one with the most authority in it.

He was also that miscreant that her mother mentioned.

Her heart suddenly wavered.

She had always regarded the Mu family as a tigers den; hence, despite knowing her identity, she harbored no thoughts of returning there.


She wanted to acknowledge him!

She acknowledged him!

She made up her mind right there and then.I must expose Mu Wanrous identity today!

Otherwise, there may not be another chance in the future!

I can protect me and my son this way!

Gnashing her teeth, she struggled to her feet with Youyou in her arms and wobbled toward her grandfather.

Mu Wanrous face turned dark at this.

She had a sharp mind and was not stupid. The moment the woman walked toward the old man, she knew at once that the other wanted to acknowledge him!

No! She mustnt succeed!

She rushed over and pushed the woman aside by grabbing her clothes.

"Dont you get near!"

Yun Shishi ignored her. With eyes affixed on the old man, her hoarse and broken voice rang. "Grandpa Grandpa"

She wanted to acknowledge him!

She decided to acknowledge the Mu family!

Regardless of her identity, she just wanted to expose the truth about this woman!

She wanted this imposter to disappear from her sight; this way, she could not harm her repeatedly!

The latter strangled her so tightly earlier that her voice remained broken and hoarse even now.

Mu Sheng squinted, for he could not hear her words clearly.

Disgust flashed past his eyes at the sight of this womans messy hair and torn clothes, though.

She was shrewd and scheming in his mind.

His impression of her worsened when his granddaughter badmouthed her repeatedly.

Hence, he had no intention of stepping forward to understand the situation at all.

Even a glance disgusted him.

Mu Wanrou pushed her to the ground out of fury.

In order to protect her son, Yun Shishis elbow collided hard against the floor when she lost her balance and fell to the ground.

Youyou was extremely heartbroken; boiling hot tears dripped onto his face as he bit hard his lower flap.


"Shameless b*tch! Do you really think that you can become Young Mistress Mu after giving birth to two kids for us? You should take a good look at your identity! Its merely wistful thinking!"

In order to hide the truth, she separated the mother-son pair and started to beat her up.

The latter was not submissive, though.

She sprang up and pounced onto the former.

The two people entered a scuffle at once.

While Mu Wanrou constantly tugged on her hair, she delivered a straight punch to her jaw.

Another punch landed on the former when she fell to the ground in pain.

Being so incensed, Yun Shishis arm strength was so huge that the other soon lost her resistance.

"Disgraceful thing!"

Seeing his precious granddaughter getting bullied, he got so angry that he almost lost all his rationality as he stormed up and raised his cane high up at Yun Shishi!

A cold gust of wind blew past her!

Her heart skipped a beat when she caught sight of what was happening in her periphery. She closed her eyes tightly as she held her breath nervously.

Apart from a cracking sound of the red-carved wooden cane and several cracked lines appearing on it, she felt no pain as compared to what she had expected.

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