One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 409

Chapter 409 I Did Not Push Her

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This sudden and unforeseen incident had him quite confused! He did not mean to do it, and he definitely did not use too much strength as well. It was simply a subconscious reaction, which was triggered by the abrupt, overwhelming pain. Why was this imp so weak?

Some kind-hearted people quickly stepped in to help Song Enxi up, but when one of them touched the back of her head, the person’s palm was shockingly dyed with fresh blood.

“Hey! Her head is injured; there are blood stains. Quickly call an ambulance!”

“Yes, it’s quite bad!”

Upon hearing this, Yichen took a step back in dismay. He did not envision that things would develop into such a situation!

He… did not use a lot of strength, and he certainly did not do it on purpose…

He remembered holding back…

Mu Yazhe and Song Enya happened to return from buying desserts at this point, and the first thing they heard was a girl’s youthful, loud wail.

Song Enya held her heart in suspension as she rushed over. When she got there, she saw her sister sitting on the ground, crying in devastation, as a few tourists around the little girl tried to pacify her, albeit in vain.

She turned pale from shock. “Enxi!” Throwing the desserts aside, she hurried over to cradle her.

The two hugging was bad news for Yichen. The moment the little girl saw someone she knew, she exaggerated her emotions and made the situation look worse.

Expectedly, Song Enxi cried even louder and in a more pitiful manner. She pointed at him, who was standing rooted to the spot at the side, and complained, “He… He bullied me! He pushed me and even called me a monster… Oh… Enxi is in pain…”

Seeing her breaking down completely, Song Enya looked around and caught sight of a passerby’s hand smeared with blood from her peripheral. Horrified, she went to grope her sister’s body and eventually felt sticky wetness on the latter’s nape. Her heart almost came to a sudden stop from fear!

Mu Yazhe made his way over, entirely clueless of the situation. He only saw the little girl cry in despair. Once he spotted blood in Song Enya’s hand, his face immediately darkened.

“What happened?” he questioned.

His query made the little girl, who was in her sister’s embrace, cry even harder. She wailed, “It’s Yichen’s fault! He pushed me… hu hu… He said that I’m a monster and that Uncle Mu doesn’t love me. He even pushed me…”

Song Enya was heartbroken and sent a fierce glare toward Yichen!

Yichen was undaunted by this and similarly glared back at her!

Noticing him glaring back at her, she was infuriated. Ultimately, she felt helpless. Yichen was Mu Yazhe’s most beloved child — not hers. Thus, she had no right to reproach him and could only glare at him.

Suddenly, all the swords of reproach were pointed at Yichen.

He felt speechless. He was thrown into disarray, as for some reason, he inexplicably found himself absurdly being blamed by everyone!

It was not like this. What she had said was not the entire truth!

What had just happened was…

Yichen’s mind was momentarily in a jumbled mess. He walked over to his father intuitively and grabbed the man’s large palm.

His father tightly held his hand in response.

Yichen raised his head pitifully, only to see the latter looking at him blankly. “What’s the matter? Yichen, give me an explanation.”

“Daddy, I…” Yichen stuttered out in panic. Feeling wronged, he said defensively, “I didn’t push her…”

It was just his instinctively defensive reaction to the immense pain he felt!

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