One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 70

Stunned, she tried to brush off his question. "I bit myself accidentally while eating."

He gave her an incredulous look.

"Mommy, how in the world did you manage to bite the corner of your lips?"

Oh, please can you give a more credible lie? She was really treating him as a six-year-old kid.

On second thought, he was indeed only six years old.

She was embarrassed that her son had seen through her lie and quickly said, "It was really caused by a bite!"

She was not the one who had bitten her lips, though.

His sense of discretion was as sharp as his father's. He looked at her through narrowed eyes and asked, "Who bit you?"

She thought of that man and her head hurt. The father and son were so alike in this way.

She chuckled dryly. "I bit myself by accident!"

He did not press the issue further and, instead, said with a pout, "Mommy, you have to tell me when someone is bullying you. Youyou will protect mommy!"

She let out a laugh. This child might just be six years old, but he could be so serious and mature at times. He even appeared more seasoned than her. She did not give it further thought, however, thinking that his words were spoken out of concern for her. Touched, she kissed him on his forehead and held him up in her arms.

He gave her a warm smile even as his heart twitched in pain.

His mother should enjoy her youth, yet she had to bear such a heavy burden.

For the sake of raising him, she worked and studied at the same time.

When he was much younger, she did not dare to splurge on herself. Her body nearly gave up from exhaustion.

On numerous occasions, he almost blurted out the truth about his capability to her. He had the ability to take care of this family and to protect her

However, he was worried that she would be unable to accept the truth about him and would regard him as a monster.

He checked their past months' bills, and the amount of expenses shocked him!

They lived in a district close to the educational zone at the city center. The area was peaceful with a nice environment and was considered to be very safe. Besides the exorbitant rent, the monthly utilities were excessively high as well!

Moreover, she wanted him to study in a good school. She gave him the best of everything. Her salary was thus barely sufficient after deducting all these expenses.

Her previous earning of 20,000 yuan might appear attractive, but, in reality, it was barely enough to settle their monthly bills.

"Mommy, please don't overwork yourself next time. It makes my heart ache. I don't want expensive kindergarten or enrichment courses, so please don't be hard on yourself," he said as he glanced at her lovingly.

"I remember Auntie Xiao Xue mentioning that acting is mommy's dream. If mommy has a dream, Youyou will definitely support!"


"Please don't frown. It makes my heart ache."

She looked at him apologetically and tried to disperse his worries with a clap. "Come, let's eat! Mommy is wrong. I broke the house rules today when I brought my work home. Look; the food you cooked is turning cold and it's my fault!"

She smiled and picked up the chopsticks while he sat beside her without another word; his eyes gleamed like a soft glowing crescent moon.

She had always been strong when facing the challenges and hurdles and could usually forget everything soon after.

However, she would settle last night's score sooner or later.

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