One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 72

She returned the slap ten folds.

Yun Na was unprepared for that crisp slap that came hard and fast on one side of her face. Yun Shishi was not about to let her off, however. She gave her another smack on the other side of the face. She was the compulsive type who sought balance in her work.

With her palm and five fingers firmly and equally imprinted on Yun Na's two cheeks, the latter's pretty face was almost ruined.

Yun Na was infuriated! She was proud of her pretty face and took good care of it, so she really wanted to strangle this b*tch for nearly ruining it!

She confronted Yun Shishi and both got into a tussle. She let out a yelp as Yun Shishi took her wrist and gave it a twist. Crazed, she grabbed Yun Shishi's hair.

"What are you two doing?" A flustered voice was heard from the doorway.

Yun Yecheng stood at the front door and saw the chaos in the hallway. He went red with anger.

"Stop it, you two! Are you both rebelling?"

"Dad!" Seeing her father, Yun Shishi quickly concealed the frosty look on her face and gave an afflicted moan. "Yun Na is too much"

She pretended to sob with much distress.

Yun Na was speechless.

No matter how miserable she felt in the past, Yun Shishi never complained to their father.

However, right now, she was posing as the innocent party.

Yun Na fumed. Her face was still chafed from the slaps. Who was the real culprit here?

Yun Shishi looked weak, helpless, and especially heart-wrenching.

He was heartbroken and glared at Yun Na.

Li Qin heard the commotion and came to investigate.

She saw the swollen marks on her daughter's face.

"Ma, this b*tch hit me and still dared to call me names."

"You b*tch!" Li Qin was incensed. She pointed a stern finger to Youyou and Yun Shishi and screamed, "Yun family does not accept you bastards! You are truly an unfilial daughter!"

Yun Shishi laughed chillingly.

Youyou walked up to Yun Shishi and held her hand. He turned to look at Li Qin with a cute and comely smile.

"Auntie, rest assured; I'll take care of mommy. You don't have to worry about us. You should use your money on ways to beautify yourself, instead."

Li Qin covered her face with embarrassment. She used to be beautiful, but after giving birth to Yun Na, her face became covered with striae. Since she was now middle-aged, her appearance could no longer regain its youthfulness, regardless of how many cosmetics she put on it. She gnashed her teeth in fury as the little boy's venomous words hit her sore spot.

He might be young and look innocently cute, but he had got quite the sharp tongue!

"You" she choked in anger.

Youyou looked up at his mother and tugged at her sleeve. He asked in an angelic voice, "Mommy, do you know what happens when 'Mommy Disgust' meets 'Miss Disgust'?"

She asked with amusement, "What happens?"

Youyou glanced at the mother-daughter pair and replied nonchalantly, "Full-house disgust1."

Li Qin knew that the child was using this joke to take a dig at her. Infuriated, she charged forward and wanted to give him a slap, but Yun Shishi caught her wrist.

"Unfilial woman, how dare you hit my daughter? Are you going to hit me next? Yecheng, look! Yun Na's face is swelling from this b*tch's slaps!"

Before Yecheng could respond, Yun Shishi looked indignantly and said, "Yes! I slapped your daughter because she is in the wrong. She gambled, took drugs, and got into debts. I lost my job because of her. Yesterday, she almost cost me"

She stopped irately and did not continue further.

"You can call me names and do what you like to me, but I am not a cheap servant girl to be at your beck and call or be used by you. I have my dignity. I am not your slave!" she said with great forbearance.

"You" Li Qin was at a loss for words.

1. This is a play on the word 'house' in Chinese, which means 'utter disgust'.

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