One Hundred And Eight Maidens Of Destiny Chapter 330

Little Sister Yuaner, why are you injured.

An Suwen looked at the bloody hole on Shi Yuan. She hastily used healing magic.

Its just a cut, Sister Suwen. Shi Yuan was not in the least concerned.

Dont do something that will make Big Brother worried. An Suwen scolded in a quiet voice.

Its a big harvest.

Yuaner, what happened?

Wu Xinjie walked into the room. The bloodstains on Shi Yuans body made the Knowledge Star somewhat shocked.

This Young Lady encountered Latent Star White Flower Serpent Yang Chun.1 Shi Yuan stuck out her chest very proudly.

Latent Star White Flower Serpent? Why would Little Sister face her?

An Suwen asked as she treated the injuries.

Shi Yuan recounted everything she saw and heard at the Ecliptic Palace. When she spoke about the Star Duel between the Thief Star and the Latent Star, she made the two Elder Sisters feel startled. Latent Star White Flower Serpent Yang Chun was a Martial General any way it was put. They did not expect that Shi Yuan surprisingly could defeat her.

Nicely done, however, Yuaner, you also are too fond of causing trouble. Wu Xinjie helplessly smiled.

Under An Suwens Life Returning Magic Hands, Shi Yuans wounds very quickly disappeared.

That Elder SIster Yiliu is too dumb, unexpectedly not being with her Star Master. However, the Ecliptic Palace has a Star Master. Shi Yuan flipped her hand, and the table was crammed full of countless collections of books.

These texts mostly were a few generational sect cultivation methods, introductions, historical material and the like. The cultivation methods inside appeared to be average, and Wu Xinjie herself would not fancy them.

The Ecliptic Palace seems to be planning some Connecting Heaven. There was also a Connecting Heaven Pagoda inside. Shi Yuan said.

Connecting Heaven?

Wu Xinjie wrinkled her brow. Hearing this name, it did not seem good at all.

However, concerning his Connecting Heaven, Fighting Heaven, Hiding HeavenHeaven wont fall down anyways. The always easy-mannered Shi Yuan did not care about such a small sects plans, but she was somewhat unhappy the Ecliptic Palace locked onto Su Xing.

For the time being, do not act so rashly. Yuaner, do not go to the Ecliptic Palace anymore. If it was because of us, we would be very sorry to implicate Little Sister Shuishui. Wu Xinjie said.

Counter soldiers with arms, water with a levee. Since they already knew the Ecliptic Palaces general strength, with the Latent Star White Flower Serpent Star General even being defeated by Shi Yuan, with the Meditative Mind Lotus Seed now at hand, Wu Xinjie did not wish to give rise to more side issues. Of course, if the Ecliptic Palace were to follow the path to their own doom, the Knowledge Star would not be polite with them.

First, inform of this matter to Yingmei and Siyou. Make them worry a bit. Wu Xinjie muttered.


Ecliptic Palace Main Hall.

The Ecliptic Palaces twenty Protectors and each of the gate masters already were assembled inside the main hall.

The Ecliptic Imperial Empress face was ashen as he gazed upon the divine idol. The forehead of the Ecliptic Full Restrained Great Gods idol was missing an eye, and its mighty expression was suddenly greatly diminished.

Dammit!! The Ecliptic Imperial Empress coldly grunted.

Imperial Empress, that Thief Star simply is too arrogant! Truly unforgivable!

A Protector sternly said.

But the Thief Star appears and disappears as she pleases. We have no way to take her.

Back to the topic at hand, why would the Thief Star Flea on a Drum appear at the Ecliptic Palace?

Being targeted by the Thief Star certainly is somewhat not too encouraging.

Everyone discussed spiritedly, their words astonished and infuriated at the Thief Star. Although the Thief Star was ranked towards the end, no cultivator would dare be arrogant before those robbing arts that were absolute under the heavens, particularly after having passed through the Third Phase. After obtaining her Star Beast, she was even more not something the ordinary Star Cultivator could face. Let alone that the Thief Star was excellent at hiding, if she wanted to hide, until the beginning of the very last phase, no one in the world could find her.

Imperial Empress, maybe that man sent the Star General?? Otherwise, this is too coincidental. Wei Guang hesitated. However, if this was true, then this was somewhat of a disaster. Two Star Generals was not something they could face.

Imperial Empress, we already have information he lives at the Four Seas Guest House. Shall we???

The Four Seas Guest House? Is he staying there? The Ecliptic Imperial Empress hesitated for a moment. In the end, he set his resolution: Do not speak any more of this. These are your orders. The Ecliptic Palace is to immediately make all disciples rigorously stand guard. No one is to raise this matter any further. This Empress does not want any unnecessary surprises to appear!

As you bid!

By the time of the Ecliptic Day,2 they will inevitably pay the price!

The Ecliptic Imperial Empress said grimly.

Evil Smiting Hall, at some deeply cold black pond.

The deep pool had a divine horse. That horse was black as darkness all over, its four hooves snowy. This was the famous Snow Treading Ebony Piebald3 of the Star Maidens, but at this time, this Snow Treading Ebony Piebald was downcast. It appeared to have been ravaged for a while, at its last gasp, having lost its brash aggression.

A hundred meters away, two figures criss-crossed, their weapons sparking. One hand held a smoking Essence Steel Wolf Fang Club,4 and another set held a pair of clubs, unfolding an intense exchange.

Hmph, how can this Snow Treading Ebony Piebald be something you can possess, Little Sister.

The woman draped in an elegant palace dress clapped the two clubs together, slashing out a baleful air like a crescent moon.

The air was ripped apart by an ear-piercing noise.

She was the Force Star Double Clubs Huyan Zhuo.

A petite figure dropped. Dust flew, and the girl that appeared would make anyones glasses fall. That was a cute little girl, about eight or nine years old in appearance. She had whitish purple hair, with her bangs uneven. Two locks hung past her slightly bulging chest. The little loli wore a simple white shirt and armor, making her fragile appearance seem courageous, especially when that girl clutched in one hand a seemingly hammer-like, seemingly club-like weapon. This weapon was gorgeous, like a mace in appearance yet more massive than an ordinary mace by several times, like an enormous cylinder. Its entire body was lined with scarlet gold teeth, and the whole thing was at least a hundred kilograms in weight, which could make people leak cold sweat upon seeing it.

This massive divine weapon perhaps could not be held up by an ordinary cultivator, but in the girls hand, it was seemingly light as a feather as she deftly played with it in her hands.

Disrespecting Elder Sister, you ought to be spanked.

The little loli possessed a pair of wine red bright eyes. Her five apertures were exquisite. Her lips slightly parted, somewhat not too happy at the Prestige Star addressing her like this.

That Snow Treading Ebony Piebald is but something Elder Sister5 discovered first. For you to unexpectedly want to snatch it, truly brazen!

Then Your Servant thanks the so-called Elder Sister for her ferocity. Huyan Shuangs hand clutched her iron clubs, raising a balanced attack and defense stance. This Great Liang Five Tigers General nevertheless faced the little loli in front of her with a solemn expression.

Completely not being deceived by that outer appearance.

Little Sister, watch this mace!

The corner of the little lolis lips rose with a full smile. She launched an attack, yet that could only be described as fierce, carrying endless killing intent. Without saying anything, a wild slash and fierce stab attacked Huyan Shuang. Pure and tyrannical in power, no technique there to be said.

Huyan Shuangs feet flew quickly and staggered. She wanted to evade the girls violent attack, but Huyan Shuang still suffered through several cuts of killing intent in the face. The girls attack honestly was ferocious to the extreme. This sort of full power, tyrannical martial art and Huyan Shuangs gentle as the wind club technique were completely different. Her body was scratched with several ghastly bloody cuts. Huyan Shuang slashed diagonally, changing to meticulous pinpoint stabs.

Wind Flower Leaf Fall, Snow Moon Without Scar

Huyan Shuang retreated, her solid club immediately turning soft. The Prestige Star shouted, Three Star Destined Weapon Wind And Moon Unmatched raised high, then heavily sweeping down. Her clubs really were powerful as rain, falling from the sky.

Her club shadows were like blades, one after another carving at Huyan Shuang.

Already, she took the initiative to use her Yellow Rank Technique.

The double clubs danced together, completely two types of different attack styles that made anyone dazzled. The clubs storm struck on the little girls body. Flashing a disintegrating flower petal, the girl waved the gigantic mace, her delicate voice breaking out her throat.

Look again!!

The sound of thunder rolled, and the cold pond shook.

The little lolis hands held the giant divine weapon. First, she retreated, and then she leapt astonishingly high, drawing a beautiful arc. The maces sharp teeth made noise one after the other, oddly crying out like a wild beast grinding its teeth.

The wind was crushed and then squeezed to pieces by the mace.

Similarly, she had used a Yellow Rank Technique.

The double whips were shaken back. Huyan Shuangs expression was silent. Slightly withdrawing, the whips once again became hard clubs.


An enormous noise.

Huyan Shuang crossed her clubs, and that huge mace was directly stopped at the intersection.

The power that came that instant nearly made the Prestige Star kneel.

The ground she stood on could not support the ferocity of the little girls weapon, and it cracked apart.

Look once more!

The little girls hand rose, and the mace drew a circle before pressing down again.

Huyan Shuang was a Star General Five Tiger. How could she let this girl be unbridled. THe Prestige Star lowered her body, mirages appearing, her body techniques suddenly close then suddenly far. In the blink of an eye, she was behind, the Wind And Moon Unmatched pincer attacking from the left and right, like lightning and like a landslide.

The clubs and protective armor let out a crisp ring.

The pain of the strike made the girl knit her brows together. The other club then stabbed at the girls neck.

The little girls reactions were extremely quick, deftly dodging past this attack.

The mace heavy as Mount Tai was brandished again and again, each wave seemingly containing the power of a thousand catties, summoning a stifling tip.

The games time had already ended.

The little girls wine red pupils were suffused with a colorful red. The mace smashed and smashed craters into the ground.

Huyan Shuang also made an all-out effort. The momentum of the double clubs like layers of folded tidal waves, each layer surpassing the other.

Under the pressure of that mace, Double Clubs even was calm.

Mace and whip, whip and mace, they continuously and densely clashed and parted.

The air was endlessly ripped apart, as if it had become a cleaning rag the two Star Maidens trampled on. The surrounding environment had long been completely ravaged.

Several hundred exchanges later and there was still no clear winner.

Watch this Dark Technique!

Huyan Shuang seized an opportunity. The two whips light as smoke oddly made the little lolis mace pounce on nothing. Immediately afterwards, the whips had a spiritual power, and the cooling off murderous aura boiled over and tore apart the little lolis defenses inch by inch.

The little girls reactions were extremely fierce. She blocked the first whip, and when Huyan Shuangs second whip came again, just as the little loli was about to suffer this head-on, at this moment, a black light flashed.

Huyan Shuang then retracted the club to go block.

A black saber and black light flourished, its might endless. Huyan Shuang fully realized a powerful enemy was prying in. Not daring to stop, knowing that Xie Changan already lured the Snow Treading Ebony Piebald away, Huyan Shuang did not wish to waste time. The long whips lifted a swift and severe storm. By the time the storm dispersed, the Prestige Star had disappeared without a trace.

The little loli wanted to give chase.

It is better not chase her. Huyan Zhuo has a Star Master. If Little Sister goes and chase, she may not necessarily take the advantage.

There was a girl like a painting, delicately walking over.

She was Qingci.

4., lit. wolf fang club, but it is more accurately called a mace.
5.This is the loli talking.
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