One Hundred And Eight Maidens Of Destiny Chapter 331

Who are you? The little loli twitched her lips, fixing her gaze on the seven Astral Treasures around Qingcis body.

Qingcis hand flipped open the Birth Treasure Outline, her face wearing a slight smile as she looked at the records upon it.

The Birth Treasure OutlineHmph The little girl gazed at that Birth Treasure Outline with a light in her eyes, Watch this mace!!

The suffocating murderous aura the mace summoned pounced at Qingci from above. Her satiny hair fluttered amidst the killing intent, her blue and white dress swaying. Qingcis smile was gentle as a spring breeze.

This made the little girl feel very confused.

You are not a Star Master? Her killing intent curbed, and the little girl stopped mid-swing. She stared at Qingci in surprise and uncertainty.

Your Servant is an Assembly Star Cultivator.1 Qingci smiled.

Assembly Star Cultivator??

The little loli blinked. She snorted: Just what are you thinking?

Your Servant is Qingci, inviting Little Sister to an uprising, to ascend Maiden Mountain! Qingci calmly indicated her purpose for coming.

The little loli laughed out loud. The massive mace stood on the ground with a bang, smashing a deep crater into the earth. A range of hundred meters rose with a tremor. Why would Mingyue2 want to have an uprising with you? Wu Song can become the overlord, and how could Mingyue be inferior to her? The little loli called herself Mingyue. She stuck out her tiny chest, fully self-confident.

Only those working together for a common purpose can face Maiden Mountain. The point is something the previous Wu Song is the best proof of.

Little loli Mingyue scoffed, disdainfully saying: Mingyue hates flowery speech and extravagant embellishments the most. If you want to make me assemble Stars with you, hm, hm. Elder Sister, do not hesitate to use whatever method you have, otherwisewatch this mace!

Her last two words were like a ringing bell, a fiery qi rolling over.

Mingyue did not waste time with words. Her two hands gripped the mace and rolled3 at Qingci. The massive mace brought with a terrifying pressure completely incongruous with the little loli.

I can almost upgrade My Destined Star Weapon to Four Star by myself. I do not need to cooperate with anyone else.

The little loli was awfully tsundere.

Her attack was very tyrannical.

The Prostrate Snake Ruler of the Dragon Has Nine Sons manifested layers of dragon shadows that wound around Qingcis whole body.

The huge mace pounded against it, immediately stirring up a heaven and earth shaking jolt.

To think of defeating Me relying on Astral Treasures, I would not do that.

Mingyue exerted strength.

The mace released light, and the Prostrate Snake Rulers dragon shadow defense shattered like glass. Qingci beckoned with a hand. There was a dragon cry, and the fully ringing Yazi Saber shot into the sky.

Little loli Mingyue had long already prepared. She summoned the strength of her whole body, and the mace and Yazi Saber slammed head-on.

The Astral Treasures power gave rise to an impact that directly separated the two.

A chasm split apart the ground.

Hm, hm, it seems you can still use several Astral Treasures. Mingyue held victory in her hand. Although a Purple Star Astral Treasure was powerful, each use required enormous Star Energy support. Even if the Elder Sister in front of her had excellent Star Energy, she could not bear supporting it continuously, let alone that the Dragon Has Nine Sons was an Astral Treasure of seven stars4 together, meaning the cost was even more massive.

Mingyue estimated that ten bouts could get rid of most of the Elder Sisters fighting strength.

Is Elder Sister not an Assembly Star? Why do I not see any others? Maybe it is because Elder Sister is honestly too useless.

The air fiercely shook. The little loli began to wildly rush, like a fierce beast steamrolling over.

That truly makes Me disappointed. If you die by My hand, I will feel a bit guilty.

The maces wing rumbled, a world-breaking noise.

Qingci saw Mingyues fire qi soared, her heart understanding that she was not making any jokes. To have her join the uprising, there were only two possibilities one was to defeat her, and the other still was to defeat her.

Qingci regretfully sighed. Even Li Longkui would be at a disadvantage against the fierce power of the loli in front of her. Originally, Qingci had thought things would be much simpler, but now things had turned out like this.

The Prostrate Snake Ruler protected her whole body as the Yazi Saber slashed.

Her Divine Intent controlling the two Astral Treasures was already becoming challenging.

Mingyue noticed these Astral Treasures apparently were not as formidable as she imagined. It seemed that it had once sustained an unrecoverable injury and had yet to be restored.

Watch this mace!!

Mingyue seized her chance and shouted.

The mace flashed like a golden snake of lightning and cut apart the Prostrate Snake Ruler, blocking the Yazi Saber.

Just at this moment, a golden light fell from the sky.

Like a golden dragon descending into the world.

With a boom, it shook Mingyue away.

The little loli hung open her tiny mouth in shock.

Qingci, it appears you have encountered a naughty Little Sister.

A voice came from the east.

Mingyue turned her head, and a golden light twinkled. A seemingly dragon-like, horse-like Holy Beast treaded upon clouds. On the Holy Beast sat a woman, her whole body clad in majestic white armor, draped in a large red cloak.

Seeing her, the little loli s unruly, explosive temperament immediately lost its edge.

Star Unicorn Dragon Horse!!5

Xiaoer, you finally captured this Star Unicorn Dragon Horse. Qingci saw her appear, and her gaze had some unconcealable happiness.

Xiaoer chuckled. The Star Unicorn Dragon Horses propitious clouds descended to the ground, and lotus flowers, golden light and auspicious vapors bubbled forth everywhere.

Xiaoer naturally will not forget Qingcis assistance. Xiaoer indifferenty said. The Star Unicorn Dragon Horse was also called Golden Qilin, and although it was not a true Holy Beast, it nevertheless was a peak existence among the Star Beasts. Inside records of the past, this Star Beast List ranked it as second.

Three Star Wolf-toothed Fire Beacon Mace!6 This Little Sister is mighty! Xiaoer gazed at Mingyue, amazed.

The little loli changed to a prideful arrogance, biting her lip.

Big Sister, could it be you are uprising with her?

Who knows. Xiaoer smiled but did not answer: However, Xiaoer actually owes Qingci a favor this time and wants to help her

Qingcis brows rose.

How is it, Little Sister. Can you give Big Sister face? Xiaoer asked. If you cant defeat even Xiaoer, then Little Sister better join Qingcis uprising

Mingyue very violently shouted. The Wolf-toothedFire Beacon Mace rolled out a rushing thunder. Without saying a word, she advanced with full power.

The little loli scared even the Big Sister in front of her. Her seemingly too weak to stand against the wind body burst forth with a frightening aggression.

Xiaoer does not want to take advantage of you. Xiaoer smiled. She dismounted the Golden Qilin. Amidst Mingyues baleful aura, she turned her head, saying to Qingci calmly: The best way to confront a fiery-tempered Little Sister is to make her recognize reality.

Xiaoer leisurely moved.

A golden polearm of light then appeared in her hand.

Elder Sister, watch this mace!!

The Wolf-toothed Fire Beacon Maces jagged teeth released a glittering gold electricity. The arcs jumped between the teeth, practically hiding it from sight. Mingyue waved the mace, and all of the lightning was like a flood from an opened dam, surging down, more magnificent than an army of thousand as it rolled towards Xiaoer.

That instant.

Heaven and Earth seemingly vanished.

Dark Rank Technique!

Surging Thunder Army Breaking!!7

Heh, heh. Xiaoer smiled. Both of her hands clutched her divine weapon, not daring to be careless. Her imposing aura then swelled, Little Sister, good aggression! Xiaoer praised, her figure suddenly moving. Instantly, she seemed to have become a sharp sword that slammed into the Surging Thunder Army Breaking. The golden light arrogantly tore apart the terrifying lightning inch by inch.

Mingyue gasped.

Xiaoers toothy smile appeared

The battle instantly ended.

Truly unreconciled. The little loli stuck out her lip in pout. Although she previously fought the Snow Kicking Black Piebald, then battled Double Clubs Huyan Zhuo, then exchanged several bouts with the Astral Treasure of Qingci, she knew that her energy long had been less than it was, but to instantly lose still made Mingyue very annoyed.

Qingci, does this favor of Evil Smiting Hall count as Xiaoer still owing you one? Xiaoer asked Qingci.

Qingci was silent.

Your fortune truly is good. Xiaoer covered her mouth. Xiaoer wonders, Qingci, what does the second favor require Xiaoer to do?

Qingci wanted to say something. The words reached her lips, but she stopped. Since this is so, Your Servant wishes to go to the Pure Land Buddha Kingdom. Perhaps Your Servant actually requires relying on Xiaoers aid.

The Buddha Kingdom Pure Land, the mundane world. Qingci wishes to find her for the uprising? Xiaoer showed an astonished expression.


No problem. Xiaoer just so happens to want to go on a trip to the Buddha Kingdom. That Feast of All Souls is already starting. Xiaoer also wants to go listen to Buddhist dharmas. Xiaoer nodded in agreement.

Xiaoer, you seem to have encountered many opportunities these past few years. Qingci slightly smiled.

Xiaoer shrugged her shoulders, cheerfully affirming Qingcis guess.


The loli being ignored reminded them of her existence out of displeasure.

Little Sister Mingyue, do you wish to sign a contract with Your Servant, to ascend Maiden Mountain? We ourselves will change the Star Duels! Qingci extended her hand in invitation.

I still have a person I like Even as she said this, little loli Mingyue still extended her hand, which was lightly clasped by Qingci.

Suddenly, a percolating freshness permeated her whole body, and a clear light gradually soared, enveloping them.

A crimson Star Crest appeared on the little lolis forehead, and then a graceful green Star similarly twinkled immediately after.

In the sky.

A Crimson Star began to swell.

Faintly shooting a glance at Qingci, the one and only Assembly Star, Xiaoer ruminated.

Another Crimson Star.

An Suwen exclaimed. She gazed at the boundless sky. That Crimson Star was exceptionally red, like a burning flame.

Wu Siyou lifted her head, gazed at that Crimson Star, and her brows slightly furrowed.

For there to still be Crimson Stars at this time, unthinkable. The Knowledge Star said.

Now, half of the Third Phase had already passed. According to past Star Duels, those that signed contracts should have already signed contracts, after all, the earlier a Star Master and Star General signed a contract, the better. Now, signing a contract was unavoidably a bit too wasteful.

Furthermore, looking at that exceptionally red Crimson Star, they only felt it was burning.

The Knowledge Star only then noticed that the sky above had at the very least seven of these abnormally red Crimson Star. Honestly, this was somewhat out of the ordinary.

Siyou, what do you feel? Wu Xinjie asked.

This kind of Crimson Star apparently is more formidable than an ordinary Star Masters. It appears there is also a powerful Star Master behind the scenes. Wu Siyou calmly said.

Xinjie wonders what relationship they have with Maiden Mountain.

Wu Xinjie muttered.

The barrier of the room was removed at this moment, and the doors opened.

A man wearing a tired expression walked out. Lin Yingmei was at his side, and on his shoulder sat the light as a cloud Gongsun Huang.

Young Lord, you came out so quickly. Wu Xinjie smiled and wrapped her arms around him.

Su Xing chuckled, clenched his fist, and roused the Galaxy Star Energy inside his body into flaring up, as if it had reached the Galaxy Late Stage where the galaxy became a supercluster.

How much time did I use? Su Xing asked.

Big Brother, only two days. An Suwen replied.

Nothing happened these past few days?

Young Lord, you have been worried for nothing. Wu Xinjie covered her smile.

Wu Siyou said: Your Servant shall go call for Yan Yizhen and Tang Lianxin to return. Hubby, we had best find Jiang Shuishui to make the Divine Calculation as soon as possible, go open the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower.

Ive made my wives worried. Su Xing nodded.

Authors Note:

Because Jiang Shuishuis Divine Calculation revelation will more or less impact the coming plot, I need to properly outline the whole plot. What a headache. Yesterday, a friend got married, and I drank several cups and got drunk. When deep night returned, I fell asleep, and my perfect attendance flew off. Originally, I wanted to finish planning in these two days. Tomorrow, I will finish planning. To have even newer chapters, that will be settled as much as possible later

2., lit. Bright Moon
3., steam roller, as in ROAD ROLLER DA!!!
4.Youd think there were nine
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