Online Game Evil Dragon Against The Heaven Chapter 507

Chapter 507: Staying Overnigh


Who was Murong Qiu Shui?

The Sacred Domain Master Murong Hongyi’s only son. The Sacred Domain was a protective existence and at the same time, it had the highest authority rights. The Sacred Domain didn’t have many members, but each one was a monster deserving of their name. Murong Qiu Shui was known as a wicked demon. He would be smiling for one second, but he could kill someone without even changing expressions the next. No one knew how his personality was trained, but at least with the Sacred Domain behind him, even if he killed those people with strong backings, he would still be fine. The Sacred Domain Master Murong Hongyi did not reprimand him or punish him, just letting him do what he wanted.

Just based on this, he was more terrifying than young master Zuo. Everyone watched on and even the most courageous people took three steps back. If they didn’t accidentally meet, there weren’t many people who dared approach and talk to him.

The area was currently very cold as the rumours surrounding Murong Qiu Shui appeared in their hearts. This wasn’t just a simple threat because he was Murong Qiu Shui. When he was angered, he would not hesitate to make the other side’s blood splash down, no matter who they were.

“He, he, uncle Liu, bring nephew Qin away first. Young master Murong, nephew Qin is injured, so let him get wrapped up first. You can discuss your friendship later on.” Su Luo came forward, speaking with a faint smile. He naturally did not want to see blood shed, otherwise it can’t be taken back once something happened. To him, this was a large trouble.

But to offend Murong Qiu Shui, that was even more impossible.

Su Luo personally came out, but Murong Qiu Shui didn’t move. His eyes were still on Qin He’s back like he didn’t hear him at all. If he didn’t say a word, Qin He didn’t dare move. His hands were tightly clenched and his body was covered in cold sweat. It wasn’t that he had no courage, rather…..no one would take their lives to joke with. The one behind him was not a person, it was a lunatic, a devil. Without Murong Qiu Shui’s response, uncle Liu also didn’t make a move. Su Luo knit his brows and didn’t know what to do. The atmosphere was very constrained in this moment and Su Luo was helpless. Not a single powerful person came forward to speak because they were afraid of angering Murong Qiu Shui…..No one wanted to use their lives to test this.

Su Fei Fei on the stage pulled Ye Tian Xie’s sleeve and said in a small voice, “Tian Xie…..”

Ye Tian Xie slightly curled his lips and said in a soft voice, “Po Jun, Qiu Shui, forget it. Today is Fei Fei’s birthday party, you can’t disturb it because of him. Let him go.”

Murong Qiu Shui’s nose moved and he let out a breath. Instantly, the cold aura completely disappeared, “Oh…..Young master Qin, your luck isn’t bad. Then, immediately disappear from my sights……Immediately!”

Zuo Po Jun pulled Murong Qiu Shui back to their previous seats, “What are you still saying, make him scram already. If you really ruin little sister Fei Fei’s birthday party, not to mention second brother, eldest sister will be the first one to take care of you.”

Qin He’s body was soaked with sweat like he had been in the rain. The cold aura behind him disappeared and he let out a breath of relief. That deep fear made him directly collapse onto the ground. At this moment, he didn’t say a single word as he quickly left the hall. Tonight, he had experienced what it was like being a beaten dog.

The oppressive atmosphere disappeared and everyone’s eyes fell onto the man beside Su Fei Fei whose expression had not changed the entire time. There was a deep thing in their eyes, it was no longer simple “shock”.

Su Luo came out and Murong Qiu Shui ignored him, but a single sentence from him had made him and Zuo Po Jun stop without any resistance. Moreover, he had called them “Po Jun and Qiu Shui”, he had called them by name!

Their hearts were completely shaken and their shock had reached a peak. Just a single word had “subdue” young master Zuo and the Sacred Domain’s young master! This person…..Just what status did this person have!? It was impossible for him to just be a bodyguard! To be worthy of the Su Family’s princess, how could he just be a bodyguard! This kind of appearance and aura, this unshakable mood, and this godly piano skill, how could he just be a bodyguard.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha…..” Su Luo began to laugh at this time. This was not hollow laughter to alleviate the awkwardness, but rather a truly carefree laughter, “Colleagues and friends, I never thought that at my daughter’s birthday party there would be fight between men over my daughter. I, as a father don’t know if I should be happy or if I should have a headache…..But the competition between the young people isn’t something we should discuss, so we should let them sort it out. We as people who don’t understand clearly should just drink and have fun, ha, ha, ha, ha…..”

With Su Luo’s words, the tense atmosphere became much lighter as some middle aged and old men gave understanding smiles. The female host who had been nervous for a long time came forward and the birthday party continued according to the original plan, only the main character was no longer just Su Fei Fei, but also Ye Tian Xie who was beside her. Until the end, they all deeply wondered who was he and they firmly carved his appearance in their minds. None of them were fools and the other party calling himself a “bodyguard”, as well as saying that he had no parents and no business clearly meant he wanted to hide his identity. They weren’t tactless enough to try asking any further.

But they wouldn’t believe it even if they were beaten…..Actually Ye Tian Xie really had no parents and no official business. If one had to mention something, it would be that he was paid three hundred million a year to protect young miss Su.


At exactly ten, Su Fei Fei’s birthday party ended. When the guests left, they looked at Su Luo with gazes of deep meaning. They couldn’t find out who Ye Tian Xie was, but he could stop Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui with one sentence, revealing one thing. If there was the Zuo Family and the Sacred Domain behind the Su Family, who would dare point their blade at them! Only those people who didn’t care about anything other than perishing together, who would have ideas about the Su Family.

Less than half of the guests stayed in the Su Family’s guest district. Su Luo and Su Fei Fei personally sent each guest off until the final one. The sky was filled with stars and the Su Family manor was completely lit, so it wasn’t dark at all.

“Hei…..Second brother and Fei Fei…..Sister in law, we’re waiting to drink a congratulatory toast.” When everyone left, Zuo Po Jun came out. He spoke with a faint smile.

A “sister in law” made Su Fei Fei’s face turn red and her heart filled with joy, but she concealed her shyness and happiness to reprimand, “Who…..Who told you to call me sister in law! I’m not at the legal age to get married yet…..Humph! A certain someone hasn’t said they would marry me yet.”

“Isn’t that simple.” Zuo Po Jun looked at them and patted his chest as he said, “If you want to get married, I can do it for you guys tomorrow…..”

As the Zuo Family’s young master, even getting three year old children married was just a matter of a sentence. Ye Tian Xie quickly gave two coughs and said, “Po Jun, Qiu Shui, it’s getting late, you should head back soon.”

“…..Un? Second brother, you’re not coming with us?”

With a “pa” sound, Murong Qiu Shui slapped the back of the fatty’s head, “Other than someone without eyes like me, who can still stay with a dull fatty like you. Today is a special day for beloved second brother and sister in law Fei Fei, of course they want to…..Come, come. Un, the moonlight is beautiful tonight, it’s certain to be a beautiful night. The romantic night glow fills one’s hearts, it will make one unable to sleep…..”

Murong Qiu Shui couldn’t help saying this as he pulled Zuo Po Jun away. Zuo Po Jun understood and quickly shouted, “Second brother, little sister Fei Fei, we’ll leave first. Boss Su, hei…..When the day comes to drink the celebratory wine, I think my dad will be more suited to come.”

“Un, my mom and dad will also come.” Murong Qiu Shui said. When he mentioned the word “mom”, Murong Qiu Shui couldn’t help shivering.

“He, he, please head out slowly. I won’t send you off.” Su Luo watched them enter their car as he spoke with a faint smile.

The surrounding area became silent, leaving only Su Luo, Su Fei Fei, and Ye Tian Xie. Su Luo turned around and looked at Ye Tian Xie in a meaningful manner for a while before saying with a faint smile, “Fei Fei has always spent her birthday at home and tonight will not be different. Since you said you would protect Fei Fei for her entire life, you can just stay here and guard her tonight. Sleep in whichever room you want and talk with Fei Fei. There are many rooms around here.”

Seeing that ambiguous smile on Su Luo’s face, how could the two not understand what he was thinking. Su Fei Fei quickly explained, “Dad, Tian Xie and I haven’t…..”

“Un, it’s getting late and I should go rest. Thinking about it, it’s been a long time since I’ve slept this early. Remember to close the windows when you go to sleep. The sound insulation of the rooms aren’t bad, so it shouldn’t disrupt your…..sleep. Alright, I’m going first. Fei Fei, take Tian Xie around for a bit, you should come back more often, he, he.”

Su Luo said this and before the two of them could respond, he left with a smile and his hands behind his back, leaving a pair of speechless man and woman.
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