Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 669

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The nine day drama finally come to end.

Jun Wu Hui’s military flag once again soared proudly in the air of Tian Xiang City!

In these nine days, numerous court officials had come to the Jun Family, wave after wave, almost unceasing in their request to stop this very uninteresting show. They had all kinds of reasons, and each argument seemed righteous and rational. However, Jun Mo Xie flatly rejected everyone.You may have your reasons, but I have my own principles!

Those who were too relentless and noisy were directly chased away, and if they still didn’t stop, they were thrown out and their legs were broken!

This was a world where a clenched fist was the best reason. Whoever’s fist was bigger would be the one in the right!

Besides, if this tiny show was stopped at the persuasion of a few people, wouldn’t the main show be unable to start?!

The so-called main show was naturally the matter that Jun Mo Xie had promised to do: unite Murong Xiu Xiu and Ye Gu Han together in burial!

This decision was the true meaning of madness!

This main show was extremely interesting, right from the start!

Jun Mo Xie had chosen the burial spot to be at the old location of the Yuan Ye Mansion. This was a piece of land that the Emperor had given to a grand minister as his residence, and it was quite close to the imperial palace. Jun Mo Xie had bought it quite effortlessly and then flattened the entire area!

His actions were simple and barbaric to a point where it was somewhat overbearing.

He had simply placed two five millionliangnotes in front of the minister who was surnamed Gu, then offered him two options. First, take the money and find another place to stay. Two, stay here and be flattened along with the mansion.

This resigned old minister was rather smart. Without even raising his eyebrows, he instantly took the money and ordered the servants to start moving.

The true value of this mansion was only around 4.5 millionliangat most; it was also extremely difficult to see this kind of money upfront. Besides, the other party had directly taken out 10 millionliangin cash10 millionliangah! He was making an immense profit! He was even allowed to bring all his stuff away, and all he really needed to do was to buy another mansion to live in. There was no reason to reject such a fortune.

Over and above everything, the current Jun Mo Xie was a person that even the Emperor had to give way to. He wasn’t so stupid as to go and offend him. Since the other party was riding on a strong wave right now, perhaps he could forge a path for his children and grandchildren with this connection no matter what, this bit of favor should be worth something.

Therefore, minister Gu gladly agreed and hastened to move. In just two short days, everything was settled.

Just as minister Gu took out the last piece of item and walked about 10 meters out of his door, a loudhongsound rang out. When he turned back to look, he saw to his horror that the huge mansion with their hundreds of rooms had all collapsed in an instant, turning into a pile of rubble that stretched far and wide!

Cold sweat burst out of minister Gu’s body in an instant. If he hadn’t moved so straightforwardly, then among that pile of rubble thinking to here, minister Gu hurriedly scampered away without turning around. Only a pile of cold sweat remained behind him

That night, Jun Mo Xie arrived at the area. The entire place was fully secured by the Heaven Destroyer and Spirit Devourer teams to a point where even the winds and rain would not be able to enter.

Jun Mo Xie stood among the rubble, dressed in a full white robe. His desolate figure was framed against the cloudless night sky, causing him to look slightly illusory.

Jun Mo Xie stood at the center, his face unusually solemn. The bodies of the two passionate lovers, Ye Gu Han and Murong Xiu Xiu laid behind him in a large bronze coffin.

Jun Mo Xie raised his hand and a dull yellow radiance shone. With a light wave, the radiance shone brighter and surged out; everywhere the mysterious yellow light landed on, the ceramic tiles and the walls would turn into mud. The messy ground was instantly transformed into a flat piece of ground; this sight was exceptionally shocking!

He waved his hands again, and a severalzhangdeep hole opened up in front of him. Ye Gu Han and Murong Xiu Xiu’s coffin floated into the air and slowly landed softly into the hole. Then, with a light flick, the grave closed up seamlessly.

This pair of lovers, was finally united in burial!

Their long cherished wish in life had finally been fulfilled!

Allow me to walk the nine springs with you, so that we may unite in Fengdu;1give me your hand, so that we shall never part for three lifetimes!

Jun Mo Xie remained standing on the spot, not moving at all.

But before him, a huge piece of stone tablet appeared, as if it had grown from the ground like a tree. It was 10zhangtall, squarish, and exceptionally large. A handsome dragon and a graceful phoenix sat atop the stone, facing each other. The aura felt from it was grave and solemn.

Two striking words were carved in between the dragon and the phoenix: Lovers’ Mound!

Jun Mo Xie’s body rose into the aura, and a single point of dull yellow light shone on his fingertip. After a short moment of silence, he abruptly brandished the finger powerfully! Faint stone chippings flew off the tombstone, and lines of bold and beautiful characters began to appear continuously on the tombstone’s smooth surface.

The left upper corner had the words “I would rather fall and wither, wandering the netherworld alone than have any regrets for my deep love in this life! If there is unfinished affinity in the next life still, I would sooner let down the heavens than let my dearest down!”

The center: “Here lies the grave of Ye Gu Han and Murong Xiu Xiu, husband and wife!”

Bottom right: “This tombstone was made by Jun Mo Xie in remembrance of the deep love of the two! May the couple never part in their next life, and the lives after that, growing old together unto eternity!

Like the love birds in the sky, or the intertwining roots in the ground; heaven and earth may fall, but this love shall endure forever!

This tomb called the Lovers’ Mound was erected by Jun Mo Xie personally! Any who dares to desecrate it shall see the nine generations of their line exterminated!”

Jun Mo Xie raised his head and looked at the huge tombstone as he said with a light voice, “Ye Gu Han, Murong Xiu Xiu, I’ve already fulfilled your final wish for you. No matter how difficult your life was, the two of you were still reunited in death. Since I’ve left my name on this stone, I will not allow anyone to disturb your rest! This is also the last thing I can do for you both!”

Jun Mo Xie stood up, and after thinking for a moment, he placed two huge stone lions before the mound. Then, numerous stone steps formed under Jun Mo Xie’s feet as he descended.

A green light flashed in his right hand, then in an instant, countless pine trees and cypress trees grew out around the vast graveyard. The trees covered the entire area and the land of several tens ofliwas soon completely covered by a beautiful pine and cypress forest!

Ye Gu Han and Murong Xiu Xiu’s tomb was surrounded in the very heart of this enchanting forest!

Turning his head to look at the tomb once again, Jun Mo Xie sighed lightly, bowed a little, and left.

The Lovers’ Mound!

Just as Jun Mo Xie had anticipated, the sudden appearance of the Lovers’ Mound had indeed caused a huge commotion in the city at dawn of the next day!

First of all, this place was still housing a grand mansion just one day ago, but in the span of one night, it had turned into a huge graveyard surrounded by a vibrant forest! Such a miraculous sight naturally roused the shock of the entire city.

Secondly, the commotion had also been because of the two names in the middle of the tombstone. Perhaps not many people knew who Ye Gu Han was, but the name Murong Xiu Xiu was something that everyone was familiar with! Isn’t that the esteemed name of the current Empress?! How did she end up being buried here? Furthermore, she was buried here in the identity of somebody else’s wife? This what was going on?

Inside the imperial palace.

The Emperor sent a stool flying with a kick in his fit of rage. Then, he fiercely swept all the items on the table onto the ground. With another roar, he kicked the table away as well. “Men! Listen to this Emperor’s command! Level that Lovers’ Mound to the ground for me instantly! I want it dug out completely no matter what! Damn that trash, Ye Gu Han! What qualifications does he have? What qualifications does he have?! Murong Xiu Xiu you slut! Slut slut slut slut slut! AHHH!! I want the two of you to be unable to rest in peace even in death! United in death? I’ll burn the corpses of you two cheap tramps, then scatter the ashes of one in the sea, and the other on the peak of a tall mountain, so that your spirits will never be able to find each other forever!”

A large consign of troops soon surged out of the imperial palace and rode through the streets to tear down the Lovers’ Mound.

This tomb was that much of a thorn in the Emperor’s eyes!

Regardless, these small characters were not worthy of the Young Master Jun receiving them personally.

Of course, the ones who were waiting to welcome them were not weak either. Because they were the Heaven Destroyer and Spirit Devourer teams!

Any random soldier of this troop was at the Sky Xuan realm; with such a line up, could they possibly be weak?

One side was adamant on tearing the tomb down, while the other was hell bent on defending it. Without much ado, a huge battle began in the middle of Tian Xiang City.

The result of the fight naturally went without saying!

Even the weakest member of the Heaven Destroyer and Spirit Devourer teams were peak Earth Xuan experts. With 300 of them gathered together and formed into a battle formation, how could ordinary soldiers be a match for them?

There weren’t even many peak Earth Xuan experts in the entire Tian Xiang Kingdom, not to mention Sky Xuan cultivators! Any expert with this kind of cultivation would have already left long ago to roam the martial world or to start or join a sect. Who would be so bored as to join the army?

In just a short moment, the ground was already littered with heavily injured soldiers and broken limbs! And this was with Jun Mo Xie specially stressing that they must not kill anybody. The Heaven Destroyer and Spirit Devourer teams had been lenient in every strike, which was why there were no deaths. But even so, in just a short afternoon, close to 10, 000 soldiers had been dealt varying injuries. This could already be considered as an extremely shocking number!

Although he had lost the first round of battle, the Emperor did not lose heart. The Tian Xiang Kingdom had millions of soldiers and horses; could it be that they really couldn’t flatten a tiny graveyard?

Even if the Jun Family does not listen to my commands anymore, what about the other Families? Could it be that they also wish to follow the Jun Family in rebellion? This Emperor refuses to believe it! There can’t possibly be a peerless master behind every Family to act as their guardian angel like the Jun Family right?

A summon was immediately sent out for the Dugu Family to lead their soldiers out. But unexpectedly, the Emperor received news that Dugu Zong Heng had suddenly fallen ill; apparently, the old man had fallen into a deep coma and was currently still unconscious. He was so ill in fact, that he only had one breath more than a dead person. In such a situation, he was naturally unable to lead his soldiers

Furthermore, it wasn’t just the old man Dugu Zong Heng that was bedridden. Even the great general Dugu Wu Di had fallen ill as well. Although he was not ill to the point of death like his father, he was suddenly wrecked with a severe bout of vomiting and diarrhea, and was similarly unable to leave his bed. As for riding out to battle, that was even more impossible.

As for the seven brothers ‘Heroes and Legends Bravely Rushing Forward’, they had all fallen off their horses and broken their legs at the same time. According to the report, the seven brothers had went out for a horse racing competition together and because of an accident, the horse at the front fell over, and the other horses behind all tripped over it in a huge pileup. None of the seven brothers managed to escape breaking their legs. Although these accounts sounded extremely ludicrous, it was truly not an impossible matter. In any case, it was definitely impossible for them to ride a horse again in the short term

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