Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 670

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The women of the Dugu Family became busy. It was said that nearly half of the doctors in the capital were summoned there and served with the most sumptuous cuisines. But their diagnosis were increasingly serious; it was as if the Dugu family would hold a funeral the next day for more than ten people

When this news reached His Majesty, he immediately fainted.


The Great Preceptor Li said that he was sick and couldn’t do the job due to old age. The head of the Meng Family said that he got tetanus last night and couldn’t get up anymore All the important people from the big families were bedridden this morning. According to the messengers, it didn’t even seem like they were pretending

The emperor was furious, but he finally thought of a man. Murong Feng Yun!

He was the emperor’s father-in-law and the father of Murong Xiu Xiu. He definitely would take care of this because of he was a minister and the father-in-law. So Murong Feng Yun was the most suitable to solve this issue.

But when Murong Feng Yun received the news, his hands trembled and he stumbled. He yelled with his eyes widened. “Xiu Xiu died? When? Why didn’t I know?”

So Murong Feng Yun immediately went to the palace and was told that the empress had not returned since the night ten days ago. The confused Master Murong went directly to the His Majesty, only to be given an ambiguous explanation. The only thing made clear was that the emperor needed him to get rid of the combined tomb of Murong Xiu Xiu and Ye Gu Han first

At the Jun Family, the sound from the battle was audible. Jun Wu Yi shook his head in disbelief. “Mo Xie, is this too much?”

Jun Mo Xie, who was engaged in reading a classical novel, turned a page as he said nonchalantly, “Too much? I don’t think so! We planned this to shock the city, didn’t we? If there wasn’t so muchh fighting, how could it have a great and long-lasting impact? I only hope the battle gets more intense. And, it’s only a few deaths, isn’t it? It’s totally incomparable to the toll at the Tian Guan Lin then”

Jun Zhan Tian, who was lying resting on an armchair at the side, sighed but said nothing.

Suddenly, a guard came in to report. “Murong Feng Yun wants to meet Old Master.”

“He’s finally here.” Jun Wu Yi and Jun Mo Xie said together.

“Jun Zhan Tian, I want an explanation!” Murong Feng Yun came in hastily and asked directly. “I can understand that you want to avenge your son, and I didn’t stop you! You made a fuss for nine days and all the culprits are dead! What else do you want? Why harm my daughter’s reputation? She’s still the empress’ how can you humiliate her like this?”

“Humiliate? Old Murong, what are you talking about?” Jun Zhan Tian said calmly.

“Fine! Lemme ask you. Is my daughter is she is Xiu Xiu dead? Is she really buried in the Grave of the Affectionate Couple??” Murong Feng Yun’s eyes were red. Although he was a heroic figure, he was still a father. He had not been sure whether his daughter had passed away, yet someone else had already set up a tomb for her. How could he not be angry and in grief?

“Yes!” Jun Mo Xie interrupted. “Master Murong, your daughter indeed died before our doors at night ten days ago. Third Uncle and I saw!”

“She’s really dead Xiu Xiu” Murong Feng Yun’s buff body trembled before he suddenly hollered desperately, “How did she die? Who killed her? WHO?” The old man’s voice was hoarse and his throat sounded like it was torn.

“The culprit is one of the people I executed,” Jun Mo Xie answered slowly. “I’m sure you know him and he’s quite familiar to you. It’s Mr. Wen: Wen Cang Yu!”

“Wen Cang Yu? It’s him? Why him?” Murong Feng Yun’s eyes flashed, his face grayish, and his original upright body became unstable as he sat down slowly. He did not notice that there was no chair behind him and fell straight onto the ground.

Upon hearing the name, it was clear to him how Murong Xiu Xiu had died and who the man behind her death was!

“Impossible! How could it be him?” Murong Feng Yun raised his menacing face and hollered again desperately, “YOU ARE LYING!”

“Impossible? The assassination was witnessed by Princess Ling Meng. Right now, she is recovering in my house, still unconscious. In addition, more than one hundred guards who escorted Ms. Murong that night witnessed it. Although many of them died protecting her, almost half still survived. They are also here today. They belong to the Murong family. Do you believe them? If there are still doubts, Solitary Eagle and Feng Juan Yun are also witnesses.”

Jun Mo Xie continued calmly, “If you find it necessary, I could call them out. I’m sure you will believe what they say!”

Murong Feng Yun looked blank. The whole event was driving him mad. He was aware that Jun Mo Xie called his daughter “Ms. Murong” instead of “Her Highness, the Empress.” The reason behind it was palpable!

After he heard from all the witnesses, he finally accepted the fact that his daughter had died. Immediately, he appeared ten years older and he began tearing

The emperor killed my daughter!

He almost collapsed from the cruel reality.

“But my daughter as a Empress, how can she be buried with the lowly Ye Gu Han and be called husband and wife?” Murong Feng Yun suddenly yelled and jumped up amidst his grief.

“Lowly? Master Murong, have you ever asked your daughter whether she wanted to be the prestigious Empress or follow the lowly Ye Gu Han?” Jun Mo Xie smiled in sarcasm. “Do you even know who your daughter loved? Master Murong, if you didn’t mention this, I didn’t want to talk about it. But now you mention it, I really look down on you!”

Murong Feng Yun sat down back on the floor lifelessly. He suddenly thought of a scene from many years ago. His usually obedient daughter had held a steel knife and the blood stain was glaring. “Father, grant me what I wish! I want to marry Han, even if it means wandering around aimlessly and living in the wild! Please grant me!” She had said.

Her almost mad stare and her deep affection were still evident in his memory, but his daughter was now gone forever.

“Daughter our family now is in a very bad position” He had said. “It’s so fortunate that you caught His Majesty’s eyes and this is the only chance for the whole family to rise back up I’m now old; I can’t take care of the family for much longer. Your elder brothers are progressing and your younger brothers are still too young Do you really have the heart to follow Ye Gu Han and abandon the whole family, risking the lives of us all? Please help your father, your brothers, and the entire Murong Family!”

He had persuaded his daughter like this. His daughter didn’t know that by then, the Murong Family had already been in a very stable position and their situation was not at all difficult. But the naive Murong Xiu Xiu chose to believe her father.

She finally lowered the knife

“I know that you might be bluffing me, but I can’t risk it. I don’t want to abandon my home I give in” That was what she had said.

Till today, he could still remember that his daughter cried for a few months afterward. The miserable cries stabbed into his heart. When she was married, she was full of despair

The only thing she brought with her was the handkerchief

He single-handedly broke his daughter’s marriage and her heart, sending her straight into the cold palace. He thought it would be the best choice for her, but it only resulted in the tragedy of her life

Murong Feng Yun kept on weeping! He could even picture how his daughter had begged at him desperately, hugging his legs

He recalled that it was winter, and her tears completely drenched all the layers of pants he was wearing, giving him a heartfelt coldness

He could also recall that his daughter never smiled since then. She would always stare blankly into a corner. Every time she returned home, she would be soon gone. It was as home gave her an immense pressure

“To be buried together with Ye Gu Han is Ms. Murong Xiu Xiu’s last wish. Are you still not going to grant it?” Jun Mo Xie’s cold voice sounded. “The Murong Family has used her to gain advantages throughout her whole life. You used her as an exchange for innumerable honor and wealth, and things people couldn’t have gotten even if they worked hard for life. Now she is dead, Master Murong, do you still want her to be the wife of the man who killed her?”

Murong Feng Yun raised his head in awe. In the blurred view, he felt like he was seeing his daughter crying in her wedding dress. “Father let me go!”

He closed his eyes and tears rolled down.

He left the Jun Family stupefied. He let the horse trot by itself as his mind drifted somewhere else. Suddenly, he heard the sound of clashing. He went over and found himself before the Grave of the Affectionate Couple.

The place where his daughter rested in peace!

He rode his horse toward the graveyard. The soldiers who saw him coming opened a path for him. Members of the Heaven Destroyer and Spirit Devourer wanted to stop him and they suddenly heard a voice. “Let him in.”

It was Jun Mo Xie.

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