Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 89

The heartbeat was throbbing in a strong and powerful rhythmic way.

She could smell a tint of fragrant sandalwood mixed with his rich and masculine scent.

This scent, this body temperature....

It really made one's mind intoxicated with fascination.

To be honest, she almost fell for it in a moment's folly.

This man always teased her when she least expected it.

His actions always flaunted his cool and daunt style to the brim.

When it comes to chasing skirts, if Di Mo Xuan claimed to be number two, no one would dare to declare number one.

"Ah Luo.."

Just as his low, hoarse voice magnetically called out her name

Ye Qing Luo startlingly pushed him away and responded softly: "hmm, I heard."

He soothed his knitted brows and the corners of his eyes lifted up instantly.

She continued: "I heard you, indeed have another motive."

She looked at him silently.

Her gaze wasn't intentionally cold but it somehow created a chilly effect on him for a long time.

"I am not one of those brainless rich daughters." She took her own sweet time to explain her views.

"Nirvana Realms number one legendary figure Di Mo Xuan falling for a renowned useless person in Three Spring Sect, love at first sight, marriage proposal... these matters never come across my mind."

"I do not think that highly of myself nor is a narcissist that the supreme ruler would be willing to knock me off my feet just to lead me into the game. I presume the Heaven Institute has the reasons why he ought to go."

She finished speaking and casted a sidelong glance to Di Mo Xuan as she observed him with that aloof judgement.

No words were exchanged.

It was as if only his answer could break the ice.

On the other hand, he remained tight lipped.

One side of his lips tugged upwards as it created a sinister smirk on his God like face.

A dark and gloomy vibe filled the air and literally sent a chill down the spine.

Inexplicably, Ye Qing Luo felt flustered.

She opened her mouth to speak and then clamped it shut again as she caught a glimpse of his emotionless look on his face.

He flicked his sleeve while freeing her head from his arm and headed for the door abruptly.

"Di Mo.."

Her voice was hardly produced.

The purple figure barely made a few steps before it had already vanished into thin air.

The seventh young missy slid off the chaise and checked a couple of times.

She used her perceptivity to scan through the entire courtyard area.

There was no sign of Di Mo Xuan's presence.

He was gone.

Just liked the way he came in a swish of mist, noiselessly and vague.

Ye Qing Luo tightened her lips and sulkily shuffled back to the bedside, leaned against the bedhead weakly as she sat down.

She knew he was angry this time.

And furiously mad could hardly even describe his anger.

Her doubts and distrust had spurred him totally.

She wondered where he would have been this time.

Would he still show up?

If Di Mo Xuan do not revealed on his own initiative, she might never be able to track him down even if she searched in the entire Nirvana Realms.

The only solution was to wait for him to cool down and come forward voluntarily.

But she did not regret her decision.

No one had gotten her back before.

Then again, she had never given her back to anybody.

The two of them were merely related due to the jaded heart.

Other than that, they were probably labelled as acquaintances.

Being sceptical and wary were only human nature traits.

She had nothing against him, but she does not trust anyone at all.

Forget it; he was already out of here.

She flipped her empty hand and poof! A small cat about the size of two fists appeared on her palm instantly.

With a leap, it sprang into her arms.

"Come on Qi Qi, I will bring you to the Azure Dew Bracelet for practice."

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