Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 90

It had been three days since that incident happened as Ye Qing Luo came out of the Azure Dew Bracelet with Qi Qi.

The entire room was quiet.

She could subconsciously see the position where Di Mo Xuan stood as she stepped off the bed.

It was empty.

There wasn't any sandalwood scent that lingered in the air either.

He hadn't reappeared over this period.

Maybe. it was because he was too enraged by her words.

There was an indescribable feeling disturbing her.. Was it guilt?

What the heck was this crap?

It was the first time she had such emotion!

Perhaps.. What she said that day was far too much?


It..did sound a little far-fetched...

Ye Qing Luo activated her self-reflection mode.

After all the other party was the esteemed respected overlord, she should be contented that he had condescended to be by her side!

Why did she have to ask about his intentions!

For all you know, he might just be simply bored and there weren't any evil thoughts to brew?


She pursed her lips as she pondered.

She suddenly recalled that he had arranged for an informer to watch her movements.

That young man dressed in black named Wind.

Why not... ask him?

If Wind was around, it meant that Di Mo Xuan was upset with her but will turned up eventually after he cooled off.

But should he wasn't nearby..It probably meant..

Di Mo Xuan planned to drop out of sight....Forever.

It also implied her profound jade heart that was residing in her heart temporarily could last for another one month at most.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Luo'er covered her chest with her palm and felt the encircled profound Qi within her jade heart.

She absolutely detested the feeling of putting her own destiny on the expenses of others.

She really ought to get back her own profound jade heart.

If not, she could only survive based on other's power.

What she did not discover was the fact that she had spent so much time to mull over a man's thoughts In the past, she would never be bothered about any matter or person for that matters.


Ye Qing Luo cleared her throat and tried her luck: "Wind?"

She observed around but there wasn't any activity.

She opened up her perceptivity and tried to detect any unfamiliar motion: "Wind, let's have a chat on Di Mo Xuan's matters."

Without warning, the room blew a whirlwind when she spat out the name 'Di Mo Xuan'.

Then it came to a standstill.

A young lad dressed in black suit stood by the entrance.

His expression was aloof and cold: "What?"

Ye Qing Luo's eyes narrowed charmingly.

Sure enough, the overlord's snoop was still around.

His ability to hide his breath was so amazing that he had definitely proved oneself to be Di Mo Xuan's scout.

Her sense was unable to detect his presence at all.

Despite that he was standing right in front of her.

Wind..Must be one of Di Mo Xuan's guards.

"It's nothing." She held back her train of thoughts and shook her head with a smile.

Since Wind was in the dark to keep a close watch over her, it only concluded that Di Mo Xuan will still showed up eventually.

Guess there was still something in her that attracted his desire.

Wind frowned in disgust: "Ye Qing Luo, don't be too cocky, if the Lord wants you dead, it will only be a matter of moving his fingers. Did you think he actually has an ulterior motive towards you?"

The young matriarch was dumbfounded.

The guard transformed into another whirlpool of wind and vanished right before her very eyes just as she was about to answer him.

It was as if he did not even want to stay alone in the same room with her for a second longer.

She wasn't the least worried about Wind's departure.

Her heart was billowed with widened ripples again.

It's true...

It was a breeze for Di Mo Xuan to take her life.

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