Painting Of The Nine Immortals Chapter 936

933 Aggressive Kills

"Take it, think of it as compensation for me destroying this place."
Everyone froze at those words.
The auctioneer froze as well. He stared at the nail-sized Stone of the Phoenix's Blood and didn't understand what Ling Xian was talking about. However, once he saw people walking over, he had a realization.
"Don't worry, your highness, they won't dare to attack here."
The auctioneer looked hesitant. "But the moment you leave here, the Auction of a Thousand Treasures cannot protect you."
Ling Xian understood that the auctioneer was trying to protect him. But, who was he? Did he need others' protection?
"It's not necessary."
Waving his hand, Ling Xian smiled, "Once I get out of here, I will have to fight regardless. I might as well finish things here. Those two are not strong enough for me to go into hiding."
Hearing this, the auctioneer bitterly smiled and retreated without another word.
Since Ling Xian had spoken and had paid for the damage beforehand, what more could he say?
Everyone smiled at this scene.
"Interesting. I don't know where the man in the expensive gown comes from, but Fang Bie Chen is the Supreme Headmaster of the Yu Xu House and is at the peak of the original level."
"That person doesn't seem to be afraid. I think he is probably a powerhouse as well. I just wonder if he is good enough to fight against Fang Bie Chen."
"Don't forget, that person has a terrifying soul. His capabilities shouldn't be too weak either."
"But, it's more likely that Fang Bie Chen will win. He is at the peak of the original level after all and was once a top Heaven's Favorite."
Everyone discussed with high anticipation on their faces.
"You sure are calm. Sadly, you are calm because you do not know how high the sky is."
Fang Bie Chen walked over slowly. His face was dense it was as if water could be squeezed out. "Take out all of your treasures and I can spare you your life."
"I want the Plate of Escape. I wonder if Supreme Headmaster Fang could do that for me?"
The man in the expensive gown looked intrigued and had a victorious smile on his face.
Fang Bie Chen frowned slightly and wanted to ask him to back off. However, his peripheral vision caught sight of the elder standing behind the man in the expensive gown. At once, his pupils restricted and his words of rejection turned into acceptance.
"Not a problem. Since you want the Plate of Escape, if I do not do that favor for you, then I would be too rude."
"Haha, then I would have to thank you."
The man in the expensive gown laughed out loud in joy.
Fang Bie Chen revealed a happy smile and the two of them laughed and discussed how they were going to get Ling Xian's treasures.
Their actions showed how they were already certain Ling Xian will die and all of his treasures will soon belong to them.
This made Ling Xian's expression cold. Nothing's happened to him yet and the two of them were already discussing the results. Why wouldn't he be furious?

"Well, very well."
Ling Xian coldly glared at everyone. "It looks like you are all already treating me like a fish in the net."
"Aren't you? To me, your capability is only slightly above an ant's."
Fang Bie Chen teasingly chuckled. He clearly didn't think much of Ling Xian.
The man in the expensive gown did the same. The servant behind him laughed out loud and was full of disdain.
"I originally was just going to teach you all a lesson. But I have changed my mind."
Ling Xian glared at them. "I will send you all on your way to stop you from causing other people trouble."
"Haha, you think you have the right to do that?"
Fang Bie Chen laughed out loud and didn't seem to care. He was once a Heaven's Favorite and is now a powerhouse at the peak of the original level. Naturally, he was full of confidence and didn't think anything of Ling Xian.
Though the man in the gown was relatively weak, the servant behind him was strong also an original leveled powerhouse. Of course, he had nothing to fear.
"Do I have the right or not you will find out before you die."
Ling Xian spoke slowly and was feeling too lazy to waste any more time. In a flash, he reappeared before Fang Bie Chen.
Fang Bie Chen didn't react much to this and didn't attack. However, his Qi was going towards Ling Xian.
His stance was arrogant and at ease. It was as if he was an undefeatable real immortal who didn't need to care about others.
The result of his action was that Ling Xian slashed his Qi with his fist before landing it on Fang Bie Chen's face.
A loud noise echoed, making everyone's eyes widen from shock.
What what was happening?
The Supreme Headmaster of the Yu Xu House was just slapped in the face?
Everyone was astounded. Not even in their dreams did they think that in a split second, Ling Xian would have slapped Fang Bie Chen in the face!
This is unbelievable!
As for the person experiencing this, Fang Bie Chen was now emotionless and his brain was blank. There was a bright red handprint on his right cheek and half of his face was crushed.
"Damn you ant, I am going to kill you!"
Screaming, Fang Bie Chen's hair stood up on ends. He began to emit with heavenly light and he crushed through space!
As the Supreme Headmaster of the Yu Xu House, he has never been slapped. Especially not at a moment when he was threatening his enemy with his Qi.
To him, this was unprecedented humiliation!
Therefore, Fang Bie Chen attacked again and slammed through space!
However, Ling Xian remained as calm as ever. As his arms moved, the Disorder Conquering Fists have already been summoned.
His blood boiled and his fists raised up. Ling Xian attacked aggressively, as if he was undefeatable, and instantly destroyed Fang Bie Chen's shield of Qi.
Instantly, his fist smashed into the ground, generating a terrifying wave that edged towards Fang Bie Chen!
At once, Fang Bie Chen's expression changed.
The man in the expensive gown and the elder exchanged glances - no longer looking as arrogant as before and no longer confident in their victory.
What could they do? When Ling Xian isn't attacking, he looked like the boy next door. Studious, calm, and harmless. But the moment he attacks, he acts like an awakened beast who can dominate heaven and hell!
Ling Xian attacked again, not wanting to waste any more time. Therefore, this time, he used all of his strength to crush Fang Bie Chen's shield, terrorizing him!
Though he was an original leveled cultivator at the peak of the original level, for close-range combat, he was no opponent of Ling Xian's. Plus, Ling Xian had the Disorder Conquering Fists.
Therefore, despite Fang Bie Chen's efforts, he couldn't win against Ling Xian. After around 10 rebuttals, Fang Bie Chen had been crushed into pieces!
Everyone was astounded at this. All eyes were now fixated on Ling Xian with pure shock!
That was Fang Bie Chen!
How could he get killed in such a short period of time?
However, the reality was before everyone's eyes. No matter how little people wanted to accept, they had to accept!
"Let's go, your majesty!"
The elder in grey shuddered. Fang Bie Chen's death brought much shock to him. His capability was on par with Fang Bie Chen's and since Fang Bie Chen died, he could easily be killed as well.
Therefore, without another word, he dragged the man out of the door and left.
"You have already revealed your killer's intent towards me. You think you can get away?"
Ling Xian spoke softly. In a flash, he had already reappeared before the main exit.
At once, the elder and the man in the expensive gown widened their eyes in pure awe!
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