Path Of The Dragonborn Book 2 Chapter 1095

Vol 2 Chapter 1095: Rewind 12 4k

"Earl Goty is already waiting there." Early the next morning, Heliga and Juss met with Count Goty who had already visited early, and the loyal Duke's old butler, Arnold, ordered this way. "Master, he said... Although he doesn't know what happened, he hopes you two..." Arnold gave Heliga a timid look. "Don't put too much pressure on Count Gotti."

"Don't worry... I didn't intend to trouble him. I just used his influence to do one thing." Heilija said relievedly-it seems that the Duke of Helmut is a kind of favor? Heliga thought so. He originally thought that Earl Gotti and Helmut were merely a pure interest relationship.

"I also asked my father about those things yesterday." Juss also sighed subtly-because it was a temporary act, Juss actually didn't have a specific idea about how to discuss with Count Gotti. . Therefore, he found his father who was under house arrest with some of the materials that Haley had given him, and wanted to ask him if he had any thoughts. And Helmut actually gave Juss some very pertinent and practical suggestions.

I don't know if my father really repented, or if he did it just to avoid greater sins in subsequent trials. In any case, this is a big help now. Euses could only think so for a while.

"Little Euses...no, now the acting Duke of Euses." Seeing Euses and Heliga appear, Earl Goti hurriedly got up from the sofa-it seems that he has been here for a while. , The servant next to him replaced him with new black tea.

"Earl Gotti, you don't need to be cautious, please sit down." Juses politely said, "As you know...this time I came to you to discuss the interest rate of the Gongdu Bank loan. Of course, except Beyond this..." He looked at Heliga, who understood him, and sat down on Juss' left hand. "There is also a personal matter of my friend that I need to ask you."

"Good to say..." Earl Goti saw Heliga, and his heart was mixed for a while-the son of the fellow Werners seemed to be the promoter behind the sudden transfer of power in Bariahat Right. Reminiscent of his previous bad attitude towards Warners and other local nobles-it was really thirty years in Hedong and thirty years in Hexi.

However, Heliga did not at least point out these private matters as soon as he came up. He also followed Juses to discuss briefly the issue of bank interest rates. As we all know, Bariahats Gongdu Bank has basically only served the nobles. Few ordinary people can serve as customers here. Therefore, whether it is investment or lending, it has always been open to nobles. . Coupled with the deliberate indulgence of the Duke of Helmut, the nobles in the inner circle of the Dukes inner circle are almost exclusively aggressive in the face of the civilians-even some banks in the Kruchen Region that also serve the civilian class are also issued by the Duke. The policy was affected.

However, the situation has improved to a certain extent so far. With the efforts of Euses and Macias, and with the help of Shanghai Liga, they drafted a provisional version of the notice of adjustment-in simple terms, it allows the Gongdu Bank, which has a large wealth of wealth, to treat ordinary civilian individuals. Or organize business such as opening up loans and use this method to stimulate the economic recovery of Kruchen State. Of course, such a policy has deeply violated the interests of the Baryahat nobles, and also stabbed their self-esteem as aristocrats. This fact cannot be ignored. Therefore, various problems will be encountered during actual implementation.

Fortunately, Jusss power is still tight. On the one hand, the nobles also know that Juss has something to do with the regular army, and now that the leader army has almost been disbanded, they dont. The way to make something too big. The other is that Uses, who has always been regarded as an abandoned son, has shown amazing skills and power after returning from a trip to the Military Academy in less than a year. Those nobles who want to test Uses' fiction and reality All were suppressed by the latter by various means. In their words, that is, in Juss's body, he saw a little shadow of Rufas's back then---benefit and power, multi-pronged.

Even Heliga was surprised at this-but Heliga thought that Jusss character had determined that he was actually a very responsible person, and his pride in his mother made him accept I must have really absorbed a lot of things when I was educating, in order to be able to become the "real nobleman" in his mother's heart-whether it was the court swordsmanship and territorial governance that Rufas occasionally taught him, or Heliga told him How to control the situation and the ability of information-even if it is only a little content of Helmut's occasional whim, Euses will think carefully and put it into practice afterwards.

Soon, the business affairs between Eusis and Earl Gotti are over-the final preliminary agreement remains unchanged. However, Juses agreed to the Earl of Goti. This was only a temporary plan. The purpose was to give the regular army an explanation and to actually restore the economic development of Kruchen State a little bit. As for the specific details, he will talk about it later. . Saying that, Heliga is actually very clear that this is just a perfunctory discussion of some of the nobles of the capital, represented by Earl Goti. What's more-he thought that after learning the fact that Prime Minister Osborne did not actually die, it was basically a certainty that the reformists would prevail over the nobles after the Civil War. It would be naive if the nobles really felt that once the civil war was over and the Kruchin State relaxed military control, they would still be able to dominate as before.

In short, Juss and Count Gotti reached a preliminary agreement-this matter came to an end for the time being. Heliga didn't intervene too much, but basically left the matter to Juss. Now it seems that the situation is good. With the words of Earl Goti going back to appease the senior management of the banks, I believe this incident will be calmed down within a period of time.

Afterwards, Juss exchanged a few words with Count Gotti, leaving Heliga and Gotti here. Heliga was still sipping black tea unhurriedly, waiting for Earl Goti to speak first.

"I think... I can probably guess." Count Gotti smiled bitterly with a bit of resignation-Heliga and Juss's relationship, he almost understood now. Heliga, who is the real behind-the-scenes man, is the one who dominates Euses' actions, so Euses invited him over today, probably because it was the point after thatheliga asked him to do so.

Although the Dukes attack on Kyle Dick was earlier suppressed by Jusss power, it did not cause much reaction among the nobles of the Dukes capital, but Earl Goti was actually very aware of this. Thingbecause the destroyed Keldic was in a sense the commercial transit base he relied on most. Coupled with the mourning ceremonies in the Great Sanctuary of Baliahat that was not low-key after that, basically nobles with a little information channel could guess what was going on.

But in any case, although Heilija mainly used the stupid mistake of the Duke of Helmut to achieve his own goals, just being able to take note of this and make use of it can already explain the problem well -In addition, Juss's attitude towards him is almost irresistible... and thinking of the private contradiction between himself and Warners, how can he not know what Heliga wants to say?

"You are quite clever, Lord Earl." Heliga said coldly-this Earl Goti is really a man who can bend and stretch and judge the situation. He had previously catered to the preferences of the Duke of Helmut, but now he was able to switch his mentality to follow Jusses so quickly, which also surprised Heliga. However, perhaps it is precisely because of this character that he can become the leading business tycoon among the nobles.


"I mean your ability to choose sides." Heliga smiled, "Well, I also want to understand now. This is not annoying. In a sense, Euses should be able to do it later. Its more necessary for a high-powered nobleman like you to help him deal with some necessary events." In any case, this is one of the nobles strongholdsand Helmut, who has been in power for decades, and started to help him early. Rufas, who has accumulated prestige and contacts, is different. No matter how good the progress and transformation during this period of time are, Euses is still the second son who has no serious value among the great nobles. Therefore, those great nobles who are second only to the duke's status don't really want to see Euses in their hearts. And if they could see the loyalty of Earl Gotti to Eusses, perhaps they would not be too cold and perfunctory to Euses.

"But... one yard goes to one yard. The matter between my father and you can't be counted like that." Having said that, Heliga put a certain amount of pressure on Earl Goti in words, which is naturally necessary, so He said, "I think you should know by now. I asked Uss to check the flow of funds of several great aristocrats in Balihat... Although you probably thought it was the representative of the regular army that requested it. Right? Anyway, there is one thing you can't deny...that is, in various commercial activities, you have committed many financing activities that are actually illegal...right?"

"..." Count Goti was silent. Indeed, he understands this deeply... Its just that the Duke himself kept turning a blind eye on this, and occasionally hinted that he could go a little bit more, but now the times have changed-if there is a sea Liga, the black hand behind the scenes and Uses behind the regular army, wants to liquidate some great nobles, I am afraid it is difficult to resist. However, he thought-since the boy in front of him didn't directly ask Juss to do that, but was here to talk about these things with himself, then it meant that he didn't intend to do it. Therefore, he just remained silent, waiting for Heliga to continue speaking.

"Originally because of our grievances and other things...Even if you don't completely pull you from the top of the public capital, you have to let your blood go well and make you suffer. But well... " Heliga also knows the cleverness of Count Gotti-the latter has already seen it, this time the target is not him, "Considering the relationship between me and Euses, leave him a loyal nobleman It is also necessary. So I decided to give you a chance... On the one hand, because your relationship with the former Duke of Helmut is relatively close, it is probably the most convenient to cooperate if you really want to say it. On the other hand... I also have a purpose, and I want to borrow your influence a little bit. Lets take a look at these." Heliga pushed several documents to Earl Gottiand drank again in the latters puzzled expression. Lipstick tea. However, he had no choice at this time-so after hesitating a little, he picked up what Heliga had given him and looked through it. Soon, he showed a complicated expression.

"The Earl of Amancia... This..." He was a little dazed, and a little unbelievable, "He actually betrayed the Lord Helmut like this..."

"You should be very clear... this matter, even without my advice, is enough to send him to the Duke's prison." Heliga said-this is naturally the Earl of Omansia asking the hunters to give false evidence. The evidence related to the incident, "But, let me decide that the final hunting target is him. In fact, it is another matter." Heliga has already sent the servants and butlers out-so he has no scruples. Before that, I have to ask, do you know the "DG Order"? "

Count Gotti looked in a trance-compared to the incident just now, this incident made him even more shocked to realize that he was blind.

Cultists who deny the goddess and summon demons-plunder children everywhere to conduct brutal human experiments-even things like "paradise" that are used to seize the handles of all kinds of power...Amansia has an affair ?

It is true that it is not unusual for them to have some minor problems. What's more, **** is basically a common problem of human beings. Even if it was because of the media's verbal criticism that he did not use his aristocratic privileges to marry several commoners, he did not deny that he had an affair with several women at the same time-in his opinion, this was originally from a high-powered person. A privilege.

However, if such a method is used on children, it is undoubtedly a behavior that breaks through the bottom line of human beings-even Earl Goti understands this deeply. For the time being, he was still a normal-oriented man, and he was so shocked that he couldn't speak for the startling black history of the Earl of Amancia.

"What do you want... let me do?" he asked the latter softly.

"My purpose is also very simple...destroy him. In various senses." Heliga said, "If you can do me this favor, I promise that you will take over the possession of my father's property. After sufficient financial compensation and an apology for coming to the door in person, and since then allegiance to Usis, I will not trouble you with this matter."

Earl Goti would certainly not refusehe thought.

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