Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1594

Chapter 1594 The Xuanping Immortal Realm

"How bold!"

In the nick of time, a thunderous voice exploded from deep within the rift.

The Heavens and Earth within a few tens of li shook vigorously all of a sudden, as immortal intent out of nowhere crashed into one another and stirred up the place into a chaos.

A magnificent, illusionary figure gradually took form amid it.

As soon as it appeared, everything in the surroundings suddenly lost their brilliance.

Either Qin Nan or the peak Heaven Gods seemed incredibly tiny before the figure, like the difference between the Heavens and Earth.

It was a wisp of the Golden-Winged Peng Emperor's will.

Whenever Little Peng Emperor Wan Xiao was under life-threatening attack, it would summon the will to intimidate the enemy.

"I am the Golden-Winged Peng Emperor! Wan Xiao is my only..."

The magnificent, illusionary figure stood in the rift glancing down at Qin Nan. Each of his words was accompanied by an exceeding pressure.

The faces of the peak Heaven Gods turned slightly pale.

Even though they had met the Golden-Winged Peng Emperor's clone with an aura that was at least ten times stronger than the figure, they were still astounded by the aura belonging to a Peerless Ruler.


However, before the magnificent figure could finish his sentence, a strong saber intent slashed the figure under its astounded gaze and shattered it into pieces.

"A mere wisp of the person's will dare to threaten me?"

Qin Nan slapped the seal onto Wan Xiao's back without casting another extra glance at the figure.

The illusionary figures of dragons immediately penetrated the creature's bones and limbs, forming a unique seal.

"Qin Nan, just you wait!"

Wan Xiao snapped furiously as a shocking immortal glow suddenly burst out from his body. Each of his feathers was drawing the outline of an ancient talisman.


Before Qin Nan could react, Wan Xiao's figure suddenly vanished into thin air.

"I didn't expect him to still have such an outstanding move, as expected of the son of a Peerless Ruler, he's still quite different compared to ordinary Peerless Geniuses."

Qin Nan shook his head.

He was no longer able to alter the situation.

As for the unique seal, he could not tell if it would actually work, since many things would happen after Wan Xiao managed to escape.

"That's quite a pity, but I won't let you run away again next time."

The black glow in Qin Nan's eyes vanished, as the golden flames were ignited.

If he would not stumble into Wan Xiao again, he would wait until he ascended as an immortal and became a Peerless Ruler to subdue the Golden-Winged Peng Emperor.

He was determined to subdue one of the father and son.

"I shall leave this place first."

Qin Nan glanced at the peak Heaven Gods who were still trapped by the talisman and flew into the distance.

With his current strength, he was able to crush fifth-layer Heaven Gods, and was able to stay alive against eighth-layer Heaven Gods with his other capabilities.

However, he was still a certain distance away from the peak Heaven God Realm, let alone facing the ten of them simultaneously.

A few hundred breaths later, Qin Nan halted in his track and observed for a moment. He took out the Ten Thousand Dao Immortal Badge when he discovered that the cultivators were not chasing after him.

It was necessary for him to find a place to improve his cultivation to the Heaven God Realm. It would be best for him if he could improve to the fifth-layer Heaven God Realm.


Qin Nan's face was filled with astonishment as soon as his thoughts entered the badge.

The news that the South World Immortal Emperor had defeated two other Immortal Emperors was no longer the headline. It was replaced by the news that one of the Immortal Ancient Places in the Xuanping Small Immortal Realm, the Nine Melodies Departing River was about to become accessible.

"An Immortal Ancient Place...is about to appear?"

Qin Nan's breathing intensified as he subconsciously clenched his fists.

Everyone knew that they had a great chance of finding some breathtaking fortunate encounters in an Immortal Ancient Battlefield. They would be competing against many geniuses and experts for the chance of becoming an immortal.

Even though countless cultivators were aiming to ascend as an immortal, Qin Nan actually had some other goals in mind.

It was important to Qin Nan because the Beast Hide Drawing had mentioned that he would only learn some secrets after becoming an immortal, which would allow him to find a way to resurrect Princess Miao Miao.

"I shall head to the Xuanpingtian Small Immortal Realm at once!"

Not long after, Qin Nan made his decision and started searching for the places that could lead him to his destination.

"You shouldn't go to the Xuanpingtian Small Immortal Realm."

Empress Feiyue's icy voice appeared in Qin Nan's mind all of a sudden.

"Why can't I?"

Qin Nan frowned. He sounded rather impatient too.

Around a month ago, he had delivered a message to Empress Feiyue, but she had never responded. Therefore, Qin Nan was sure to feel unpleasant when she suddenly voiced out like that.

"The Nine Melodies Departing River is only accessible in at least three months. The rare phenomena have just taken place."

Empress Feiyue was unaware of Qin Nan's attitude. Her voice remained cold as usual, "Besides, do you really think an Immortal Ancient Place is enough for you to ascend as an immortal?"

Qin Nan was startled, "What do you mean by that?"

"It seems like you have really bad memories, have you forgotten how you became a Martial Monarch or achieved the Martial God Realm?"

Empress Feiyue said disdainfully, "Your attempt to become an immortal is different than anyone else, meaning that the fortunate encounters you need, and the scale of the scene are different too."

"When I first try to ascend, there were only eight Immortal Ancient Places, so I failed the attempt. The second time, I barely succeeded with fourteen Immortal Ancient Places."

Her voice remained icy when she mentioned her failed attempt.

However, Qin Nan immediately came to a realization upon hearing it.

"So you're saying that I'll need at least fourteen Immortal Ancient Places or above to ascend as an immortal?"

Qin Nan rubbed his forehead.

He was well aware that the Immortal Ancient Battlefields and the forbidden places would only show up every twenty to forty years, and each time there were only a few of them, or around ten of them.

However, no one knew the exact number.

There might only be one, or there might be more than ten of them.

If he was not in luck, he would have to keep waiting.

"Well, I don't mind telling you that a Nine Heavens Supreme has deduced that there are only three Immortal Ancient Places this time."

Empress Feiyue said without mercy.

"Only three?"

Qin Nan was startled.

If there were only three, how was he going to ascend as an immortal?

If he missed out on the chance, did he seriously have to wait for another twenty, or even forty years?

Most importantly, it was impossible to tell how many Immortal Ancient Places would appear after twenty or forty years.

"Your path is destined to be a tough one because of your outstanding cultivation. Many geniuses with outstanding talents ended up becoming ordinary in the end because they did not find themselves a chance."

Empress Feiyue said coldly. She seemed to have appeared just to let Qin Nan down.
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