Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1651

Chapter 1651 The Strange Copper Words

A few hours later, Qin Nan showed up in a spacious hall.

The crimson-red glow shrouding him had stopped expanding, yet its murderous aura was growing stronger still.

"I should recover my strength first."

Qin Nan sat with his legs crossed calmly. His eyes sprang open as he fully recovered his strength. He proceeded further into the palace.

The whole place was perfectly silent, he could even hear the sound of a pin dropping to the ground.

The walls on both sides were still hung with ancient drawings. However, it was strange that there was no sign of the Time Immemorial Sacred Leopard or a single dragon.

As he ventured deeper, he discovered several enormous statues.

These statues were various kinds of ancient beasts, including the dragon tribe.

What caught his attention the most were three Ten-Clawed Immortal Dragons.

Anyone would simply feel that every statue was vivid and lifelike, each was a masterpiece on its own.

However, Qin Nan had sensed an inerasable aura of destruction from the statues, especially the three Ten-Clawed Immortal Dragons.

In other words, these statues were actually refined with living beasts.

"It seems like this Time Immemorial Sacred Leopard was once a great evil."

Qin Nan mumbled.

It was understandable if the Time Immemorial Sacred Leopard was cruel to the human race, but if it was doing the same thing to the beast tribe, it basically implied that the beast was evil in nature.

Qin Nan continued forward. He came to a stop after a while.

He saw a demonic formation with the pattern of the Nine Palaces ahead.

Behind the formation stood three stone pillars, each holding a crystalline stone that contained a flower with six colors, a pitch-black root, and a green scale.


Qin Nan was startled.

He saw a casket made of ancient jade deeper into the place. He could faintly see some remains in it.

Beside the casket were a scroll and a stone plate that was around two zhang long.

He could not tell what the scroll contained, but the stone plate had a shocking immortal intent.

Even the three beast statues he acquired previously were nothing compared to it.

"What a surprise, the Time Immemorial Sacred Leopard actually left some impressive treasure behind."

Qin Nan's eyes flickered with astonishment. He entered the formation.

Following it, the patter of the Nine Palaces emitted a brilliant glow as strong wisps of beastly auras accumulated and transformed into several murderous demons.

"Forbidden Taboo Flesh!"

Qin Nan groaned as his aura reached its peak.

The Nine Palaces Demonic Formation was a few times stronger than the formation he had stumbled into so far. Even he had to treat it seriously.

Time gradually passed. A day later, following a loud blast, the formation was shattered into pieces.

Qin Nan was not in a rush. He went up to the stone pillars and observe them closely, before taking the three jade stones from them.

He then fixed his eyes on the stone plate.

It was very likely that the remains of the Time Immemorial Sacred Leopard were placed inside the casket. If he tried taking it with brute force, not only would he place himself in danger, it would not give him any benefits either.

As for the scroll, it was most likely a Martial Art. The stone plate was the only thing that might come in handy.

Qin Nan took a deep breath and went closer.

Nothing happened as he moved closer to the stone plate. He did not notice anything out of place either.

However, he did not dare to lower his guard. He grabbed at the stone plate with a giant hand that he had formed with the Destruction Will.

He successfully retrieved the stone plate, but the hall was still perfectly normal.

Qin Nan was relieved, but he suddenly noticed a line of uneven copper words on the other side of the stone plate.

"Kill...kill...kill the dragons?"

Qin Nan read the words with a startled look.

Kill the dragons?

Does this mean the Time Immemorial Sacred Leopard wanted to kill the dragon tribe when it was still alive?

"Strange, if the Time Immemorial Sacred Leopard is here in the Nine Dragon Mystical Realm, shouldn't it be one of the tribes following the nine immortal dragons? Or perhaps..."

A thought crossed Qin Nan's mind.

However, he did not overthink it. He soon placed his attention on the scroll.

If there was no danger when he took the stone plate, he should be fine taking the scroll too.

However, when he summoned the hand of Destruction Will again, his expression stiffened immediately while his hair stood on its end.

He sensed a terrifying murderous aura targeting him!

If he was to grab the scroll, he strongly believed that the ancient drawings, the statues, and every rock on the ground would attack him.

He would struggle to survive the attacks with his current cultivation.

"The treasure here isn't easily acquirable as I thought. Luckily, I was quick with my reaction."

Qin Nan withdrew the hand. He let out a relieved sigh after noticing that the murderous aura had dissipated. However, he happened to come up with an idea too.

The statues that were refined with the dragon tribe, the words on the back of the stone plate, and the murderous aura... Could it be...

"It's possible, I should try it."

The golden flames in Qin Nan's eyes shuddered. He immediately left the hall without hesitation.


However, Qin Nan did not hurry to the next place. He raised his head as he sensed something.

He saw more than four thousand battle dragons or dragons of higher grades had gathered above the palaces. The sight of the dragons flying in the sky was quite spectacular.

In addition to it, most of the palaces were glowing too. Some had strong immortal intents, others were shrouded by strong murderous auras.

The cries of joy and agony filled the place.

That being said, most people were placing their attention on the five palaces at the center, where five cultivators were rising into the sky surrounded by rare phenomena.

Immortal intents were bursting out from their bodies.

Above them were large stormy clouds too.

It was quite obvious that the cultivators had obtained some great successions, and were attempting to ascend as an immortal!

Qin Nan came at the perfect time, as two of the cultivators had just endured the Tribulation and were undergoing tremendous changes.

Wisps of aura of the Human Immortal Realm spread to the surroundings.

Every peak Heaven God felt extremely tiny before it. Even Qin Nan's aura was not as outstanding too.

"HAHAHA, cultivators, we'll be going first!"

The two cultivators burst out laughing before they disappeared.

Anyone that ascended as an immortal would be teleported out of the Immortal Ancient Place forcibly.

"From gods to immortals!"

The crowd of cultivators wore envious looks. Their eyes became determined and passionate too as they proceeded to execute their Immortal Arts.

These beast palaces were a great opportunity for them. If they could take hold of it, they too had a chance to ascend as an immortal!

"It's my first time seeing someone ascending as an immortal. Too bad, if it's a Peerless Genius, it's surely a lot more spectacular."

Qin Nan murmured before transmitting his thought, "Xiao Wan, come over here, it's time for us to go to the nine illusionary dragons!"
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