Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 960

Chapter 960 The Chase, Battle Against Li Guan

Where did he go?

How did he disappear all of a sudden?

Strange, my eye-technique doesnt see anything?

The cultivators immediately executed their eye-techniques and tracking methods after Ji Yes disappearance in order to locate his trace. However, none of them were able to locate anything, leaving them with blank expressions.

Even though Ji Ye was ranked six hundred and third on the Monarch Ranking, it was impossible that he could avoid being tracked by the peak Martial Progenitors and the rogue cultivators who possessed extraordinary eye-techniques.

Either way, he cant be too far away!

The bald man wore a dark expression as he headed in the same direction that Ji Ye was flying.

The other cultivators collected their thoughts. None of them were willing to give up, thus they immediately spread out like a giant web, searching for Ji Yes whereabouts.

Ji Ye must have used some teleporting move. Jiang Bilan said after pondering, However, even Martial Monarch Realm experts could not have done it, so there must be lots of restrictions. We still have a chance to find him.

Teleportation move? He must have relied on the purple trees. I never expected such an impressive move from him.

Qin Nan immediately came to a realization, causing him to exclaim subconsciously.

Ji Ye had entered the Land of Dharma in advance, located the white grassland and planted the giant purple trees. As the others found the succession, he would make his sudden entry with the purple trees to steal the succession. Even though there were many experts on the scene, none of them were able to react in time to stop him.


Qin Nan was startled.

A strange golden force in his body was awakened and merged with his eyes, allowing him to see a golden flame moving at a rapid speed around three hundred li away.

The golden flame had the same aura as the Destruction Martial Monarch.

I didnt know senior had left his force in my body, allowing me to track his succession! Qin Nans eyes flickered with excitement.

Jiang Bilan, you and the skeletons should stay here at the purple trees. I believe Ji Ye would most likely use the same trick and return here! Are you able to handle him? Qin Nan asked.

Not a problem, how about you? Jiang Bilan was confused.

Master, please bring me along! Dont worry, you will find us helpful along the way! Yellow and Blacky jumped and waved their tails rapidly. They always believed that following Qin Nan would bring them good fortune.

Ill track him down!

Qin Nan nodded at Jiang Bilan. He hesitated for a brief moment, before bringing the two hounds along with himself and dashed into the distance.

Meanwhile, hundreds of cultivators were trying to find Ji Ye in the Land of Dharma.

Hes only three hundred li away, hold on to me tightly!

Qin Nan said as his eyes were fixed onto the golden flame in his vision.

The two hounds were stunned.


Qin Nans figure thrust forward at a terrifying pace like an enraged dragon.

Second form of the Divine God of Battle, the Unstoppable Step!

Holy crap!

The two hounds immediately grabbed Qin Nans shoulders with pale expressions.

At this rate, I should be able to catch up to him within the period it takes an incense stick to burn! Qin Nan quickly thought as he sprinted through the woods.

However, a piercing sound could be heard coming in their direction.

An ancient fan aimed at Qin Nan appeared out of nowhere with a shocking aura.

The attack was enough to kill a sixth-layer Martial Progenitor.

Qin Nan seemed to have predicted it, who quickly reacted and dodged the attack.

Whos there, how dare you ambush us!

The two hounds snapped ferociously. There was nothing to be scared of when they stayed with Qin Nan.

Tsk tsk, even your pets are so scornful. Im really impressed. Qin Nan, a piece of advice, hand over the Dragon Brilliance Wood and Ill spare your life. Li Guans figure appeared from the woods behind them.

It turned out that Li Guan was aware of the sudden movement behind him while he was searching for Ji Ye. When he realized that it was Qin Nan, he immediately made up his mind.

Since he was clueless about where to search for Ji Ye, it was wiser for him to rob the Dragon Brilliance Wood instead.

The Dragon Brilliance Wood? Are you strong enough to rob me? Qin Nan replied calmly as he lashed out with a punch.

You dare attack me? Li Guan was startled.

He did not strike immediately but decided to threaten Qin Nan verbally as he was concerned about his identity. However, this Qin Nan dared to initiate the attack!

Where did this fourth-layer Martial Progenitor get his confidence from?

Did he really think he was unstoppable after drinking some Three-Leaved Crimson Tea?


Li Guans gaze turned cold as a seven-zhang tall Martial Tree emerged behind him. Each of its branches and leaves was filled with a great presence of Monarch Art, as if it were constructing a world full of Monarch Arts, crushing Qin Nans figure.


Qin Nan uttered a roar.

A five-zhang tall Martial Tree sprang into the sky with a shocking aura, colliding with Li Guans Martial Tree, which knocked it back with brute force.

Such a powerful Martial Tree, you have achieved your own personal Martial Tree! Li Guan was dumbfounded.

Qin Nans strength had completely exceeded his imagination.

Does it matter? Martial Spirit unleash, die!

Li Guan swiftly reacted and snapped, summoning a fourth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit with the appearance of a giant fan. He was able to combine his Martial Art with his Martial Spirit, resulting in a tremendous blow.

Ive no time to waste on you!

Qin Nans gaze sharpened.

First form of the Divine God of Battle, Unrivaled Warrior!

His battle intent rose rapidly.


Qin Nan leapt into the air as his right arm exploded. He grabbed the Heaven-Shattering Saber with his left arm and slashed forward. The terrifying saber intent shattered everything in its way.


Li Guans eyes widened as his hair stood on end.

The slash had completely exceeded his understanding. Before he could react, the terrifying saber glow tore his Monarch Art apart, shattered his Martial Spirit, and devoured his flesh.

Li Guan with a rank of eight hundred and twenty-third on the Monarch Ranking was slain with just two attacks!


As Li Guan died, a stream with a faint golden glow with the presence of the Monarch Ranking entered Qin Nans body.

Qin Nan took a quick glimpse at it before proceeding forward.
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