Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 961

Chapter 961 A Dominating Slash

Sigh, such a waste. Judging from his shifty-eyed appearance, he surely had great stuff in his storage bag. The two hounds said.

Qin Nan shook his head. It was quite difficult to avoid the storage bag being destroyed in a battle at this level unless he had Sima Kongs moves.

Mm? It seems like Im out of luck today.

Qin Nans eyes glistened as he came to a stop.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh

A few figures arrived in front of Qin Nan, with Ouyang Xiaoxiao as their leader.

A bald young man wearing a kasaya stood beside him, with a few other young men in robes and disciples of different Two-Starred Factions

There were seventy of them, each with an outstanding cultivation.

Qin Nan? Ouyang Xiaoxiao was startled when he saw Qin Nan.

They had formed an alliance to search for Ji Ye, and similar to Li Guan, they had immediately headed in Qin Nans direction after being aware of a shocking aura.

Tsk tsk, it looks like youve decided to walk the path of hell. Friends, Ive got something to settle with him. Please spare me some time. Ouyang Xiaoxiao let out a hollow laugh before bringing his fists together toward the crowd.

The cultivators nodded without giving any comment.

Although Qin Nans talent and identity were quite impressive, he was still insignificant compared to Ouyang Xiaoxiao.


Ouyang Xiaoxiao turned around and unleashed a shocking murderous intent, holding the three ancient spears in his hands, like a general stepping into the battlefield. His spear intent immediately sealed off three directions, leaving Qin Nan with no escape.

Even though it was only the Dragon Brilliance Wood, he was more ruthless than Li Guan in order to achieve his goals.


Qin Nans eyes squinted.

Fighting these seventeen geniuses might serve as an enjoyable challenge.

However, Qin Nans eyes suddenly captured the golden flame over two hundred li away speed up rapidly.

Whats going on? Why is Ji Yes speed suddenly so fast? Qin Nan was shocked, before making up his mind in the blink of an eye.

I dont have time to play with you guys!

Qin Nan yelled as his figure turned into a phantom following a stomp, dodging Ouyang Xiaoxiaos attacks.

Trying to flee? Guys, stop him! Ouyang Xiaoxiaos eyes widened. How could he allow his prey to escape?

Glowering Guardian Deity!

Demon Kings Eyes!

Killing Illusion!

The other sixteen geniuses did not dare to underestimate Qin Nans strength upon witnessing his speed. They immediately executed their Monarch Arts, causing the place to be filled with spectacular glows.

Even an eighth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm expert would have trouble leaving in one piece!

Oh my! The two hounds closed their eyes.


Qin Nan did not slow down, while his left eye emitted a shocking purple glow.

The left eye of the Divine God of Battle, peeking through everything!

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Qin Nans speed suddenly increased, leaving phantoms behind as he weaved among the Monarch Arts like a soaring dragon, causing his hair to dance wildly.

The entire process only lasted three breaths time.

The geniuses only saw a flicker before Qin Nans figure disappeared into the woods after evading their Monarch Arts.


Ouyang Xiaoxiao and the geniuses subconsciously took a few deep breaths with their eyes open wide.

How had he escaped despite being surrounded by the Monarch Arts?

How incredible was Qin Nans movement Monarch Art?

F**k! Damn it! Green veins surfaced on Ouyang Xiaoxiaos forehead as he burst out cursing after collecting his thoughts.

Ouyang, dont feel disappointed. I believe this Qin Nan is not as simple as he looks. If a fight really broke out, there might be some surprise. The young man from the Bodhi Temple said while holding his hands together.

The other geniuses shook their heads. They did not agree with his saying.

Surprise? What kind of surprise? If he hadnt escaped, Id kill him within three moves! Humph, consider him lucky. He wont be able to escape next time! Ouyang Xiaoxiao snapped coldly before dashing forward.

They still had to search for Ji Ye.

However, they came to a stop after taking a few steps.

The place was in a total mess, with a deep ravine and a lingering saber intent, resulting in a terrifying sight to the group of cultivators.

Li Guanits Li Guan, someone killed him! One of the geniuses blurted out.

Ouyang Xiaoxiao and the others were dumbfounded.

The strongest cultivator among them was Ouyang Xiaoxiao, who was only ranked nine hundred and twenty-first on the Monarch Ranking, more than a hundred ranks lower than Li Guan.

Who was able to kill him?

Qin Nan came from this direction! The young monk blurted out as a thought crossed his mind.

Qin Nan?

The crowd was startled, before shaking their heads.

Are you kidding?

That Qin Nan?

I just confirmed with the Shadow Pagoda, that Qin Nanis a saber artist! The young monk said with a trembling voice after receiving the information from his badge.

Ouyang Xiaoxiao and the others immediately wore blank expressions, especially Ouyang Xiaoxiao, whose heart felt a chill after recalling his actions a moment ago.

Coming from the same direction and was a saber artist too, and how was he perfectly unharmed if he wasnt the one that killed Li Guan?

Was it just a mere coincidence?


Meanwhile, somewhere in the Land of Dharma

Qin Nans figure moved at a shocking pace among the woods.

Another fifty li!

Qin Nans eyes were fixed ahead.

He had been observing with his left eye along the way, keeping his distance away from other cultivators and beasts, not willing to waste any time.

Is that

A while later, Qin Nan raised his head after becoming aware of something.

In the sky that was filled with mysterious talismans, a giant bird with golden wings appeared with a tremendous aura and flew into the distance.

On the bird stood Ji Ye in a black robe with a cold expression. His eyes emitted a crimson glow as he observed the scenery under him.

Found you!

Qin Nan immediately followed him as his eyes were filled with a shocking battle intent.

Getdown here!

Qin Nan uttered a roar as he slashed at the sky using his right hand like a saber.


A shocking saber intent with the shape of a crescent was fired into the sky from the woods, aiming at the birds head.

The saber intent caused the rift to explode as it passed by.


Ji Ye turned around and his eyes widened.

Had someone managed to find him?

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