Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet Chapter 1982

Chapter 1982 Its A Travesty Youre Dressed Like This

Chapter 1982 Its a travesty youre dressed like this!

Ah! How valuable! How valuable!

There werent many missions of S-rank or higher, and missions that were St-rank were even rarer, so obtaining so many honor points in such a short amount of time was truly too difficult.

Big Dipper frightfully cried, Sis Feng, you arent thinking about doing this mission, right? Its Heavenly Hatred! An entity scarier than Asura!

Actually, both Heavenly Hatred and Asura had equal strength as part of Prisons three core factions. Asura might even be a tad superior, but Asura went into hiding for many years while Heavenly Hatred maintained its high-profile activity, so Heavenly Hatred was more infamous in the Independent State.

Ye Wanwan irritatedly retorted, Am I mad? Why would I serve my head on a silver platter for no reason?

That mission is a pass! Theres no way I could do it!

However, right now, she had trouble coming from within, so she urgently needed to recover her memories. Tomorrows conference was such a good opportunity, and shed be able to see the leader of Heavenly Hatred, so perhaps she could negotiate with him directly and see if she could obtain it somehow

The probability was low, but it was 15,000 honor points!!!

Soon, the next day arrived.

Ye Wanwan turned her wardrobe upside down and finally pulled out a princess dress.

Big Dipper was utterly flabbergasted. Sis Feng! You arent planning to wear this dress, right? Calm down! Im begging you! This is Prisons conference! If you wear this dress there, well be ridiculed by the entire Independent State for a whole year!

Ye Wanwan glared at him. Dont be ridiculous! What about this dress, huh?! Its so pretty!

Big Dipper stared at the dress in Ye Wanwans hands. It couldnt be any pinker and was covered in flowery lace borders and ribbons and had a matching pair of white knee-high socks. It was seriously too cute

Big Dipper clutched his nose. Mm I-it is pretty! But but youre the President of the Fearless Alliance! Itd be a travesty if you wore this!

Ye Wanwans face darkened. She was a girl too! So how was it a travesty if she wore this?

Ye Wanwan blurted without thinking, Im going on a date! Do you want me to wear that dirty and scraggy beggar outfit there? Thats a travesty!

Big Dipper:


Isnt she going to a conference?!?!

Are you too lazy to even conceal your intentions?

Dont you already have your Vinegar Factory Owner? Why havent you given up on Lord Asura yet?! Can you digest them all?

While Big Dipper launched complaint after complaint inwardly, Seven Star contributed his opinion from the side. Lord Asura probably wont like this outfit.

Ye Wanwan was startled. Hm Oh right

That guys taste had always been very strange, and regardless of what she wore, it would probably be the same to him

Tsk, fine, Ill wear my normal outfit. Ye Wanwan pursed her lips unhappily.

Big Dipper released a fierce sigh of relief and quietly whispered, Old Seven, good job!

In the end, Ye Wanwan still wore the Fearless Alliances uniform, her signature black beggars clothes. It was loose and casual but not as tattered as before. Seven Star had tailored a brand-new, custom-made outfit for her with a gigantic Fearless embroidered in cursive on the back.

This outfit complemented and suited Ye Wanwans languid and nonchalant aura rather well, giving her the feeling of an expert.

Ye Wanwan was reluctantly satisfied as she surveyed herself in the mirror and finally entered the car, heading for the location of the conference.

Prison seriously knew how to treat themselves. The conference was held at a hot springs resort. It had gorgeous scenery and was equipped with all sorts of entertainment options and services.

The conference started at night, so everyone could have some fun and relax before the conference.


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