Pet King Chapter 821

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While Zhang Zian greeted Electrician Wu and Welder Zhao, Snowy took out her mobile phone and set it on the handheld pan-tilt-zoom to start her live broadcast.

“Hello! Hello everyone! I am Snowy, and welcome to my live broadcast room! Our slogan is: Eat, Drink, and Be Merry at Binhai!”

As soon as the signal of the broadcast came out, the long-awaited fans flocked to the live broadcast room.

It was the weekend, so there were more idlers on the live broadcast platform than usual. The hardcore fans not only greeted Snowy, but also greeted those with familiar IDs. Bullet screen filled up the entire screen.

“Haha, big T, you’re late today!”

“Seoi Gwai, why haven’t I seen you recently? Where did you go?”

“Big Sister Mei Lu, hugs and kisses!”

“Mua. Hugs Little Sister Huan Huan and gives her a kiss!”

“I’m a little late. I was strolling in other live broadcast rooms for a whilethere was a lady cosplaying as a mermaid. She’s really pretty!”

“You’ve had a change of heart! We only love Snowy!”

“I only love Snowy, too, but that girl was just too pretty. I couldn’t help but take a few more looks at her.”

“How pretty? Prettier than Snowy?”

“Well She does seem prettier than Snowy, but that girl is more the cutesy type, while Snowy is more the lively and cheerful type, so they aren’t directly comparable”

“I don’t believe youunless you give me a number. I mean the room number!”

There were just too many bullet screens, and they were all mixed together. By the time Snowy took a glance at them, she saw that Zhang Zian had already greeted the two old men and was walking over to her with the cat bag.

“Yo. Isn’t this the Poser Store Manager? Congratulations to President Zhang for getting the Wulin Hong Guang MPV!”

As soon as one person started, the others followed suit.

Fans of Snowy had organized their own QQ group, where videos and photos of Zhang Zian being pranked had already spread through the group. Even new meme collections had been made.

Zhang Zian had already expected for it to happen, so he deliberately ignored it. He invited Snowy to enter the shop.

He placed the cat bag on the ground, opened the zipper, and took Snowball out from the bag. Zian let it play around in the store before he raised the bouquet in his hand and said, “Hold on a momentlet me look for a vase for the flowers. If you want to cut the cat’s hair, there are scissors at the cashier counter.”

Snowy stood behind Lu Yiyun, admiring her paintings, and nodded her head when she heard Zian.

Lu Yiyun took out the scissors from the drawer and handed them to Snowy. “Snowy, do you know how to cut its hair? Do you want me to help you?”

“It’s okay. I’ll try it myself first.” Snowy rolled up her sleeves. She seemed excited to give it a try.

Zhang Zian dug out a vase that had not been used for a very long time from the cupboard, filled half of the vase with water, and stuck the few golden tulips into it. He was about to walk out with the vase when Fina said, “Stop right there!”

Fina coldly glared at him from the top of the cat tree. “Where do you think you are going with this queen’s flowers?”

Zhang Zian was speechless. “These were clearly given to me When did they become your flowers?”

Fina jumped off the cat tree and blocked the path in front of him. “These flowers are similar to this queen’s hair color, so they should belong to this queen.” Fina’s tone was as persistent as ever.

The golden tulips were very fragrantone could even smell the aroma from a distance awayand together with their exquisite flower pattern, they were definitely worthy of being the flower that the European Royal Family loved.

Fina, who used to live in a hot, desert area, had never seen such a flower before. When she saw Zian walk in with the flowers, she immediately had the thought of leaving the flowers in the Sacred Palace. It was no wonder she could not endure it when she saw Zian actually walking away with the flowers.

Snowy also saw Zhang Zian walking out with the flowers. She thought that he was going to throw the flowers away. “Mr. Shop Manager, you don’t like the flowers?”

“It’s not that I don’t like them, but these flowers can’t be placed in the pet shop, so I plan to place it in the aquarium.” Zhang Zian clarified the misunderstanding.

When the netizens in the live broadcast room heard him, they said: “Now that you have a new love, you’re forgetting your old love!”

Compared to the minority group for the marine creatures, cats and dogs were more favored as pets. Everyone started sending bullet screens to criticize Zhang Zian’s actions on liking the new and hating the old.

“Why can’t you place it here?” Snowy looked at the shop and thought that they would look nice in the pet shop. Whether they were placed on the cashier counter so that the customers could see them when they entered through the door, or if they were placed in front of Kathy’s portraitboth seemed suitable.

“Because tulips are poisonous,” Zhang Zian explained.

“Ah? Tulips are poisonous?” Snowy was stunned. She immediately thought of her mother who was playing with the tulips at home, and her fingers tightened around her phone.

All the netizens expressed their disbelief and suspected that Zhang Zian was trying to fool them again.

“Tulips are poisonous? Why haven’t I heard of that?”

“If tulips were poisonous, I would have already been poisoned over ten thousand times!”

Snowy Lionet took the opportunity to join in. “Meow meow meow! Your Majesty, don’t believe this stinking man who spends all day sweet talking. He must be fooling you! This one here finds the bright color of the flower to be a perfect match with Your Majesty’s beauty!”

Zhang Zian nodded seriously, then, like he was explaining to Snowy and to Fina, he raised the golden tulip and said, “Although tulips are good-looking, they are also slightly toxic. For humans, the toxicity of tulips does not matter because people do not consume tulips, but for pets such as cats and dogs, the toxicity of tulips are fatal. If they are eaten by mistake, there could be dire consequences, like severe kidney failure. I’m going to place the tulips in the aquarium next door because accidents might happen when placed here.”

Whether it was the kittens running around, or an adult Abyssinian cat, all cats had a curious nature, and they were especially good at climbing and jumping. So no matter where the vase was placed, there was a chance that the tulips could be eaten by curious cats. When people said “curiosity killed the cat,” that was what they are referring to.

Not only cats, but even dogs would get poisoned from eating tulips, and the consequences were also very serious.

The puppies in the pet shop were locked in display cabinets, and the only dogs that could move freely were Zhan Tian and the poodle mother and son pair who had escaped from the Love Lovely Pet Breeding Base.

Zhan Tian had undergone strict anti-feeding training and would not eat without permission, but it was really hard to say the same about the poodle mother and son pair.

Aside from tulips, there were also other flowers that had varying degrees of toxicity, so pet owners could not raise them casually.

Zhang Zian had to run back and forth between the two shops, so it was impossible for him to keep an eye on the vase. Since Snowy and the others were there, Zian was unable to tell Fina to instruct all the cats to not eat the tulips. To be safe, he could only take them next door.

Snowy patted her chest in fear. “Fortunately I came over today. When I get home, I have to let my mom throw away all the tulips. If Snowball were to eat any by mistake, I would cry myself unconscious”

Zhang Zian was puzzled. “You bought a lot of tulips at home?”

Snowy said, embarrassed, that the flowers were actually bought by her mother, and she only took some over as a gift for Zian. She mentioned that her mother liked tulips a lot and had just happened to buy some.

Because Zhang Zian was always exaggerating, Fina was still skeptical. Only after she observed that Snowy seemed to be convinced did she reluctantly move away and let him pass.

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