Phoenix Destiny Chapter 191

Chapter 191 - Fish

Wake up! Lu Mingshu, wake up! Noises could be heard.

Lu Mingshu slowly opened her eyes. For a split second, she was unsure of where she was. She slowly remembered what happened before she fainted, and she abruptly sat up.

Her surroundings were outside of her expectations.

There was a river nearby, and there were two walls that measured at least a thousand meters. Lu Mingshu was lying on the river bank.

Good thing that you can sit up. Seems like youre okay. Xie Lianzhens voice could be heard. Do you remember what happened?

Lu Mingshu looked at the cliff above her. We fell?


After hearing the answer, Lu Mingshu rubbed her temples and checked her body.

Her breathing was normal, and there were no internal injuries. There were some external injuries, but they were all minor.

It was a miracle that she was still fine after falling from such a high place. Or rather, she should be glad that she was with Xie Lianzhen; the mechanism in his wheelchair protected them both.

She stood up and tidied her wrinkled clothes, towering above Xie Lianzhen. Can you stand up? she asked.

Xie Lianzhen looked like it was hard for him to explain in a few words.

She sighed and found the wheelchair that wasnt far away.

Wow. Not only is he okay, even the wheelchair is fine.

She pushed it over and helped Xie Lianzhen get on it.

Youre aware that my legs are actually fine? Xie Lianzhen asked as soon as he got onto the wheelchair.

Lu Mingshu nodded.

Who told you?

Wei Chunqiu.

Xie Lianzhen smiled bitterly. No wonder you came. He sold me out, I guess?

But its useless. Lu Mingshu looked at his legs. You really cant stand up?


I heard that you suffered quite a lot due to your legs. Arent you happy that theyve recovered?

Its been twelve years. Xie Lianzhen looked down. If you could fix things with a few words, why would I need this thing?

Lu Mingshu looked down and started to think. Seeing that, he sighed. Now is not the time for this. We are in trouble.

I can tell. She looked up at the cliff above her.

Lu Mingshu felt that there was a special force around them once she woke up. This special force was freezing her mystic force, and this place wasnt where they fell.

We were washed downstream?

Xie Lianzhen shook his head. Thats the trouble. What Im going to say now may seem out of this world, but you have to believe me.

Say it. Lu Mingshu nodded.

We may have been swept up into a strange space.

Outside of his expectations, Lu Mingshu didnt look shocked at all. She didnt seem to even have a response.

Does that not surprise you?

This world mainly focused on martial arts, so the standard for magic was very low. The world itself was also very straightforward. Strange dimensions were things that only appeared in folklore.

However, he wasnt aware that, thanks to the Heavenly Wheel, Lu Mingshu had seen many different types of magic, even if they were rare.

She pointed to what was above her. That cliff is where the Sky Ranking is at, right? The scenery around us doesnt have many differences. However, the part of the mountain that has the Sky Ranking doesnt look the way its supposed to.

Xie Lianzhen sighed. Yeah. Not only that, but where we are standing now is supposed to be a building, and now we dont see it.

An illusion? No, the stones here are very realistic. Illusions arent this stable. Lu Mingshu shook her head.

In the world of magic, the more capable one was, the more realistic they could make an illusion. The river bank that they were at right now was filled with sand and pebbles. To be able to reach such a stage, the creator of this illusion must be very powerful. Even an Assimilation Realm elder may not be able to create this. Perhaps a Void Realm? But a grandmaster wouldnt be so free as to scheme against them.

How do you know about these things? Xie Lianzhen stared at her weirdly.

Should I not? Lu Mingshu didnt answer his question, and she didnt plan to. Same place, but different. There seems to be a temporal difference duplication of space?

The more she thought, the more convinced she was that space was duplicated at some other time and was being released now.

An Assimilation Realm elder could do such a thing. Even a Spirit Realm elder could with a powerful treasure.

Were just some small fish in a pond bait, right?

How did you know? Xie Lianzhen was shocked.

But Lu Mingshu only smiled. This method isnt easy to do. Neither of us are worth such a thing.

There was no need for explanation. Lu Mingshu was nobody from Nine Jade Palace, and the New Generation Ranking was nothing but a bit of reputation for the younger generation. As for Xie Lianzhen, even though he was an influential figure, his actual power wasnt that high. It would be better to just strike the queen directly instead of Xie Lianzhen.

In other words

If Im not wrong, this should be directed against the king or queen, Xie Lianzhen started. Or maybe they want to eliminate the whole Seventh Truth Platform in one go.

Qilin Peak was the territory of the Seventh Truth Platform, where all seven clan leaders were located.

Lu Mingshu bit her lips. According to your information, the Seventh Truth Platform has a few Assimilation Realm elders protecting it, right?

Xie Lianzhen nodded.

If thats so, we will not need to wait for long. They will sense that somethings wrong in the Flying Imperial Palace and come to help. The person who did this would be aware of that; they just want some extra time.

Yeah. Xie Lianzhen look surprised. He was preparing to explain to her, but before he could say anything, she had already summarized everything. This is really

After understanding the whole thing, Lu Mingshu heaved a sigh of relief. Lets reconcile?

Xie Lianzhen smiled. Im amazed that dont want to keep fighting.

Amazed at what? Lu Mingshu sneered, Im not going to risk my life for a small quarrel.

She was in an unfamiliar place with an unknown danger waiting for. Xie Lianzhen wasnt the most dangerous threat right now, so if she wanted to fall out with him, now wasnt the time.

Xie Lianzhen ruminated. Isnt what I said a moment ago bad enough? I thought that you would be itching to part ways with me!

Lu Mingshu sneered, Who cares how bad your words are if you cant actually back them up? If Im determined to escape, what can you do about it? Xie Lianzhen, youre still lacking in ability to be a pervert!

Oh, is that so? He looked down at his legs. Are you looking down on my legs?

What the hell? Lu Mingshu ignored him and walked forward.

It was fine to reconcile for now, but she was afraid that she might lose her patience and kill this pervert.

Xie Lianzhen watched her leave and caressed his legs, his expression unreadable.

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