Pirates Infinite Wings Book 12 Chapter 1455

Vol 12 Chapter 1455: Vassal Clothing

Rainbow grassland has huge cracks, turning the grassland into a grand canyon.

After the war, this place was no longer Rainbow Grassland, but changed its name to Supreme Blade Valley. Fang Lang's incomparable blade lay deep in its sloped valley, and it slowly disappeared a hundred years later.

"This is your business card!"

Not far away, the son of **** who was cut off by the dragon claw stared at Fang Lang.

Fang Lang put away his blue love for life and death, and said lightly: "The 18 who left Beihai, I will let you live."

"Impossible. I won't leave here without killing you." Fang Lang, the son of God, roared when he finished speaking.

"You are not my opponent!" Ye Leng said.

"Hmph, rely on this knife." The Son of God said, "You must be curious why you were not promoted to King Wu. In fact, I am not the King of Martial Arts either. My current strength can only come from the body of the Dragon King."

Fang Lang's pupils shrank upon hearing this, as if he understood something.

"Have you thought about it? Hmph, in order to be promoted to King Wu, one must have a complete soul, and our soul is incomplete. Only by killing each other and absorbing each other's souls can we be promoted to King Wu."

The Son of God coldly shouted: "We are destined to have one person die, you outsiders, if you want to live in this world, you must erase my existence, or the rules of this world will erase you sooner or later."

"If I want to live, I must kill you."

"Only one of us can survive."

The son of God rushed towards Fang Lang with terrible power.

Fang Lang's eyes condensed, and the terrifying energy surged into the blue love of life and death, and then burst out a dazzling supernatural blade light.


Fang Langhe and the Son of God both flew backwards and tied.

In fact, Fang Lang suffered too much injury, otherwise, with the power of blue love, it would be enough to defeat the Son of God.

"Six months later, in Xiaojiutian Palace Square, I don't need this knife, you and I will fight for life and death!" Fang Lang coldly looked at the godson opposite, and said lightly.

"Then let you live for another six months!" The Son of God nodded unexpectedly when he heard the words, then grabbed the corpse of the animal theocratic leader, turned and left.

As for the remains of the beast religion, the Son of God simply ignores it.

Soon after, these remnants were completely wiped out by the leader, and all the traitors who took refuge in Zoroastrianism surrendered.

In just one month, all the other kingdoms in Beihai were recovered except Dayan.

At that time, what happened on the Rainbow Grassland also spread to all 18 of Beihai.

At that time, the popularity of Fang Langhe and wooden ice and snow reached its peak.

Of course, six months later, people pay more attention to the life and death battle between Fang Langhe and the Son of God.

It is said that at that time, all the 18 top leaders of the North Sea will go to watch this war. ...

Dalian County!

Fang Lang, Yan Haotian and others returned.

Fang Lang also took the wooden ice and snow to see her parents and the fire. Surprisingly, the two women were not as jealous as expected, but got along well. Soon, her sister cried and put Fang Lang aside.

Fang Lang was worried before, and he was also very upset. Suddenly seeing this scene, I was stunned and felt that my brain was suddenly confused.

Later, Fang Lang realized that he caused the misunderstanding.

On the earth, people are accustomed to monogamy, but a strong man usually has many wives, everyone is like this, so people here don't care at all.

A young lord like Fang Lang knew that he would have more than one woman in the future, and he was mentally prepared from the beginning.

Therefore, Fang Lang's worries are unnecessary.

In addition, what made Ye even more speechless was that his mother had hoped that he could marry Lin Xue. Since Lin's Village was destroyed and Lin Tingting was taken away by mysterious people, Lin Xue has been with Fang Lang's mother.

After a long time of love, Fang Lang's mother naturally liked Lin Xue very much. She treated this clever girl like her own daughter. After learning that Lin Xue had a crush on Fang Lang for a long time, she wanted to know when to bring them together.

This is not the case. Fang Lang has been experiencing outside all the time and rarely comes back. This has only been delayed until now.

Taking advantage of the arrival of ice and snow, Fang Lang's mother raised the handle, leaving Fang Lang dumbfounded. She didn't know what to do, and she closed it directly.

However, to Fang Lang's surprise, Huo Yan, Mu Xuexue and Lin Xue get along very well.

Fang Lang also turned a blind eye to this. He is now practicing the Nine Transformers with all his strength, preparing to practice to the fourth floor as soon as possible.

In the first life-and-death battle six months later, if a person does not rely on the blue love of life and death, then only by raising a nine-year-old child to the fourth level can he be sure of winning.

Fang Lang could only choose to sigh the experience of the Son of God. Although this was not his intention, he did take everything from the Son of God.

Thirty years ago, this alien meteor did not actually come from a son of God, but Fang Lang, a soul from another world.

At that time, Fang Lang's consciousness was already in a coma. In a daze, he devoured the soul of the new son of God.

At that time, Fang Lang's mother was actually pregnant with only one child, the son of God, but the newly born son of God had a very weak soul. Naturally, she is not Fang Lang's opponent and is easy to be swallowed.

However, devouring souls is very dangerous, and there are accidents. Fang Lang's soul was divided into two parts. A small part was protected by the energy contained in the meteor. A deformed fetus was born again in Fang Lang's mother.

Fang Lang's soul was born in this world with the help of the Son of God.

After that, the other half of Fang Lang's soul was born. Unfortunately, the fetus was deformed and died at birth, and was finally buried in pain by Fang Lang's parents. Later, after chasing the Zoroastrian leader who had stayed along, he found a deformed fetus. He found that although the heart of the fetus did not beat, there were obvious fluctuations in his life, so he used his secret method to save the life of the soul.

In this way, the leaders of Zoroastrianism believed that this was the son of God brought by the meteor and gathered huge resources to nurture this child.

Although Fang Lang did this unintentionally, he still took everything from the Son of God.

However, due to Fang Lang's existence, many young kings from 18 Beihai, as well as some senior leaders, rushed here to demand Fang Lang.

Either climb up the relationship, or hope that the children will worship Tian Ye as a teacher, or they want to see the beauty of Tian Ye.

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