Pocket Hunting Dimension Chapter 118

Chapter 118: Pretend Not To Overdo To Live Long

Lu Luze followed Nangong calmly and flew more than 2,000 meters into the sky. Through the thick clouds, he saw a spacecraft hovering in the air.

The puppet spacecraft is nearly fifty meters long, waterdrop-shaped, black all over, and has a complex golden pattern carved on it, which looks extremely luxurious.

Tao Nangong calmly landed Ze came to the spacecraft, and the spacecraft cabin door opened automatically. Subsequently, Nangong Jing turned his head and said, "Come in."

Lu Luze nodded and followed.

As soon as Xu entered the spacecraft, Lu Ze looked around curiously.

Private spaceship, probably similar to the top luxury cars of the earth era?

Nangong Jing saw this, grinning with a bit of pride: "How? Right? My private spaceship? Attack and defense shields can reach the star rating, and the flight curvature is also very high, even from here to us It will only take six days to go to the Shire Galaxy battlefield. "

Although Lu Luze didn't know how far from here to the battlefield, he was a little scared by the attack and defense shields that could reach the star level.

This is a private ship, not a battleship.

The firepower of a private spacecraft has reached this level, and it is quite okay. Many battleships may not have such power.

Tong Nangong Jing introduced while walking along the corridor with Lu Zize.

At the end of the corridor, a door opened, revealing a hall of more than 100 square meters inside. The layout of the hall is no different from ordinary homes. There are sofas, coffee tables, large light curtains, and even wine cabinets and game consoles.

Even if the wine cabinet is fine, after all, Nangong Jing is a drunkard. For her to save some wine, Lu Ze is not surprised.

But this guy, as a son, still plays games secretly?

At this moment, there was already a person sitting on the sofa, who was playing the current hot Star Wars game. At this moment, she seemed to be very excited, and her face changed from time to time.

Lu Luze looked at that short hair, a bit of neutral and delicate cheeks, which was Lin Ling who had not seen it for a month.

I watched Lin Ling play the game excitedly, Lu Ze twitched.

Why are these people playing games? ?

Is nt it too much? ?

Alas, bring him one!

At this moment, Lin Ling seemed to hear the sound of the door, and turned his head when he pressed the pause button.

When she saw Nangong Jing and Lu Ze, her smart eyes lightened slightly, and she laughed: "Lu Ze, long time no see!"

Lu Luze smiled and nodded: "I haven't seen you for a long time."

Then he and Nangong Jing walked in.

Nangong Jing took out a bottle of wine from the wine cabinet and controlled the autopilot to turn on the spacecraft. Then she took off her casual jacket and flung it on the sofa, exposing the black slim sweater inside, and then She threw herself on the sofa, and the whole person was lying on the sofa half like a salted fish.

She flinched on the sofa and found a comfortable position, then she stopped, took a sip of wine into her mouth, and then sighed with satisfaction.

Tong Nan Gongjing's actions were done in one go, looking like a single uncle who came home from work, and looked at Lu Ze in a frown.

Lin Linling was clearly accustomed to Nangongjing's behavior. She turned her eyes and looked at Lu Ze with a smile: "Lu Ze, have you practiced well recently? Are we practicing in virtual reality?"

Lu Ze slightly stunned: "There are still virtual reality warehouses here?"

At this time, a drunk and blushing Nangong quietly appeared on his face and said proudly: "Of course it is! The Jin Xuan has spent a lot of effort to renovate it. How can things like the virtual reality warehouse not be there? "

Then she smiled and said, "Yes, last time it seemed to tell you what state you want to reach? The eighth floor of Xuanwu, right?"

Lu Luze: "..."

Hell, did this guy have the idea? ?

She was talking about the high level of Xuanwu Realm at that time. From the seventh floor or above, the high level of Xuanwu Realm was all this, so this guy directly assigned himself an eight floor of Xuanwu Realm? ?

It turned out to have been planned!

Fortunately, he is now a strong thief. He is already the second-tier strength of Dan Wujing, or he is really a little panicked.

Tong Nangong looked at Lu Ze quietly, and laughed, his smile with a bit of bad intentions.

This guy, but in front of so many people, he said the title of Tekken Boy. Do you want to come out? Are you ready for the exile?

Her salty fish half-lying on the sofa suddenly jumped up, and she looked forward with some expectations: "Go, go to the virtual reality room, today I will check your cultivation results."

Lin Ling also stood up: "Let's go, I want to practice with you too."

She is a very proud person. She lost to Lu Ze the last time. Although she is convinced, it does not mean that she has confessed to losing. During this time, her progress is extremely obvious.

Although he may not be Lu Ze's opponent, he will never see his back like he did last time!

Since both girls have invited him to practice like this, as a man, naturally he will not flinch.

Isn't that just training?

Lu Luze said that the problem was not big, and he had no fluctuations in his heart.

The three of them came to a small room on the side of the lobby, where there were four virtual reality warehouses.

The three men entered one of them separately. After using the spacecraft LAN to build a room, the three men entered the established martial arts ground.

In a vast space with a radius of several kilometers, Lu Ze, Nangong Jing and Lin Ling all appeared simultaneously.

Tong Nangong looked at Lu Ze quietly and grinned, "Come on, don't be afraid, I will be very light."

Lu Luze: "..."

He glanced at Nangong Jing silently, looking at her eyes, he knew that in the virtual reality, this person is afraid of the kind that he intends to hang him to pump, it must not exist lightly.

Lu Luze scratched his head and said with a smile, "Mr. Nangong, are you saying that you want to test whether my combat power has reached the eighth level of Xuanwu, right? Then you have to set a rule, or I will not be held by you for a long time?"

Tao Nangong Jing heard the words, and for a moment, he felt a little satisfied.

Lu Luze, do you still understand?

I already knew that I was going to be captive.

Then she nodded: "Okay ~ wuxiaworld.online ~ Since this is the case, the power I use is on the eighth floor of Xuanwu Realm, how about it? Are you not suffering?"

Lu Ze heard that smile gradually became kind: "Mr. Nangong is really a fair and good teacher."

Under the same level of strength, even Uncle Merlin, a star-rated powerhouse, could not take advantage of Lu Ze, let alone Nangongjing.

Hehe, long hair, short knowledge, **** and no brain, Nangong Jing took it all up, and loved drinking, so I can't blame him.

Lin Ling, who looked aside, looked at the smile on Lu Ze's face, his eyes moved slightly, thinking a little.

After that, she opened her eyes with some disbelief and looked at Lu Ze tightly.

This guy, does it mean that progress is greater than her? ?

At this moment, Nangong Jing had some impatient hands on her hips, and cried, "I promised you, started?"

Lu Luze nodded: "Come on."

He said, his body was full of glazed lights and cyan breeze.

He just used the power of the eight layers of basalt.

He was afraid that when he accidentally pretended to turn his head away, Nangong Jing became frustrated and angry to use his energy to beat him.

This kind of thing has happened several times during this month with Uncle Merlin.

Lu Ze, who received many profound lessons, realized a philosophy of life.

Pretend to be overwhelming to live long!

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