Pocket Hunting Dimension Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Our Journey Is The Sea Of stars

Although it is only displayed on a light screen, the scene is still extremely shocking. This game looks as if it is immersive. .suimEnG.1a

Just then, Lin Ling didn't know what to do, and a tiny figure flew from a huge spaceship of Terran.

Lu Ze opened his eyes wide and looked at the figure flashing in the vacuum, his eyes were full of surprise.

This is a vacuum!

Although he knew that the strong man above the star level could fly in the universe, but this was the first time he saw it.

Life, as long as it is strong enough, can rely on the physical body to survive in any environment in the universe.

The same is true of humans!

After this figure appeared, a more shocking scene appeared.

In the light screen, the figure is enlarged. It is a 3D sketched man similar to a real person. He has a lilac long knife in his hand.

In the void, the man's wrist turned, his arm raised slightly, and a horrible sword with a length of several kilometers flashed across, instantly cutting an enemy warship not far away into two.

Lu Ze looked at him for a moment, all holding grass.

This person is too strong, right? ?

Random battleship? !!

After an attack, the man's eyes were cold, and it seemed that his heart was determined.

His body disappeared in space, Lu Ze could not capture his movement at all, and then a battleship exploded, and instantly dozens of battleships turned into dust.

Lu Ze's mood was ups and downs.

No wonder the strong are the pillars of civilization.

Such a strong man, even with destructive weapons, is probably hard to aim at.

Moreover, his destructive power is too scary, more flexible than the battleship, but his attack power is stronger.

However, after the man chopped hundreds of warships, two more figures appeared in space.

These two figures are different from the human race. The full color is dark, but it is burning with flames. This flame cannot be extinguished even by the vacuum of the universe.

After the two figures appeared, Lin Ling began to operate, trying to use the warship to hold one of them, so that the Terran man first killed the other one by one. However, the flexibility of the warship was still much worse than that of the warrior .

The two figures disappeared into space at the same time, and the human race man disappeared as well.

Subsequently, horrific energy waves swept across the universe, and nearby warships were constantly affected, some of them lost power and some directly exploded.

The battle lasted for a long time, Lin Ling had been trying to use the forces in his hand to do something, but for the star soldiers who were extremely fast, the attack was too difficult to hit.

One day has passed since the game time shown on the light curtain.

One day in the game, the enemy battleship began to take a defensive stance, and the Terrans chose to attack. However, when the battle between the three star powerhouses subsided, there was only one outside with one arm broken. Star race and an almost harmless alien race.

The man of the human race was clearly beheaded in the face of the two star powerhouses.

Subsequently, with the help of two star powerhouses, the original offensive fleet of Terran was defeated.

Lin Ling, who is manipulating the game, sighed helplessly and grumbled, "Sister Jing, we only have one human race, and the battleship is the most common battleship. We do not even have weapons for the star warriors. This battle Can't fight at all, okay? "

She feels that she has participated in many small-scale wars this month, but this kind of war has no hope of winning.

Nangong Jing heard the words, looked at the words of failure in the light curtain with some complexities, and drank wine into his mouth: "Tons of tons ~~~"

She exhaled contentedly before she said lightly, "Yeah, I can't fight."

Afterwards, she continued to say, "This star powerhouse is Lieutenant General Liang Chengzhe 1300 years ago. At that time, there were not as many star power people in our race as there are now. A star-ranked fleet is almost completely cool, unless it has the genius of one enemy and two. And the battleship is also the backward one. If you want to win this kind of battle ... "

Nangong's gaze flashed a cold light: "All warships rushed up to explode, maybe there is a glimmer of hope."

Lu Ze and Lin Ling stared at Nangongjing with speechless faces.

Is this man so reckless? ?

Go up and blow yourself up without a word?

Subsequently, Nangong Jing smiled hesitantly: "At that time, our people were still weak, so that's why, like the Heiyan people in the battle, we have now been crying father crying mother."

Lu Ze looked at Lin Ling and Nangong Jing somewhat silently, and said, "This is not a game?"

He thought it was the same as a Star Wars game on the market.

Lin Ling said with a smile: "It's a game, it's just a real battle before."

Lu Ze nodded: "Oh."

There is no following.

As a reckless husband, he had no idea what to plan.

As long as it is strong enough to suppress the starry sky, who dares to touch the people?

If you have time to use this mind, you might as well practice well.

After all, his hunting space is so strong that it is too bad to not specialize in cultivation.

Seeing that Lu Ze was not interested, Lin Ling poked his lips and continued to play, while Nangong Jing was drinking while watching.

In just such a short time, the alcoholic had already drank six bottles.

Lu Ze's mouth twitched.

Nangong Jing felt Lu Ze's eyes and passed the bottle: "Would you like to come?"

Lu Ze: "... Drink it yourself."

He silently packed the bottles thrown all over the floor, then came to the window and looked out the window.

The speed of the spacecraft is quite fast, and Lan Jiangxing is completely invisible at this moment.

Lu Ze silently looked at the bright starry sky and the vast universe outside the window, with some tension and expectations.

Our journey is a sea of stars!

This sentence is the twelfth among the 100 most wanted words to be said in Lu Zezhong's second period.

Lu Ze felt particularly in line with the current atmosphere.

At this time, Nangong Jing also came over holding the bottle, stood beside Lu Ze, and drank a sip of wine first: "Tons of tons ~~~"

She turned to look at Lu Ze and grinned, "How's the universe?"

Lu Ze nodded: "Yes."

Nangong smiled and patted Lu Ze's shoulder: "This is just the Milky Way! The entire universe is bigger than imagined!"

Speaking, she had some grim eyes blinking a little longing: "When I break through to the star level ~ wuxiaworld.online ~ I will leave the galaxy and go to practice, I will become very strong Come back again! "

Lu Ze can hear the slowly expectation in Nangong Jing's discourse, which is the longing for the future.

Subsequently, Nangong Jing threw the empty wine bottle, pointed at the starry sky outside the window, and laughed and said, "Our journey is the sea of stars!"

Lu Ze: "..."


This guy! Wouldn't it be shame to shout out like this when she grows up?

Even Lu Ze himself didn't shout like that!

and many more!

Does this person seem to be an adult?

She suddenly remembered the appearance of this guy secretly cheating, and looked at her with a proud smile and shouted such a gesture, her mouth twitched.

Damn it ... okay? ?

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