Priceless Baby's Super Daddy Chapter 101

So he had fallen for her

Xu Xiyan's heart was beating fast. The news had come as a sudden surprise.

Huo Yunshen had already fallen for her back then?

That's impossible!

What did he see in her? How curious!

There was disappointment in Xu Xinrou's voice as she spoke. "I don't get it. Yuhe was not interested in her. Why would Huo Yunshen be attracted to her? What's so great about her?"

If she thought about it carefully, the reason Huo Yunshen had suddenly appeared at the set a few days ago was all because of Xu Xiyan.

"Who knows! But let me tell you this: your father now has a different attitude towards her and is accommodating her because Xu Xiyan is his golden goose and he must not let her go. As long as Xu Xiyan's surname is Xu, your father will always have a place in Yunhai, and the Xu and Chu family will continue to have the company's support!

Xu Xinrou sounded a little worried now. "But she has already changed her name and her surname is no longer Xu. She's now called Jing Xi!"

"What? My God, I have to go tell your dad!"

As she heard footsteps coming out of the room, Xu Xiyan quickly hid. After Su Rui left the room, she came out of her hiding place and moved to her room.

What a lucky day. She had not expected to learn so many secrets today.

As for Huo Yunshen

Hehe. He actually fell in love with me?

How flattering!

She'd also found out that she was not the biological daughter of Xu Jinshan. What great news! She felt like celebrating with some fireworks!

In the future, she would no longer need to feel disgusted for having the blood of a despicable man in her body!

However, Xu Xiyan was very curious. Who was her biological father?

When her mother married Xu Jinshan, she was already pregnant with her. Did that mean that her mother had another lover before she got married?

Who could that have been?

Was he the "F" mentioned on the back of the photo?

Was he the man who gave her mother the sungrass brooch?

Xu Xiyan walked around her room and noticed that some of the things that used to be there were missing, and that there were signs of them having been replaced.

She immediately guessed that Su Rui had thought that she would never return home again, and had probably disposed of her belongings.

Xu Xiyan left her room and went downstairs. Su Rui was in the living room. She had a different attitude towards her now, smiling at her amiably. "Yanyan, I was about to call you. Lunch will be ready soon!"

"I know," Xu Xiyan said calmly. "Su Rui, what happened to my belongings in my room? Where are they now?"

It wasn't the right time to question everything she had just heard. Until she found evidence, she could not escalate the situation and get ugly with her family yet.

Xu Xiyan wanted to look for her belongings. Su Rui had planned to dump them in a fire back then, but now, she was secretly glad she hadn't done so.

"Oh, you were not home all these years and I was worried that they would turn dusty or moldy in your room. So I had the servants move them into the attic."

"Okay, I'm going to the attic then!" Xu Xiyan turned to head up the stairs.

After Xu Xiyan had left, Su Rui and Xu Jinshan exchanged looks in the living room. It was time to strike!

The attic was a mess and a thick coat of dust had blanketed the various items that were stored there. She suspected that hardly anyone had come up to the attic.

Xu Xiyan pulled a handkerchief from her bag and folded it in half, covering her mouth and nose as she began to shift the boxes aside.

She moved everything that wasn't hers, and used a rag to wipe the dust from the things that were hers

She found her books in some large cardboard boxes. She also found an old wooden box, where her mother's belongings were stored.

It was locked, but Xu Xiyan had always kept its key. She looked inside her bag and rummaged around for the key. What she did not know was that someone was closing in behind her.

Thwack! Xu Xiyan felt a burst of pain at the back of her head, and everything turned black as she fainted, collapsing on the floor.

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