Priceless Baby's Super Daddy Chapter 102

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In room 1109 of the Kyrier Hotel, red rose petals were scattered around the big white bed, and in the middle lay the unconscious Xu Xiyan.

She was dressed in a pink see-through nightgown that clearly showed the dark underwear she wore beneath it.

Her white skin was as attractive as a pale white pearl under the dim yellow light. Her posture was like a mermaid lying on a reef. A beauty that could attract any man.

She was out cold, unconscious. She had no idea that her body was being treated as a gift for someone else.

After a few minutes, the door opened and in came a man

After Yi Xiao had pushed the door open, Huo Yunshen came into the room in his wheelchair.

The same hotel, the same room, 1109…the miraculous night that he’d had five years ago was in this same room. It was where he’d first met Xu Xiyan, where they’d made love.

The room had a faint smell that was similar to the night five years ago. The dim light shed a warm and calm atmosphere around the room.

“Mr. Xu?” Huo Yunshen called out. No one responded. He wheeled himself further into the room and saw a girl lying on the bed.

What is Xu Jinshan thinking?

He asked me to meet him here, but why is there a half naked girl in the room?

Don’t tell me

Is he trying to use a honey-trap?

Is he stupid?

Doesn’t he know that no beauty could make me erect?

At first, Huo Yunshen only glanced at the girl on the bed, but he couldn’t control himself and took another peek. He opened his eyes wide.

Xu Xiyan?

Why is she here?

What is Xu Jinshan thinking?

Yet, after a few moments of silence, he finally understood the whole situation. He used to tell Xu Jinshan in secret that he would only help the Xu family because of Xu Xiyan.

So, now Xu Jinshan is using his daughter as a gift to me?

To get on my good side?

What kind of father would do that?

If I wasn’t the one helping him, would Xu Xiyan just be forced into the hands of another guy?


Huo Yunshen scolded Xu Jinshan’s actions. He wheeled himself to the bed and quietly checked the girl sleeping soundly there, his eyes scanning every part of her body.

What an angel! She’s like a beauty that only exists in drawings. Even the most reserved man would fall for her!

Huo Yunshen stared at the girl sentimentally. Even the state she was in covered his whole body in intense heat.

He swallowed his saliva, and his lower body started to heat up.He felt the inklings of an impulse, a heat that he’d never felt before.

Wait Is this Am I aroused?

He couldn’t control himself and looked at his lower part. He covered his mouth in surprise, unable to believe what he was seeing. I’m finally having an erection!

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