Priceless Baby's Super Daddy Chapter 1077

Chapter 1077 Her Ending

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"We both know that youve been used by a lot of men now, so you can drop the saint act," Lu Jun said, showing his true side. "Youre just a whore that everyone can use."

It was then that Shen Mengyuan realized that being saved by Lu Jun might not be as good as she thought.

"How should I treat you? Maybe I should tie you up first," Lu Jun said, exposing his inner sadist to Shen Mengyuan.

He loved to tie his women up and inflict pain on their bodies. He could find pleasure in doing so.

When Shen Mengyuan woke up from her nightmare, she realized that she was locked in a basement with a bed and a few other daily necessities. There was nothing else other than those; not even a piece of clothes could be found near her.

She peeked out the window on the top of the wall and realized it just led to another basement with naked women in it too.

Other than her, there were at least three other women that were trapped in the basement with her.

They were kept as pets by Lu Jun so that he could find pleasure whenever he wanted to.

Shen Mengyuan never saw sunlight after that day.

The people just thought that she ran away after being exposed for tearing a family apart.

Shen Mengyuan had never thought that her ending would be that shed become a plaything for a man, living a life of being tortured ever since.

The Golden Goose Awards came to an end, and it was dubbed the most talked-about awards ever.

The news of Jing Xi winning the Best Actress Award even spread to other countries.

Helian Wei was at a hotel in Kstan when he learned about the news.

When he heard Jing Xis name on the news, it immediately got his attention.

Ever since the fire at the Estan National Theater, he was busy and had no time to watch Landscape.

Now that the news was talking about Jing Xi, he put the work he was working on down and focused on the TV.

He could see the young lady standing on the stage in her black dress, just like a beautiful black swan.

His sight stopped at Jing Xis collar where she wore a sungrass brooch, and it shocked Helian Wei.

The sungrass brooch was Dragon Kingdoms royalty emblem that only the king could wear. He even recalled the promise he had made to the Dragon Kingdoms previous king, Long Rui, that their children would marry each other when they came of age. The brooch was the item that tied the promise together.

But ever since the Dragon Kingdom had perished a few dozen years ago, the promise was cancelled.

After that, Helian Wei gave the brooch to his Little Moon as his token of affection.

He still remembered her words clearly.

"Feng, I will give this brooch to our child, and they will carry on our legacy"

Little Moon did tell him that she would give the brooch to their child.

Helian shifted his focus back to Jing Xi and realized that from her attitude to her face, it was all the same as Little Moon.

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