Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous Ceo Chapter 319

Chapter 319 It Wasn't An Accident It Was Intentional 1

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Luo Anning sighed and thought, I just gained some new knowledge

Indeed, we should never judge a book by its cover. I didn’t expect the refined and poised Mayor to have such a violent side!

Rong Yan hugged Luo Anning and behaved affectionately with her for a long time before getting pulled away for a drink-off with Tang Chao. Before too long, Qing Dai entered.

Upon sight of Tang Chao, she quickly smiled while he lustfully gestured for her to come forth with his finger.

Qing Dai tried to rush forth like she had just gotten a royal edict. However, when she saw Rong Yan, she stopped in her tracks and took a seat when she was about three meters away from Rong Yan.

She murmured aggrievedly, “Young Master Tang ”

Tang Chao kicked Rong Yan and barked, “What’s wrong with you!?!”

“Why, do you have an opinion?” Rong Yan glared daggers at him coldly.

Tang Chao picked up his glass of alcohol and clinked it against Rong Yan’s. “Of course not. Here, have some alcohol. Let’s not ruin our relationship.”

Luo Anning almost flew into a rage when she saw Qing Dai entering. She thought, great, Tang Chao,you are continuously pestering Momo and yet, you’re flirting with other women here.

What do you take Lu Momo for!?!

She sprung up and tried to confront Tang Chao, only to be stopped by Feng Churui who said gracefully, “Luo Anning, sit down.”

“What do you want?” she questioned in a hostile manner.

“I have something to discuss with you.”

“That can wait. I must teach Tang Chao a lesson first!”

When he saw that she was about to dart towards Tang Chao, Feng Churui said softly, “What if I told you that your parents’ car accident was premeditated?”

She dropped her glass which shattered into bits.

Luo Anning turned around slowly to look at Feng Churui. Flabbergasted, she asked, “What did you say?”

She will never forget that day. When she was six, her parents took her on a vacation to a nearby city.

Back then, she was exhilarated and had her hair tied back into adorable buns while dressed in a beautiful tutu dress. She was happily seated in her father’s favorite Rolls-Royce.

They were having a whale of a time in the car without any bodyguards or servants.

Her parents were loving towards each other and also pampered her to bits. They often said that she was their little princess, and she felt the same way too.

She had a handsome father who loved her and her mother, and a gentle and beautiful mother. She once thought that her life would continue being so blissful.

However, on the expressway, a huge truck collided into their car

Later, that day also became her eternal nightmare and the end of her princess-like life.

Memories overwhelmed Luo Anning who then shivered uncontrollably and said in a shaky and high-pitched voice, “Repeat yourself!”

It wasn’t an accident, it was manslaughter

Does that mean that someone planned to murder my parents?

Was that it?

Rong Yan and Tang Chao who were drinking at the side were also surprised by her voice, and turned to look at her. Feng Churui smiled at them and said that there was nothing much.

He then turned back to look at Luo Anning with pursed lips. “Everything is just a conjecture for now. I don’t have any concrete evidence yet, so I need your help.”

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