Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous Ceo Chapter 320

Chapter 320 It Wasn't An Accident It Was Intentional 2

“This case is very important to me. When your parents got into an accident, you were already six years old. You should remember everything then?”

Luo Anning’s mind was in a whirlwind. The memories of her parents’ appearances and voices had never been so vivid before. She will never forget their deaths. Her parents were the ones who hugged her tightly in their arms to protect her, and allowed her to be spared from death.

The entire world was stained with blood and all she could see was red.

The misery of her parents’ deaths still lingered in her heart and she was suddenly overwhelmed with pain

“Are you okay?” Feng Churui noticed that she didn’t seem to be too well. “I’m sorry, I didn’t think about it carefully. I didn’t consider that getting your help would cause you to recall those terrible memories. I take back what I said.”

Luo Anning asked, “Who is it? Since it was intentional, who do you think is the suspect?”

Feng Churui said, “Your father was a great representative at that time. Back then, a plot of land in the west of the city was favored by real estate developers in other provinces and hence they bribed the deputy director of land planning to purchase the land at a low price After your father found out, he berated the deputy director of the Planning Bureau and made him recover the erroneous losses immediately. That plot of land was very valuable for development, and a plenary was due to be held in three months. The deputy director of the Planning Bureau was afraid that he would lose his leadership position and hence agreed to put out the embezzled money and find a way to reacquire that plot of land. Not long after, your parents died in the car accident.”

If it was not for the landslide that happened in Huayuan District in the west of the city which made Feng Churui investigate using that as a clue, he would not have found out that the death of Luo Anning’s parents was probably more than an accident.

It was deliberate.

Seventeen years had passed and the deputy director at that time, had already become the central director

If the incident was exposed with concrete evidence, a large number of politicians will be fired.

The reason Feng Churuii was so enthusiastic about this seemingly premeditated car accident was that it would help Luo Anning find her potential enemies and that it was good for the Feng Family.

The political scene had always been like a battlefield and Feng Churui was well aware of that fact.

The thought of her deceased parents made Luo Anning grit her teeth and suppress the pain within her chest. She stared at Feng Churui and clipped, “I’ll help you but on one condition. I want the culprit to be sanctioned by the law!”

“You don’t have to worry about that. The law will do your parents justice.”

After that night, Luo Anning remained anxious.

She was distracted during work and would be jolted awake by her nightmares every night. Sometimes, she would also slip into a long dream and end up crying.

It pained Rong Yan to see her that way but she would often shake her head and tell him that she was alright whenever he asked about it.

Everyone could tell that it was not a trivial matter. How could he believe her!?!

“Anning, tell me what exactly happened.” Rong Yan held her chin down and pressed his face closer to hers. “Do you know how worried I am about you? You just refuse to say anything.”

In the CEO’s office, Luo Anning sat on his lap quietly while leaning her head against his chest. Upon hearing his words, she looked up and said, “Rong Yan, I’m alright, let me rest for a few days.”

No one would be able to live normally after finding out that their parents’ death was not accidental.

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