Princess Medical Doctor Chapter 290

Chapter 290: At the Wind Cliff Valley, I am coming (Part 1)
Nothing can be seen, Lin Chujiu hide quite well her secret weapons on her body. So, when she went outside, the Meng brothers didnt see anything.

If the things on the table didnt disappear, Meng Shi will doubt Lin Chujiu, if she really did take anything with her.

Meng Er Laoye and Meng San Laoye knew things very clear. Lin Chujiu asked them to produce some weapons. So, when they saw Lin Chujiu came out empty handed, they were both surprised. However, there were other people, so they cannot open their mouth.

Feicui and the others dont know anything. When they saw Lin Chujiu came out, they didnt sense anything when Lin Chujiu came out empty handed. They only waited for the three Meng Masters to speak with Lin Chujiu.

We arranged people to looked for cousins, they will immediately bring them back, regardless if I came back soon or not. Lin Chujiu said to her uncles. The three Meng brothers nodded their head, but they were still very uneasy. Meng Shi was about to open his mouth when Lin Chujiu said: Dont tell grandmother about this matter. Wait for me to come back before you said anything.

Good. With Lin Chujius words, the three Meng brothers were relieved.

Lin Chujiu said that she will come back, so she will definitely be safe.

Uncles, I am leaving now. Lin Chujiu said with an indifferent face. There was no trace of panic or uneasiness in her face.

Such presence, she really worthy of Xiao Wangye. Meng Shi looked at Lin Chujius departing back and sighed.


Xiao Wangfus carriage drove all the way. And before afternoon, Lin Chujiu arrived in the Wind Cliff Valley. Lin Chujiu got off the carriage and looked at the tall cliff. The wind was slightly strong.

At this height, she can climb up without difficulty, but she has to eat before going up.

The porridge they brought from Xiao Wangfu was still warm. After Lin Chujiu finished eating it and a few cakes, she stuffed some water and a shovel on her back. Then, she clapped her hands and ready herself to go up the valley.

Wangfei, this slave will accompany you to go up. Lin Chujius four maidservants said.

Lin Chujiu waved her hand. No, the other party wants me to go up alone. Just wait for me here.

But Its too dangerous.

No, wait here. Lin Chuji walked forward, her footsteps were not eager and seemed not worried about what will happen next.

It was not because Lin Chujiu was so confident, it was because she was very clear that the other party was the master of this game. What was the use of getting nervous at this moment?

The mountain road was very difficult to climb. Fortunately, it was not that tall. Lin Chujiu walked for about an hour before she reached the top.

Looking at the empty surrounding of cliffs. Aside from the road that Lin Chujiu took, there were only three cliffs to the sides that look very terrible.

The wind on the top of the cliff is very strong. When Lin Chujiu goes up, she felt like the strong wind could blow her away.

She looked around but she didnt see anyone appeared. Lin Chujiu was not in a hurry. She took the water and sat down to drink. She waited for the other party to appear.

Lin Chujius other work was a spy. So, she was very patient. She didnt panic when no one came out, she just sat quietly

As the night fell, Lin Chujiu still did not move, she just sat there waiting.

She had thought about it earlier, the other party might be playing her, but her cousins, the Meng Familys descendants were in their hands. So, even if they were playing at her, she must still come.

Chapter 290: At the Wind Cliff Valley, I am coming (Part 2)
The sky was getting darker, the wind seems to be getting stronger and stronger. The winds whistling that entering her ears, sounded like a crying ghost. When the sun goes down, the temperature in the mountain was reduced. Lin Chujiu felt cold, so she got up and walk around.

After moving around a bit, her body felt warm. While thinking whether she will gather fire woods or not, Lin Chujiu heard a sound from the bottom of the cliff: Xiao Wangfei, waited for a long time!

The sound came from the bottom of the cliff in front of her. As the voice sounded, a dark shadow jumped out from the bottom of the cliff and landed on the top of the cliff. The man in black looked straight at Lin Chujiu.

Lin Chujiu doesnt know who was the other party. The other party can see her, but she couldnt see the persons appearance. She couldnt even see his hands. The sky was dark, and the person was a little far away. She really couldnt see him at all. She could only see a silhouette.

When Lin Chujiu looked at the man, she slightly retracted her gaze and calmly said: I appeared as a promised, you should let go of the children now.

Reassured, we always keep our words. The voice of the man sounded a bit strange. It sounds like a fake voice: There are not many guards around you, but they are all useful. If they brought the children down, who will protect you?

This was the planned she said to the Meng Family. Lin Chujiu can see that the other party knew their movement pretty well.

You want me, so whoever protects me, is it still important? Lin Chujiu generously said, then she took two steps forward: I know you dont have intentions to hurt my cousins. Just let the people go and I will go with you.

Xiao Wang is truly frank and straightforward. When the man clapped, another four shadow men appeared, they were carrying the children with them.

Xiao Wangfei, take a look weve brought the people, is my sincerity good enough?

Not enough. You will be sincere enough if you let them go. Lin Chujiu took another two steps forward to let the children go.: I am but a weak woman, who dared to come alone. Dont you still dare to let them go?

Xiao Wangfei said that you dare to come, I also dont have the reason not to let them go. The man then said to his people: Let the people go.

The four shadow men immediately release the children and placed them in front of Lin Chujiu.

With their breathing sound, no accidents happened. They were just fed with drugs and have been unconscious.

Xiao Wangfei, I already released the people, shouldnt you come closer? The man put his hands behind his back, and just waited for Lin Chujiu to come over.

Lin Chujiu really had no choice but to come over. If she will not go, her cousins will get in danger.

After secretly curse, the smile on Lin Chujius face remained unchanged Her footsteps were also calm. She only stopped one step away from the man: Are you satisfied now?

Xiao Wangfei is indeed trustworthy. The man was taller than Lin Chujiu, so he looked down at her. His cold breath swept on Lin Chujius forehead, which made her shivered.

I also hope that you are trusthworthy. Lin Chujiu stood still, as if she didnt feel threatened with the mans words.

Reassure, I have no interest in those people. The man reached out and grabbed Lin Chujius waist: Xiao Wangfei, how about jumping down withe me?

Okay. Lin Chujiu instinctively wanted to reject the man, her body immediately became stiff. But, she didnt push him away.

Xiao Wangfei is very courageous. You can take away your cousins now. When the man finished his words, he held Lin Chujiu and jump off the cliff

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