Princess Medical Doctor Chapter 336

The banquet met a bloody scene, everyones interest became low. The Emperor also seemed unable to cope up with it. He seemed to intend to end the banquet in advance.

The palace officials have no other opinion about it. What else can they do if the emperor wanted it, right? But, Nannuo Yao was unwilling.

She wanted to use this banquet to step on Lin Chujius head and let Lin Chujiu make a fool of herself in public. Now that her goal has not yet been reached, how can the banquet end?

As for Ji Fengyu?

He also thought that the banquet was over.

The banquet tonight was clearly to welcome him and Nannuo Yao. However, Nannuo Yao became the center of attention because of her savageness and arrogance. And he

No matter how much he behaves, he was only ignored. He cant do things Nannuo Yao did.

Whether it was intentional or unintentional, with the cooperation of palace officials, the banquet gradually quieted down. No one even talks. The emperor almost looked like ready to announce the end of the banquet. But before the emperor could even open his mouth, Nannuo Yao stood up again.

Huangshang, this princess said before that she wanted to exchange knowledge from the young miss of the east, this princess doesnt know if it still counts?

Nannuo Yao was deliberately picking a fight again, the emperor would like to frown his eyebrows, but his mouth said with a smile: Of course, it still counts. This southern princess, does she really want to choose a husband?

She was so focused to compete and attain victory, but is there a man willing to marry her?

Nannuo Yao looked very pleased, so she asked with a happy face: Since your Highness said that it still counts, can I pick a person to learn?

Who do you want to learn from? The Emperor asked, but he actually has no interest.

Nannuo Yao certainly noticed it, but she pretended not to know, she ignorantly said: This princess heard in the south, Xiao Wangyes vision is of a different caliber, even the most talented woman in the world, Miss Lan Xi, didnt enter his eyes. This princess thinks that Xiao Wangfei is better than Miss Lan Xi, so this princess wanted to ask Xiao Wangfei to teach me a thing or two.

Nannuo Yaos words were full respect, but how come everyone will not know the actual meaning of her word teach, its just

They couldnt understand why this Nannuo Yao always targeting Lin Chujiu.

Does Princess Nannuo Yao want to marry Xiao Wangye thats why shes always stepping on Lin Chujius head?

Many people think of this possibility, even the emperor thought of this, but

The Emperor will never allow Xiao Tianyao to marry the Southern Princess. However, if Nannuo Yao wanted to bite Lin Chujiu and fight against Xiao Wangfu. He will gladly watch the show.

The Emperor looked at Lin Chujiu with a smile on his face: Xiao Wangfei, since Princess Nannuo Yao made a request, you teach her a thing or two.

The Emperor knew that Lin Chujiu doesnt have any talent in this kind of thing, but he deliberately refused to give Lin Chujiu a chance to escape. He was trying to provoke a gap between Nannuo Yao and Xiao Wangfu.

Lin Chujiu knew that she couldnt escape tonight, so she didnt panic when she heard of this. Xiao Tianyao wanted to speak for Lin Chujiu, but Lin Chujiu held his hand tightly and said: Prince Nannuo Yao, what do you want me to teach you?

Her tone was cold, there was a high momentum. But other people still couldnt help but get worried about her. Everyone present knew that Lin Chujiu has no skill in chess, calligraphy, and painting. What should they do if things turn out ugly?

Nannuo Yaos lips slightly twitch, but theres still smile on her face. She proudly says: Chess, calligraphy or painting, Xiao Wangfei you can choose what you want.

Nannuo Yaos temper was bad, but she can get the Southern Emperors love. Obviously, although she was arrogant, she has talent.

Four Arts of the Chinese Scholar? Then, Princess Nannuo Yao, let us hear you play guqin, someone come give Princess Nannuo Yao a guqin. Lin Chujiu completely think of herself as the master of the event and ordered people around.

When the palace eunuch heard this, he felt really awkward, until Xiao Tianyaos cold eyes swept over him. The palace eunuch turned around and hurriedly lifted the guqin to bring in front of Nannuo Yao.

Princess Nannuo Yao, please Lin Chujiu slightly raised her hand, indicating for Nannuo Yao to start playing.

Nannuo Yao has the intention to show off her talent. So hearing those words, she didnt felt awkward, she just sat there quietly for a moment and then plucked the strings

Again, for the elegance in the art of guqin, Lin Chujiu doesnt understand a thing. She only knows it sounded good.

Lin Chujiu nodded her head as she listened. When the song finished, she looked at the face of people around her. Seeing that their face look a little much better than earlier, she knew that Nannuo Yaos skill was stronger than the young lady from before.

Not bad. Lin Chujiu nodded her head faintly, her attitude was like from someone superior giving off advice.

Although Nannuo Yao was angry, she knew this was not the right time to cause trouble. She got up and gave up her position: Please Xiao Wangfei, give me some advice.

Lin Chujiu laughed and turned her head towards the palace eunuch: Go, find the palace guqin master.

When the eunuch heard this, he didnt dare to shook his head, but he looked at the emperor. The Emperor nodded his head, so the eunuch goes to find the palace guqin master.

Xiao Wangfei, this princess is asking your advice, why are you looking for palace guqin master? Are you afraid, thats why you dont dare to play guqin in public? Nannuo Yao completely checked Lin Chujius background, although there was a bit different from the result to the original person, she believes that its very impossible for Lin Chujiu to have skill in just one night.

Princess Nannuo Yao, dont worry. Lin Chujiu didnt put Nannuo Yaos provocation in her eyes. She just sat quietly, waiting for the palace guqin master to come.

Other people dont know what Lin Chujiu is planning to do, but each one of them wanted to know it.

Everyone didnt wait for too long, the palace guqin master soon come. He was a man over 30 years old, lofty and unsullied, his temperament was pretty good. Although he walked fast, it doesnt look messy, and he has no shortness in breath.

Li Qinshi, no matter what Xiao Wangfei required you to do, do your best to satisfy it. Although the Emperor wants to see Nannuo Yao and Lin Chujiu fight, he will also not favor Nannuo Yao too much, as to not let the east lost a face.

This lowly one greet Xiao Wangfei. Li Qinshi turned to face Lin Chujiu, his manners were very humble, which made everyone feel good.

Lin Chujiu smiled and said. Li Qinshi no need to be polite. I am looking for you to play a song. Im not sure if its alright?

This lowly one accepts. Li Qinshi folds his hands and salute, then went in front of the guqin.

The same guqin and piece, but with a man and his masculine temperament, the people find it more pleasing.

With the light plucking of the strings, the sound of the guqin blew out. The Mountain Flowing Water sound lingered in everyones ears.

To become a palace guqin master was not a simple matter. Even if Lin Chujiu doesnt understand the art of guqin, she could tell that Li Qinshis talent was better than Nannuo Yao.

After the song ended, Li Qinshi stood up and saluted everyone.

You work hard, Li Qinshi, you can go now. After sending the person away, Lin Chujiu turned to look at Nannuo Yao, then she smiled tenderly and said: Princess Nannuo Yao, have you heard?

Xiao Wangfei, what do you mean? I asked you to give me advice, not to let the palace guqin master play for me. Nannuo Yaos face looked very ugly. Because the palace guqin master played better than her.

Even if she wanted to win, she only studied guqin for only a few years. How can she compare with the palace guqin master who played all his life?

The smile on Lin Chujius face didnt change, but she said in a serious tone: Princess Nannuo Yao, if you dont understand, this Wangfei will teach you well, you ready yourself to listen

* Four Arts of the Chinese Scholar (zither, Go, calligraphy, painting)
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