Princess Medical Doctor Chapter 338


Nannuo Yao repeatedly cause a scene, the emperor, who was sitting on the top, sees Nannuo Yao very unsightly. So, seeing Lin Chujius arrogance towards Nannuo Yao, the emperors complexion actually slightly got better.

The people present also acted natural, they knew the emperor doesnt like Nannuo Yao. So, several people even extended the topic to the Eastern Prince, Ji Fengyu.

Ji Fengyu didnt expect that after Nannuo Yaos scene, he will still have an opportunity to hold up his head. Although he was still modest and polite in words, but his actions were not humble. He sometimes secretly looked at the emperor

On several occasions, Nannuo Yao tried opening her mouth and insolently interrupted but was ignored by everyone. The people present acted like they didnt hear anything, they continued discussing their topic.

Nanno Yao didnt get angry, her sanity was still intact, she knew she has to sit.

In the face of the coldness of everyone, Nannuo Yao recorded this account on Lin Chujius head. Lin Chujiu stepped on her head a few times. From time to time, Nannuo Yaos eyes secretly swept on Xiao Tianyaos body. If a person will not pay attention to it, no one will really discover it.

Nannuo Yao and Ji Fengyu were sitting opposite to Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao. Its very convenient to observe and peek.

When Nannuo Yao stared fiercely, many people noticed it. But after knowing how rude Nannuo Yao is, no one dared to come out to defend Lin Chujiu.

Nannuo Yao, a young lady who doesnt care about face, if they really compete with her, only them will lose a face.

Several young ladies, who were sitting in the front row, could only look at Lin Chujiu with sympathy. They feel that Lin Chujiu was so unlucky, to provoked such a crazy princess.

When Nannuo Yaos eyes swept over her, Lin Chujiu occasionally smiles back with eyes full of inquiry and interest. But, Nannuo Yao will sweep away her eyes. Because she always felt that Lin Chujiu knows her intentions.

Indeed, Lin Chujiu had guessed why Nannuo Yao was targeting her.

There was no good action for no reason, nor bad actions for no reason in this world. So, Lin Chujiu had thought about it why Nannuo Yao was targeting her.

At first, Lin Chujiu thought Nannu Yaos reason was just simple, she wanted to step on her head because of her reputation in the east. Although her identity was among the highest, she was also famous for being incompetent and arrogant. It will be very easy to step on her head, she has no talent in chess, calligraphy, and painting. But now, it seems

She was too simple-minded.

Being with a handsome man is also considered a curse.

Lin Chujiu shook her head and couldnt help but stare at Xiao Tianyao. The more she looked, the more she felt like Xiao Tianyao was really the cause of this disaster.

This looks no matter what side, whether its the front or the side, he looked deadly handsome.

Sure enough, no matter where or when, the world will only look at the face. Only she was different.

Lin Chujius gaze was too direct. Xiao Tianyao wanted to ignore it, but then he turned his head and asked whats wrong with his eyes.

Lin Chujiu shook her head and said in a low voice: Nothing, I just suddenly felt that Wangye look very handsome.

Mmm Xiao Tianyao simply replied and quickly turned away his head. But then, his face suddenly flushed, and his ears redden.

Is he shy?

When Lin Chujiu saw it, she couldnt help but smile.

She didnt expect that Xiao Tianyao was so pure, she didnt say much.

Because of Lin Chujius smile, Xiao Tianyao felt even more uncomfortable, his ears got even more reddish. He couldnt even sit properly. However, the slight curve in his eyes revealed that he was in a good mood this time.

Lin Chujiu secretly scolded herself for talking nonsense. She didnt mean to tease Xiao Tianyao. She didnt mean anything else. She was just simply complimenting him. But obviously, Xiao Tianyao doesnt think the same.

Lin Chujiu was afraid of causing unnecessary misunderstandings, so she busily sat up and showed a fake smile. She didnt dare to looked around her surrounding, nor talked to anyone.

At this point in time, the banquet was nearing come to an end, everyone was a little tired. No one noticed the little actions of the husband and wife, only Nannuo Yao, who was sitting on the opposite witnessed this scene.

Seeing Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyaos subtle intimate actions, Nannuo Yao was so angry to the point that she wanted to kill. Although she tried to hide her anger, she couldnt completely do so.

When Lin Chujiu looked up, she saw the distorted face of Nannuo Yao. She slightly frowned her eyebrows and remembered what on Nannuo Yaos heart.

For the sake of love, many women can do anything. Nannuo Yao was a person who doesnt know how high is the sky. She was not afraid of anything. She must high her guard against her.

Even after witnessing Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyaos intimate actions. Nannuo Yao didnt cause trouble. In fact, she was no trouble. If the emperor was unwilling to give her a face, she wont be able to act shamelessly in this banquet.

A welcoming banquet started fiercely but ended peacefully. Everyone started comparing Princess Nannuo Yao and Prince Ji Fengyi.

At the end of the banquet, a few familiar women came together: The Southern royal familys teaching is very shallow, I dont know how did they educate the Princess of the South.

Who knows whether shes deliberately doing this. Didnt you hear what Xiao Wangfei had said, if a daughter wasnt educated well when she gets married, she can harm the whole family. Some people couldnt help but guess what on Nannuo Yaos mind.

Thinking about it, Xiao Wangfeis words were really interesting. In the beginning, didnt the emperor marry her off to the Xiao Wangfu? Maybe the emperor also has this idea, that Lin Chujiu could destroy Xiao Wangfu. Unfortunately

Lin Chujiu became indifferent. Not only she didnt harm Xiao Wangfu but given a lot of help to Xiao Wangye.

In the end, they were in the palace, so the few women didnt say anything further. When they stopped, they completely closed their mouth.

When Lin Xiang came out with Lin Furen and Lin Wanting, everyone stopped talking. But some people deliberately walked forward and praised Lin Xiang for raising such a good daughter, which almost choked Lin Xiang to death.

Right Prime Minister You was an old fox, he also hurriedly walked towards Lin Xiang and said with a smile: Lin Xiang, you are bless to have such a good daughter, you taught her very well, Xiao Wangye is truly blessed.

Right Prime Minister Yous statement was like a salt rubbing Lin Xiangs wound. Before Lin Chujiu married, whos person doesnt know her character in the capital?

Seeing Princess Nannuo Yaos performances today in the banquet, wasnt Lin Chujiu like that in the beginning? Its just, Lin Chujiu didnt have the chance to attend any banquet in the palace before.

When Lin Xiang heard this, his face darkens, but then, he smiled and said: Prime Minister Yous praise is too much. It is your family who has very strict teaching. Several of your granddaughters are very famous. Later when they get married, many families will be blessed.

One of the granddaughters of Prime Minister You just recently died. It was the granddaughter who was locked up in the temple and was raped.

This was a deep wound in Prime Minister Yous heart. So no one dared to mention this, only Lin Xiang was not afraid to mention it.

Without question, when Prime Minister You heard this, he snorted and immediately left

Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao came out one step late. When they went out, they saw the scene between Lin Xiang and Prime Minister You. The two couldnt help but shook their head and tacitly thought: These two, they shouldnt let the emperor sees that they have different views and goals
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