Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 76

Chapter 76: Chapter 76 I Can Lend You Money

What I said was true. This was not just a small amount of money, once something went wrong, I would need to spend the rest of my life in jail. It was just because I suddenly remembered something that I mentioned this, "Of course, there are two other ways..."

Mo Fei's expression eased a bit, and she asked quickly, "What are they?"

"Go to your uncle-"

"No!" I was interrupted by Mo Fei before I could even finish speaking. "I understand my uncle's temper too well. If I ask him, he will definitely pay off the debt for my mother, then he will never allow me to contact her in the future."

I smiled bitterly, "You don't have to be so honest, You can just say that you need it for yourself."

"Then I will be lying to him," Mo Fei said resolutely, "He treats me like his own daughter, I can't do this to him. Chu Nan, please don't say something like this. Okay?"

Seeing the look of pleading in Mo Fei's eyes, I sighed and said, "then there is only one way left."

Seeing her face was lit up with hope, her trust made me blush a little, "That is... I, I can lend you money..."

Saying "I can lend you money" to a future billionaire, anyone would feel embarrassed when they said it. This clearly felt like a joke. Mo Fei was dazed for a second.

"You have a little more than a hundred thousand, and I also have a little more than a hundred thousand, and if we add them together, it should be enough." I could only temporarily postpone the plan to buy a car.

"Is, is the money yours?"

"Of course, or you think that I stole the money" I laughed and said, "It's my own money."

My family wasn't rich, and I just graduated from university and had a formal job for only a year, and I was just a regular white-collar worker, so the fact that I had a little more than a hundred thousand Yuan savings was definitely very surprising to many people.

Mo Fei clearly knew about this, but she seemed to be more surprised that I would lend her all my savings like it was nothing. "Chu Nan, you..." Her eyes were filled with hesitation as if she suddenly realized something.

Immediately, I knew that she got the wrong idea, so I quickly waved my hand and said, "don't get the wrong idea, Feifei, I just want to help you." Only after I finished did I just realize that it seemed like this was the first time that this dense woman realized that I had feelings for her. But... this was the first time I really wanted to help her not because I liked her.

I discovered that I had really let it go.

Mo Fei's face blushed a little, and she immediately turned her head, pacing in the office like what I just did. After a while, she said to me, "the short-term investment you said, how short is it?"

I was dazed, but I soon realized that Mo Fei, who was a strong and independent woman, was not willing to accept my financial help, so I said, "If all the conditions are met and if everything goes well, it just needs one month."

"One month?" Even if we were friends, when it came to business, Mo Fei would not easily believe me. After all, I was only a little employee, who had been working for this company for only one year. "Do you have any plans?"

"It's just an idea now, I need a few days," my old man often taught me that everything should be considered twice, and although having determination was a good thing, we must have a contingency plan. I smiled at Mo Fei, "at worst, just Let me be your creditor for a few days, you can rest assured that I will not charge you interest."

Mo Fei said with worry, "But my mother's creditor..."

I patted my chest and said with confidence, "I will find a way to help her to buy one month's time."

Maybe my confidence made my mind stop working. Only after I said it did I realize that I didn't know any methods.

Then my forehead started to sweat

. . .


"Where are you going?"

Back to the general operation team, when I just called Liusu's name, I was interrupted by her. Not only I was dazed, but even Mo Fei was also the same. Liusu was clearly asking her this question.

Was I hallucinating? Why did I feel like since we came back from the holiday, not only the atmosphere of the general operation team changed, but the relationship between Liusu and Mo Fei was also slightly different?

However, Mo Fei has always been used to have a cold face in front of others in the company, so hiding a faint of apologetic expression on her face, she simply said to me, "Chu Nan, I will go downstairs to pick up the car, wait for me at the main entrance."

"Okay," after I said to Mo Fei, I turned to Liusu and said, "Is the letter of intent for cooperation returned by the project team and operation team last time still here? The one that Heng Xiang Real Estate sent."

After being ignored by Mo Fei, Liusu's little face was darkened like it was covered with a dark cloud, and her eyes flashed with lightning when she glared at her back. Hearing that I asked her something about the work, she was dazed for a second and then quickly said, "yes, elder sister Liu told me that it was useless, so I am trying to get rid of it."

"I need it, please give it to me." I sighed with relief.

Liusu was puzzled, "Why do you need it?"

"I'll tell you later, just give it to me, and also." I thought about it, stopped Liusu, who was about to get the document, and said quietly, "don't tell anyone else about this."

"Why?" Liusu asked suspiciously. Then a flash of panic appeared in her eyes, "Nanna, are you doing some bad things again?

"Again? Have I done any bad things before?" I was speechless. But I knew that I would not be able to fool Liusu, so I simply said, "I need to go soon, once I have time, I will tell you."

. . .

On the way to Wu Xueqing's flat, it was Mo Fei, who was driving. I was reading the Heng Xiang real estate's information on the side. Because the work of the general operation team was often not very busy. In order to pass the time, I spent some time checking Heng Xiang real estate's situation. Of course, there was also another reason why I was interested in this company

Closing the document, the car just drove into an upscale community, after getting off the car, I made a phone call, and then followed Mo Fei upstairs.

Wu Xueqing didn't have money, but she still had a very nice flat. Although it was not comparable to Mo Fei's house, a flat in this kind of area was still very expensive.

"Chu Nan?" Seeing I was with her daughter, Wu Xueqing had an embarrassed expression on her face, but she was not surprised. Probably, she had already guessed that Mo Fei would seek help from me.

"Where are they?"

Wu Xueqing didn't wear makeup today. Although the signs of aging became clearer on her face now, it was more pleasing to look at her this way, "inside..."

I didn't want to spend time having some courtesy conversation at the door, so I took a deep breath and said lightly, "Let's go in."

In the living room, lying or sitting four big men. Those arrogant looks and relaxed postures were like they deliberately wanted to show it to Mo Fei and me. After I glanced around, I noticed that there were two familiar figures. They were the two tattooed guys that I encountered last time outside the bath center. The only difference was that today both of them were wearing tops.

Those two guys obviously also recognized me, especially the guy who was kicked by me last time, his face instantly changed as soon as he saw me, and he immediately got up from the chair as if he wanted to punch me. But he was stopped by a man with a buzz cut. In the end, he could only snort and suppress his anger.

Then my eyes landed on a man, who dressed in a white suit. The man was watching the TV with his back to us as if he didn't even notice that we had entered the flat.

It was a forty-two-inch screen, and that guy was sitting just one step away, but he still wanted to lean forward as if it was not close enough. From time to time, he even let out a wild laugh as if he was watching a comedy at the moment.

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