Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1234

Chapter 1234 That Shameless Woman 3

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Huang Yueli smiled at him and said, Ive been staying here for the past few days? Its just that you didnt discover that it was me only!

Hearing that, a lightbulb in Yuan Zeyus head lit up, as he cried out in shock, You. You are Ye Xiao??

Huang Yueli nodded her head, Thats right.

No, how could you be Ye Xiao? Ive known Junior Sister Ye for quite a while. Although the things she said and did over the last two days, indeed werent the same as before, but. but she still looks exactly like the original Junior Sister Ye?

If it wasnt for this, Huang Yuelis abnormal ways, would had caused everyone to be suspicious long ago.

Huang Yueli laughed, Senior Brother Yuan, dont you know about the art of disguise?

Yuan Zeyus eyes widened, as he looked at her, This. of course Ive heard about the art of disguise, but.. arent the number of people who knows how to do disguises, extremely little? How could you possibly know? Furthermore, your art of disguise is simply too incredible? Theres no flaw at all!

Huang Yueli replied, I just happened to learn a little previously. My disguise actually has a lot of flaws, only you and Junior Sister Ye arent that close, so there are some details, which you might have overlooked.

Huang Yueli spoke briefly about it, sounding very humble, but Yuan Zeyu was still extremely shocked!

He wasnt silly, so naturally he wouldnt think that, the art of disguise was so simple, even though Huang Yueli spoke of it so lightly!

This was totally different from ordinary make up tactics. In order to conceal ones identity in front of other practitioners, just changing the features on ones face wasnt much use, because other practitioners knew her well, so they could use their profound energy to sense.

In order to befuddle the other party, not only does the exterior look need to look remarkably true to life, one must use a certain skill, to confuse others senses, and that was an extremely high levelled Profound Skill!

Yuan Zeyu was stunned for quite a bit, before he gained his senses and asked, Junior Sister Bai, youd actually been hiding in Celestial Light Sect secretly, do you know that.. Speaking of this, he lowered his voice, Do you know that, Young Sect Master had been searching for you for a long, long time, and from his looks, he seemed to be anxious that hes almost going crazy!

Huang Yueli nodded and replied, I know, Ive just returned from his side. You all should know the matter where I was pursued by Ling Wenbin, so later on I was stuck in a mystic region and couldnt get out, hence there was quite a bit of delay. When I got out, I hurried over to Celestial Light Sect. In order not to cause any unnecessary trouble, so I disguised myself.

Yuan Zeyu then realised what happened, So its like this! Young Sect Master can finally rest his heart

His look towards Huang Yueli seemed slightly complicated, once, he had also the intentions to woo Huang Yueli.

In the end, while this though was still in the infant stage, it had been dashed mercilessly by Li Moying!

Later on, he witnessed Huang Yuelis cultivation innate talent, as well as her outstanding armament refining potential and innate talent, so he finally could not help but admit that, she was someone whom he could not afford claim connections with. Only a man like Li Moying, was able to gain her favour..

Yuan Zeyu sighed silently, when he suddenly thought of something, Right, a few days ago, Administrator Chen was still asking you to tidy up Young Sect Masters rooms. I guess they must be regretting deep down to their guts by now right?

Wasnt that really outsmarting themselves?

Huang Yuelis lips arched upwards, not speaking a single word.

But her smile, made Yuan Zeyu shivered silently.

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