Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1235

Chapter 1235 That Shameless Woman 4

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From the looks of this, he didnt need to ask and he already knew that those two were probably goners..

Seriously, they could choose to offend anyone, but why did they pick to offend Huang Yueli?

Putting aside that overbearing and powerful, big demon lord who pampered his wife over the line, just herself alone was so black bellied and crafty, dealing with those scum was as simple as merely lifting a finger!

The two of them were engaged in a deep conversation and Huang Yueli didnt mind her own identity being exposed. Anyway, she and Li Moying were considered as being together officially, so there was no need to suppress their volumes.

But they hadnt noticed that, there were numerous eyes which were focused around them, and many of them pricked up their ears to eavesdrop on what they were saying.

Not long later, bursts of disdain were heard.

So. she really is Ye Xiao! I thought she was boasting!

How do you know shes really her?

Didnt she say that earlier? She used the art of disguise, changing into Ye Xiaos looks to smuggle into our Celestial Light Sect. Her motive is actually to look for Young Sect Master!

Thats right, I also heard that! Heavens, how could there be such a shameless woman on this earth, using various schemes to stick on to Young Sect Master! As what I was saying, she looked so pretty, how could she bear that ugly look before her disguise. So, its intentionally done to confuse everyone, so that she can find a chance to seduce Young Sect Master!

This is simply too disgusting! Actually, using such an underhanded method! How could it be possible that Young Sect Master actually fell for her trick? Even our Eldest Young Miss Murong had wishfully wooed Young Sect Master for so many years before he finally relented! Which blade of spring onion is she considered as, not even looking at her own identity?

Those few female disciples totally lower down their voices, as though they were afraid that Huang Yueli couldnt hear them.

Huang Yuelis forehead started to wrinkle as she heard that.

Yuan Zeyu hurriedly tried to pacify her, Junior Sister Bai, dont listen to their rubbish talk! How would Young Sect Master possibly be together with the Young Miss of Murong family? You plainly know how much he values you.

Huang Yueli nodded, I know, I just felt that these few houseflies are quite irritating. Senior Brother Yuan, Im asking you..

Before she could finish her question, she heard the nearest female disciple suddenly gasping loudly.

Heavens! Look at that! On Ye Xiaos neck those red patches, are are those love bites??

Surely.. Surely not right? How could she have any love bites? Did she go over to Young Sect Masters courtyard yesterday night.. could it be..

Hearing that, Yuan Zeyus vision shot directly towards her neck, as he suffered a big blow as he looked at her startled.

Following that, a sliver of helplessness flowed in his eyes as he silently shook his head. Even though he knew that this young lady and Li Moying were a couple, but to witness the evidence of their intimacy still made him felt emotionally hurt.

Huang Yuelis lips twitched, as she really felt slightly embarrassed right now.

She silently cursed Li Moying that beast in her heart. He was really born in the year of the dog, nibbling around his neck yesterday, did he think that she was a piece of bone? Didnt he even considered how she was going to meet other people today!

Luckily she had also bitten him back yesterday..

But those female disciples, after finding out such an explosive gossip, they started to ridicule her even more without restrain.

To even have love bites, looks like she really did go seduce Young Sect Master yesterday! She definitely had climbed onto Young Sect Masters bed directly!

Hmph, so what about that? Even if she does have some good looks, but how would Young Sect Master be so superficial? Hes merely just playing around with her!

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