Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1326

Chapter 1326 Malicious Provocation 2

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Murong De restrained himself for some time, not saying a word.

At this moment, the doctor who gave Li Lingchuan a check up came over to report, Sect Master, Master Lis injuries are rather grave. His internal organs were almost shattered and if he doesnt lie down for a couple of months, he wouldnt be able to recuperate. Luckily his meridians hadnt suffered too much damage so in future he will still be able to continue cultivating.

Hearing that, Murong De knew that Li Moying really had shown leniency so what more could he say?

Murong De sighed as he waved his hand, I know already, bring Master Li down for urgent treatment.

Saying that he returned to his own seat. From the start till the end, he didnt say a word about Li Moying.

Huang Yueli sat beside Li Moying as her eyes were wide open, a little surprised over what had happened.

She had not expected Li Moying to be so merciless. Suddenly injuring someone without even giving a warning at all.

In this way, Murong Des reputation had totally fallen onto the ground so Huang Yueli thought that he would at least berate Li Moying a little.

But towards the end, Murong De didnt even say a single word and directly went back to his seat. It was obvious that he was afraid of Li Moying!

Li Moying sensed that Huang Yueli kept staring at him as he turned his head slightly, Whats the matter, Lier? Why are you looking at me and not eating anything? Are the dishes not to your liking?

Huang Yueli smiled at him, I realised that you seem to be very overbearing in the Sect, you just beat up your junior brother until he has such a serious injury? Havent you noticed that your Master is extremely angry?

Li Moying gave a cold harrumph, I didnt go beat up Murong Fei is the utmost face which Im giving him. Moreover the guy surnamed Li created trouble for me in the Dark Moon Forest previously and I havent settled the debt with him yet. And now he still came out to create trouble, does he think that I, Li Moying, am dead? Saying that, he looked at Huang Yueli, Lier, do you feel that Im too overbearing?

Huang Yueli smiled sweetly, Of course not, why would I? I feel that youre extremely suave until I can die!

Li Moying then satisfactorily smiled as the sides of his lips curled upwards.

To him, there was nothing which made him happier than to hear Huang Yueli praised him. His Liers expression was just too cute and if it wasnt for the fact that this was a public area and he was afraid that Huang Yueli would become angry from embarrassment, he wanted to lower his head and give her a kiss.

Suddenly at this moment, Cui Yuan Shan suddenly opened his mouth, Junior Brother Murong, arent the rules in Celestial Light Sect very strict? How come your disciples can even beat each other up openly in public, this is a real eye opener for me!

Murong Des expression stiffened.

How would he not be able to tell that Cui Yuan Shan didnt harboured any good intentions. Everyone present could tell that he didnt berate Li Moying because he didnt want to offend this talented disciple.

But Cui Yuan Shan had to bring out this sentence, ridiculing and hinting that he had a double standard.

If he didnt pursue the matter in which Li Moying beat up his fellow junior brothers, it was obvious that Celestial Light Sect didnt have the dignity of a large Sect. But if he pursued him, he didnt dare to take up the risk of offending Li Moying..

Cui Yuan Shan was obviously trying to sow a discord between them!

Just as Murong De was extremely interlocked, Li Moying suddenly gave a chilly laugh and calmly opened his mouth.

Sect Master Cui, this seems to be our Celestial Light Sects matters, so since when had Green Cloud Sect able to dabble into our sect affairs! We have yet to discuss the two sects cooperation method and youre already dabbling in our sects internal affairs. If we really cooperated, then are you going to override my Master?

Hearing that, Cui Yuan Shans expression changed immediately.

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