Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1328

Chapter 1328 Malicious Provocation 4

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If this mans mouth started to seep with poison, even she could do nothing about it.

But following his potential in his past life as Mu Chengying, as it grew stronger and stronger, by the time he had no opponents, there were very little people who had the chance to make him display his poisonous tongue skill.

A large portion of people were already scared out of their souls from just one chilly glance, so did they even need him to say anything else more?

It was because Huang Yueli met him in his younger days when his potential still wasnt very high that she had the chance to witness this.

Now, things were replaying again and that made Huang Yueli reminisce about old feelings.

After Cui Yuan Shan was stuffed by Li Moying, he felt that he had lost face and kept drinking wine and not saying a single word more, making the atmosphere turned a little embarrassing.

However, Murong De was feeling glad in his heart as he intentionally persuaded him to drink less, which made Cui Yuan Shan even more infuriated that his moustache was whistling and his eyes widened.

Luckily President Hu was seated in the middle mediating so the atmosphere had not turned overly anxious.

Huang Yeuli saw this and was feeling puzzled so she secretly tugged Li Moyings sleeve as she asked, Moying, why do I feel that your Master and Sect Master Cui dont seem quite right? Did they have any enmity before this?

Most large Sects, although they do mutually compare themselves unrealistically, but the outcome was very different from Murong De and Cui Yuan Shan. As though they grabbed every single chance, without a care as they insisted on comparing every single thing.

Li Moying swept them a glance and lowered his volume, I heard that Master and Sect Master Cui had a good relationship in the past and they even roamed about South Sky Region to experience training. But too bad in the end they both fell in love with my Masters wife. The result was my Masters wife married my Master so Sect Master Cui then started to hate my Master.

Huang Yueli was suddenly enlightened, No wonder in this way, Sect Master Cui really seems pitiful! I feel that hes more handsome than your Master and his potential is also much stronger right, I havent seem to have met your Masters wife? She should be a real beauty!

Although Murong De was slightly cowardly, and to tell the truth he wasnt considered a handsome male, but Murong Fei and Murong Ni were genuine beauties, so it only meant that their mothers were extremely ravishing.

Li Moying nodded and said, My Masters wife passed on very early. She was down with a disease and died. Because of that, she left behind two daughters who hadnt been taught properly resulting in their unruly and headstrong behaviour!

In this case, they really seem very pitiful, but Im not going to sympathise with them! Huang Yuelis lips tugged as she replied in a proud and pampered manner.

After understanding the cause and effect, then on seeing the two Sect Masters arguing, she felt that it was very interesting as she propped up her chin while watching delightfully.

She hadnt noticed that Li Moyings gaze had always been on her, while seeming in deep thought.

Murong De and Cui Yuan Shan in this manner. Were similar to Liu Buyan and himself. Liking the same woman and there was bound to be a loser one day. The two of them hadnt turned into enemies all because Liu Buyan voluntarily gave in alas. In this lifetime, they still turned tables with each other totally..

Recalling those carefree years with Liu Buyan, Li Moying sighed with emotions.

Unfortunately, there was only one Huang Yeuli so he absolutely would not give up on the woman he liked. So perhaps he and Liu Buyans relationship werent as great as these two Sect Masters!

As there were some unpleasantries, so the banquets atmosphere wasnt as good as what they planned from the start.

Many of them seemed to be sitting on a carpet of thorns, wishing that the banquet would end sooner.

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