Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1433

Chapter 1433 Rare Treasure Appears 8

Chapter 1433: Rare Treasure appears (8)
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When Huang Yueli heard that, she shot a glance at him and her lips curled up slightly.

Youre talking to me about rules? Since thats the case, then lets handle this according to Soaring Heavens Continents rules! She paused and continued, Master Fang should know what is the general outcome for the party who is on the losing end of fighting for treasure in mystic regions right?

When Fang Shaoning heard that, he suddenly thought of something as his face turned pale.

You. youre not thinking of

Huang Yueli smiled as she continued, Youre the one who said to handle this according to rules.

Quite a number of Green Cloud Sects disciples all understood the meaning in her words as their complexions turned even paler.

But Luo Jiyun was totally puzzled, Lil Sister-in-law, what do you mean by that? Whats the outcome for those who failed in fighting for the treasure?

Huang Yueli smiled, What else? In order to prevent those people who failed from intentionally leaking out news of the treasure, eliminating them is the entire Soaring Heaven Continents common way! For someone like him who dares to make impertinent remarks, just burying him alive in a pit is considered as showing mercy!

Fang Shaoning abruptly had a change of colours, Bai Ruoli, you. dont even think just threatening me like that and Id be afraid! Do you have the guts to do so? We have so many people here and theyre all Green Cloud Sects disciples! Can you kill us all? Arent you afraid that when the matter is exposed, our Sect Master would blame you for it?

Huang Yueli blinked her big eyes, But, if youre all dead, how would the matter be exposed?

But there are so many of us, how could you possibly

Fang Shaonings words were by his mouth when he suddenly saw the cold faced Li Moying behind Huang Yueli as he immediately shuddered, not daring to speak any further!

Huang Yueli indeed couldnt possibly kill them all, but. Li Moying indeed had this ability to do so!

Moreover, he had always been fearless, resolute in his massacres! If he were really to eliminate them all, he would absolutely be efficient in not leaving any person alive!

Li Moying gave a cold humpf as he slowly walked towards Huang Yueli and opened his mouth, Do according to what Miss Bai said, otherwise

His voice was very soft but when it fell onto Green Cloud Sects peoples ears, it sounded like a demons voice from hades.

Especially when he spoke, his surrounding might was also unleashed at the same time and in an instance, an intense suppressing feeling caused everyone present to be unable to breath as their legs went weak. Those practitioners with weaker cultivations instantly couched onto the ground, not able to climb up at all!

Fang Shaoning was appalled as he didnt dare to say anything more.

He immediately walked to the front of Luo Jiyun as he suddenly bowed, clenching his teeth as he said, Master Luo, Ive offended you earlier so please be magnanimous to forgive me.

Luo Jiyun took a good look at Fang Shaoning who had acted as though he was on a world above others earlier on and now how the tables have turned to suddenly bow humbly before him and seek his forgiveness. His mood was suddenly lifted as the humiliation and embarrassment which he felt earlier instantly disappeared into thin air!

Fang Shaoning, arent you extremely complacent earlier? Did you think that my Eldest Senior Brother was not able to reach here in time?

Fang Shaonings anger~ if he knew earlier that Li Moying was on his way here, he would have applied oil to his feet as he slipped away quickly, so how could it be possible that he still remained here?

But now, nothing he said mattered anymore!

Yes, its all my fault! Id like to ask Master Luo for your understanding! Fang Shaoning almost crunched his teeth.

Luo Jiyun then waved his hand, Forget it, next time just remember to use your brain before you talk because not everyone is as easy going as me.

After Fang Shaoning was taunted for a moment, he felt extremely stuffed.

But he had no choice but to reply, Thank you Master Luo!


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