Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1435

Chapter 1435 Celestial Light Sects Traitor 2

Chapter 1435: Celestial Light Sects traitor (2)
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Huang Yueli raised her chin coquettishly, This..

She wanted to say something when she suddenly heard a shuffle of hurried footsteps.

Immediately following that, a mans voice rang,Stop, all of you stop! What are you doing? Fang Shaoning, you actually bow to these Celestial Light Sects trash? Green Cloud Sects face has all been thrown away by you!

Huang Yueli and Li Moying exchanged glances as they turned back together.

Leng Yi Feng came travel-worn as he walked out of the forest in quick steps, grabbing onto Fang Shaonings elbow.

What are you doing! The few of you, stop immediately!

Fang Shaoning stopped his bowing actions when he saw Leng Yi Fengs appearance but his face still bore a terrified and tensed expression.

Eldest Senior Brother, that Young Sect Master Li..

What? Li Moying??

Huang Yueli and Li Moying had already walked towards the cave dwelling and were standing at a blind spot and only under Fang Shaonings pointing out did he finally see them.

Li Moying gave a cold humpf as he said, Mister Leng, my apologies, youve arrived too late! This cave dwelling belongs to the Celestial Light Sect already.

Leng Yi Feng was so furious that he could only clench his teeth. When he saw the bright light, he knew that a rare treasure was going to appear so he didnt bother about the plan to scheme on Li Moying as he rushed over at the first moment.

But too bad he was still too late. Li Moying had snatched it first!

With Li Moying around, things were so evident and he didnt possibly have the chance to pick up any advantages!

Leng Yi Feng wasnt resigned to leave and on turning his head back, he saw a lot of his Junior brothers and junior sisters with ashen faces as he asked loudly, Young Sect Master Li, youre wrong in saying that! Theres not only Celestial Light Sects people here, there are plenty of Green Cloud Sects disciples here too! As the saying goes, those who see it have a part. So we should have a share in the treasures in the cave dwelling as well!

Fang Shaoning and the rest originally didnt have any more hopes with regards to the treasures but in the end when Leng Yi Feng finally arrived, they started to have some hopes again.Read the next chapter on our vipnovel.com

Leng Yi Fengs ability wasnt Li Moyings match but as his status was special, Li Moying wouldnt kill someone from the Leng family right?

Perhaps he might even give Leng Yi Feng some face, distributing some over to Green Cloud Sect!

Fang Shaoning was the first to react, Eldest Senior Brother, we are just too pitiful! Earlier we had a chance to enter the cave dwelling but in the end when Young Sect Master Li brought his fiance along, he immediately chased us away and forced us to bow and apologize!

His words were obviously toppling black into white, hinting that Li Moying wanted to snatch the treasures in the cave dwelling.

Celestial Light Sects disciples immediately disagreed as they all started hooting.

Fang Shaoning, youre too shameless! This cave dwelling was obviously discovered by us first and the ones who wanted to snatch the treasures are you guys! If it wasnt for Young Sect Master who had arrived on time, we would have really been plundered by your gang of robbers! How dare you fabricate such stories?

Thats right, whos forcing who? Even if you were forced to apologize, it was because you deserved it!

Of course Leng Yi Feng knew that Fang Shaonings words had a problem but he continued along with his flow.

Young Sect Master Li, youve also heard this. Celestial Light Sect to have done this isnt it a little too dishonourable!

Li Moying replied coldly, Since were already here in the mystic region, whats the talk about being honourable or not? Leng Yi Feng, surely youre not such a nave person right?

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