Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1612

Chapter 1612 Reputation Completely Ruined 1

Chapter 1612: Reputation completely ruined (1)

"To say that Feier they all had harmed someone but theres no evidence. And as this is a huge matter, we shouldnt come to a conclusion so easily. If theres really a mistake somewhere, its not good if we wrongly accused anyone right?"

Murong De fiddled with his beard and hesitated for a moment, "You have just come back from the Cloudy Qilin Mystic Region and have all been tired out. I see quite a number of you still have injuries on you, so its better to hurry back and rest! Your Master I will investigate the truth in this matter to return you justice!"

Although Murong De indistinctively felt that there wasnt something quite right with this matter, but he still chose to stand by his biological daughters side.

His beloved wife had passed on early, leaving just these two daughters for him.

Murong Ni had already became the Sects traitor and despised by everyone, so surely he could not bear to see Murong Ni becoming a murderer, right?

Luo Jiyun was so infuriated that he was shaking with anger. He had not expected that even his Master who he had always respected, had actually abused the fact to flip things around!

"This is totally not a misunderstanding! The truth is exactly as what Ive said, what other evidence do you need?"

Murong De frowned as he felt that this disciple of his was really. to put it in a nice way he was called frank and honest, if it was put in a bad way, it was called dense!

With so many outsider Sects guests around, exposing Celestial Light Sects internal scandal, even if what he said was the truth, what use was it to him? The entire Celestial Light Sect would have its reputation completely ruined because of this!

"Jiyun, youre really tired, its better for you to go take a rest!"

Luo Jiyun was agitated and wanted to continue speaking when he heard a sweet voice coming from his back.

"Junior Brother Luo, stop arguing with Sect Master Murong, perhaps. you might have really seen it wrongly!"

Huang Yueli had been standing right beside Li Moying listening to their argument silently, as though she was one of the audience watching the show. But now, she suddenly opened her mouth.

When Luo Jiyun heard that, he turned out abruptly as he looked at her in shock, "Lil Sister-in-law, you.."

He wanted to say: Have you taken the wrong medicine? How could you tell a blatant lie about this kind of thing!

But his gaze shifted towards Li Moyings icy cold face and he immediately shut his mouth.

Huang Yueli casted a glance at him and suddenly stretched out her arm to hug Li Moyings arm and leaned against her own fiance, giving off a sweet smile.

"I feel that Eldest Miss Murong couldnt have possibly pushed me on purpose, after all she has no reason to do so! In the past, we thought that it was because she liked my Moying hence she went against me but today, I discovered that it was really all a misunderstanding! The one who Eldest Miss Murong really liked is Master Li!"

"Speaking of that, I havent congratulated Master Li and Miss Murong. Today the two of you are getting engaged and the lovers finally got married, its really a heavenly joyous occasion! Moying, weve come empty handed and havent prepared any gift, is it not nice of us to do this?"

Huang Yuelis eyes were really large as she put on an obedient look while clinging next to Li Moyings side.

Li Moying saw her innocent look and knew that she was up to no good. This young lass. the more she looked obedient, the more ill-intentions she had.

He just switched a train of thoughts and knew exactly what Huang Yueli was planning as his eyes flashed a smile filled with adoration as he stretched his hand out to bring her into his embrace, lowering his head as he gave a light peck on her fair forehead.

"No matter, things were unexpected so its understandable that we didnt bring along any gifts. At most when we get married later on, well just not accept their red packet!"

Murong Fei saw their intimate gestures and her face instantly turned green with anger!





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