Profane Prince Of Domination Book 1 Chapter 121

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 1: The Incubus Lord Of The Inner Court Chapter 121 The Empress Secret

Konrad's eyes fell back on the map standing before him. Clearly, it highlighted key spots of the first three layers of the Tower of Rebirth. Meaning that either the holy consort or a Metze elder had taken a trip there. With this map serving as foundation, he could indeed obtain many benefits from the tower. However, it wasn't necessarily worth it.

At his current level, above the Transcendent Rank and below the Holy Rank, the panoply of talents available within the two factions was undoubtedly enough to drive him into a corner.

Even if he wanted to go, it couldn't be now. As for those God-Rank artifacts, a million years was an unimaginable amount of time. What was the likelihood of them not having been plucked already?

Unless there was an inheritance allowing him to increase his cultivation speed by several folds, that place didn't hold much appeal for him.

"What are you thinking about?"

Jasmine asked, following the long moment of silence. While Konrad indulged in his discussion with the system, to the onlooker, he seemed lost in thoughts. Jasmine, who remained by his side, assumed he was weighing the pros and cons of the trip.

Although she didn't have a good understanding of the Tower of Rebirth, it was, after all, a destination handpicked by the Holy Consort for Konrad's growth. How could it be simple?

"If you don't feel confident, you can just forget about it. It's not like she can force you into stepping into that place."

"I fear nothing within heaven and earth. However, the premise is that there is enough benefit to plunder. It's improbable for that place to hold enough for me."

Jasmine nodded in approval. Although she also had no knowledge of the system, with Konrad's exceptional growth pace, the tower really didn't seem like such a good idea. At the very least, they could wait until he stepped into the Semi-Holy Rank to head into there.

However, there was something else she'd yet to say.

"She also wanted me to tell you that back when she'd just stepped into the Transcendent Rank, Yvonne Voight went to the Tower of Rebirth. What level she stopped at is unknown to all, but following her return, the world no longer had anyone capable of holding her shoes."


Since Jasmine had mentioned the tower, Konrad had suspected such development. Therefore, he wasn't that surprised, and it didn't much affect his plans. Yvonne remained his prime target. The key to his fast rise within the holy continent.

"Let's forget about that place for now."

Dawn had risen, declaring the beginning of another day. Konrad summoned Ralph and Alan, his two eunuch servants, within the greeting hall. He kept Jasmine by his side to remind them that within the inner court, she was one of his most trusted.

Quick-witted, they understood the meaning.

"Boss, here are the gains from the low-level Grand Spiritual Cultivation Method Sales!"

Ralph declared while presenting a purple card toward Konrad.

"There are more than 100,000 purple crystals stored within. For such a large transaction, we had to open a bank account. However, that account is on your name."

Ralph didn't dare open an account on his name for Konrad's transactions. Even if Konrad punished him for his impertinence, without his direct order, he didn't have the balls to do so.

He'd much rather open an account in Konrad's name then accept punishment if need be.

Konrad had to admit this was a result of his own negligence. When he escorted Iliana back to house Kracht, he'd not expected the trip to take such a long time. Therefore, his arrangements with the two eunuchs were not foolproof.

Fortunately, a bank account with one-hundred-thousand purple crystals wasn't enough for his name to echo within the inner court. To say nothing of the Holy Flame City.

The main quest could carry on.

"As the master, my instructions weren't sufficiently precise and forced you into making a choice of your own. That is my mistake, I cannot blame you for it."

Konrad's words relieved the two of all their fears. Fortunately, their boss wasn't a mindless despot. Otherwise, the situation could have easily turned into their funeral.

"I called you here for another task. Freely use this wealth to buy the loyalty of low and mid-level eunuchs. The more, the better. Then gather them to open an underground chamber of commerce, to trade in goods otherwise forbidden by the inner court's laws.

I will provide you with the goods.

Also, have Hans handle the operations. I will give you up to fifteen thousand purple crystals to purchase his loyalty, in particular."

Hans was a man of high aspirations. Following their previous deal, he exchanged what he gained from Konrad for a True Flame Baptism and broke for the True Knight Rank.

Afterward, he was promoted to head-eunuch. Better than anyone, he knew that dealing with Konrad came with huge benefits and assumed it all possessed the empress' backing.

As long as Ralph and Alan were crafty enough, they shouldn't need many resources to have him cooperate.

As for the fifteen thousand purple crystal limit, for the current Konrad, it was not worth mentioning.

The eunuch duo nodded and excused themselves.

With that settled, Konrad packed Jasmine in his space mansion and headed to the empress' palace.

As per Verena's orders, while she prepared a position for him within Yvonne's palace, he was tasked with serving her tea and massages. This was a position many could only dream of. However, as far as Konrad was concerned, it was highly demeaning, and he fully intended to use it to reverse the tables.

He still recalled the tea smell he'd felt when he'd first returned. Then, he didn't have enough to explore it, but now, perhaps he could use his new functions to thoroughly analyze it and obtain something of use. Upon reaching Verena's palace, Konrad was directly led to her chambers where she awaited alongside her personal attendants.

"Greetings, your majesty!"


Verena ordered toward her attendants as soon as Konrad stepped in. Similar to well-programmed robots, they curtsied and excused themselves. Leaving the two alone.

"Ready for your first day of hard work?"

"I was a kitchen eunuch until now. Why would I not be?"

Konrad replied, causing Verena's full lips to curl into an enchanting smile.

"Head toward the kitchen, and follow the instructions."

Begrudgingly, Konrad stepped toward the empress' personal kitchen department and received the tea meant for her delight.

Again, the same smell assaulted his nostrils. But this time, due to being so close to it, the effect was much stronger.

As he walked back toward Verena's palace, Konrad could barely endure it.

"What the hell is this scent?"

He wondered while stepping toward her chambers.

"A potent sterility medicine effective even on Saints. Your incubus lineage makes you sensitive to it."

Konrad's eyes widened in stupor, and his eyes fell upon the teacup beneath his chest.

"Come again?"

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