Profane Prince Of Domination Book 1 Chapter 122

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 1: The Incubus Lord Of The Inner Court Chapter 122 Teasing The Empress

In every imperial palace within the world, sterility medicines were a great taboo. Something that directly harmed the imperial lineage was, of course, forbidden. As the empress, although Verena was the master of the inner court, she still had to answer to the emperor. Did she really have the gals to use such things?

And for what purpose?

Olrich greatly favored her, even more than Else. Were it not for Yvonne's existence, Konrad would have believed that Verena was his one true love. That being the case, why was she so reluctant to bear him offspring?

No wonder that after all those centuries, she still remained childless.

But regardless of his thoughts on the topic, Konrad couldn't let anything transpire on his face. He dispelled his apprehension and stepped toward Verena's chambers. There, she waited. Lying on her luxurious sofa like all the key women of the inner court seemed so keen on.

"Your majesty, I've brought your tea."

"You can lay it on that table."

Konrad placed the still warm tea on the mahogany table by Verena's side, then stepped back, adopting the respectful stance befitting a servant.

"This tea is essential to me. I don't ask anyone to bring it to me."

Verena began with her silver eyes locked on Konrad.

"Why don't you serve it?"

Konrad frowned. Serving a sterility medicine straight to the empress' lips was something he would rather not have on his record. However, since Verena personally ordered it, he could only obey.

If hesitation flashed within his face, who knew what Verena would infer?

Therefore, he promptly stepped toward her, lifting the teacup and bringing it to her inviting, red lips in one deft motion.

"Your majesty, please."

Konrad said while presenting the teacup.

Without another word, Verena spread open her lips, forming an "Ah" shape, allowing Konrad to bring the tea closer and pour it within her mouth.

He paused, letting her swallow the first gulp, before raising it again for her to take in another one. Thus, they carried on until they emptied the teacup. Konrad then placed it on the table and was about to step back when Verena grabbed his wrist.

"As a dual cultivator, why are you so reticent to stand close to me."

"Like I said before if you dare offer yourself, I dare accept you. However, pointless cock teasing is something I hold no interest in."

Konrad straightforwardly replied while freeing his hand and stepping away from her.

Though used to Konrad's bluntness, Verena still didn't expect such words to escape his lips. For an instant, she didn't know what to reply, but soon, a mild chuckle escaped her lips.

"Good. I supposed I was insensible. That being the case, why don't you show me your massage skills."

At the suggestion, Konrad arched his eyebrows.

"All of them?"

"All of them."

With Verena's affirmative reply, Konrad didn't waste any time, crossing the distance between them and stopping by her side.

"Where does your majesty want me to work on?"

"Start with the feet."

Konrad nodded, kneeling by Verena's sides and taking her bare, delicate right foot into his hands. He first ran his hands over it as if assessing its various parts, causing Verena's lips to curl into a smile while her eyes remained locked onto his.

"No oil?"

"With me, that is unnecessary."

The confidence within Konrad's tone pleased Verena who asked nothing further.

With the heel within his left hand and his right hand trailing the leg, Konrad began the massage.

With one hand, he kneaded Verena's calf, while with the other, he teased her toes. At the same time, he activated his ecstasy fingers, letting the pink flames spread within Verena's leg and rise to her heart.


A moan of delight escaped her lips as Konrad handled her foot and leg.

At the same time, she rotated her cultivation base, preventing Konrad's trick from overwhelming her, and only leaving the right level of pleasure.

"Not bad…not bad…"

Verena whispered while Konrad took care of her legs. But as his hands extended toward her thighs, she stopped, freeing herself from his grasp, and shoving him aside.

"That will be all for today."

Konrad smiled, feeling like the reckless empress didn't really know who she was dealing with.

He didn't insist, bowing and parting with her to return to his chambers.

Meanwhile, outside the palace, shocking news spread. Count Wolfgang who'd just revealed his Semi-Saint cultivation base and was promoted to margrave by the holy emperor, officially retired from the court to found a merchant house.

Henceforth, Kracht nobility would have nothing to do with the imperial court and focus solely on wealth and business. Many believed Wolfgang wasn't satisfied by the von Jurgen princes' punishments, which was what led him to such a decision.

The thought spread throughout the nobility who became warier of the imperial family as a whole.

Olrich struggled to maintain his composure. But in the imperial palace, he had other things to deal with. Nils assailed him with questions regarding Anselm's fate. And out of spite, Olrich answered them in the worst possible manner.

"So what if he died? So what if your brothers killed him? Is a trivial Kracht youth worth you interrogating your father?!"

Within Nils' mind, those words rang like an admission of guilt. Hence, forming a rift between father and daughter.

Konrad spent the next two days between the empress' palace and closed-door cultivation. While in the empress palace, he delivered her the same tea before proceeding with the massages. As time went by, she granted him more liberties, allowing him to massage her back, thighs, and abdomen. Even letting his fingers brush her breasts.

She was also getting more comfortable letting her faint pleasure moans escape her lips.

However, Konrad never lost decorum, maintaining a highly professional attitude. As if none of this had anything to do with him.

At the end of the third day, as the massage session ended, Verena's voice echoed.

"A pity that I won't be feeling your hands anytime soon."

Hearing those words, Konrad realized his next assignment was ready. And indeed, Verena's following words confirmed it.

"Starting tomorrow, you are to report to Yvonne Voight's palace. The position has been arranged. You'll now be one of her head-eunuchs."

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