Profane Prince Of Domination Book 1 Chapter 41

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 1: The Incubus Lord Of The Inner Court Chapter 41 Subduing The Former Chieftain R 18

As if animated with a mind of their own, Zamira's hands freed Konrad of unnecessary clothing and revealed his still flaccid cock to her eyes.

"Why is it not hard?"

She was annoyed. Her thighs were currently soaked with her juice while her entire body burned with desire. Still, despite her nakedness being out for Konrad to enjoy, there had been no reaction.

"Lust doesn't control me. I control it. It is my friend and toy.

Thus, if I do not want my rod to rise, it shall not. If you want it, work for it."

She didn't need to hear more, and dripped her saliva onto his meat rod, moistening it through her oral secretions before giving it gentle strokes. She could feel its positive response, the heat climbing within, the veins popping out, and the shaft slowly but surely rising to meet her lustful eyes.

Slow, methodical strokes soon became fierce pumps as Zamira brought Konrad's cock to full length and unceremoniously impaled her throat onto it.

The sloppy sound caused by her sudden pull of his cock into her mouth caused Konrad's lips to curl into an amused smile.

*Slurp* *Slurp* *Slurp*

Zamira first pulled up, using her tongue and lips to play with the shaft, then quickly went back down and began sucking on Konrad's rod as if her life depended on it, causing provocative slurping sounds to spread within the study.

He stretched out his right hand with pinkish flames burning at his fingertips, and gently stroked her auburn hairs while she worked him with all her savoir-faire, the sensation of her hungry throat gliding on his shaft drawing great pleasure from him.

The pinkish flames covering Konrad's hands infiltrated Zamira's system, causing her body temperature to rise further and her heart rate to spiral out of control as she turned into a subdued cat within his palm.

But how could she allow herself to be trounced when he had yet to put anything into her? Where would her face be?

In a deft motion, she lifted her voluptuous pair of motherly breasts and wrapped Konrad's rod in-between. Trapping him within those beautiful assets, and stroking him in a tit-job while still sucking him with fast throat moves.

"It appears I underestimated you."

Konrad exhaled a contented sigh, relishing the pleasure produced by the combination between Zamira's breasts and her vacuum like throat. Yes, this was vacuuming.

She vacuumed his precum, vacuumed his dick and while her breasts compressed him, she was about to vacuum his milk!

"Aaargh…enjoy your first load!"

He groaned and released a large jet of purplish semen down Zamira's throat. She had not expected the amount that burst into her mouth and almost choked on it. The sperm leaked from the corner of her mouth and nose causing a rather comical scene.


With determination, she swallowed it all and raised her complacent gaze toward Konrad.

"I hope Master enjoyed my treatment."

"Oh? Is that overconfidence I smell? Good. The higher you rise, the harder you fall. I shall make you fall completely."

Without notice, Konrad pulled up Zamira by the waist, hoisting her above his head while leading her toward the mahogany table.

The brisk move caused her heart to threaten to burst from her chest. But although she had already reached a breaking point, she still held onto her gaze remained challenging.

Konrad pressed her back against the table and roughly spread her long, shapely legs to reveal her cunt whose juice now flowed onto the table. He revolved the Hundred Flowers Scripture, unleashed his goat horns and bat-like wings, and exposed himself in all his demonic glory, causing his overflowing sexual energy to strike at Zamira's mind.

Her eyes glazed with lust, and her lips parted to form the first syllable of "Take me…"

However, before she could finish the words, she stopped, looking at him confused and in awe with her legs still spread and waiting for him to claim her.

"Too soon…I must first taste you."

He didn't plan to rub her clit, but to directly take her cunt into his mouth and savor her juice while allowing his tongue to explore.

Which he did.

He went down on her wonderful snatch, kissing the entrance of her nether regions, then spreading open her pussy for his lips and tongue to dive in.

"Oooh! Ohhh! Ohhh!"

She moaned once, then again, and again, until the sound of Konrad's oral job died, superseded by her deep moaning.

"Cumming! Cumming!"

She groaned as her juice overflowed within his mouth and splashed his face. But he didn't stop, letting her now heightened sensitivity drive her into new realms of wild pleasure, and preventing her from clenching her legs around his neck.

"Now, I can take you. And I shall pound you till you die, then bring you back to life only to kill you once again."

"Yesss! Do with me as you please!"

That was the plan.

Konrad stood up, brought the crown of his shaft to the entrance of Zamira's fold and rocked himself into her with a sharp thrust.


She whimpered, and her walls tightened around his meat rod whose light spread within her insides. He pulled back, sheathed himself straight to the hilt of her cunny, then began pounding!

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

With firm thrusts, he hammered. Plowing Zamira's motherly field with none of the restraint he showed to the likes of Jasmine and Iliana.

The former chieftain wasn't the type to want it slow. She only wanted it hard, and fast; so hard and fast Konrad went!

The sounds of her whimpering within his arms with her tongue lolling out as he pounded her cunt, superimposed with that of his balls slamming her butt cheeks to produce a profane melody that delighted the two devils on Konrad's shoulders.

With reckless abandon, he kept hammering her until orgasm took him and his seed gushed into her cunt.

Then once again, without warning, he pulled out bent her over the desk to once more aligning his cock with her fold and resumed plowing that heavenly field of hers.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

Zamira had lost the strength to speak. Her subconscious pleasure cries ragged breathing and hot, vibrating body the sole reminders that she was still of the living.

Her orgasms replaced each other, and if in the beginning, she kept track, soon she lost count of them.

Vanquished. Zamira had been completely, and utterly vanquished by the barbaric demon at her back.

Holding her firm by the waist, Konrad kept ramming her in faster until finally, he released another load within her cunt.

"Six more to go!"


This was indeed a day Zamira would never forget. A day forever etched into her mind. And as she laid bare on the table with copious purplish sperm dripping from her pussy, and Konrad cleaning his rod with her mouth, she reckoned she could never be pleased by a normal man again.

Naturally, the spiritual connection established by the Hundred Flowers Scripture allowed Konrad to feel firsthand how much of an effect he had on her.

The dual cultivation session came to an end, and Konrad felt huge waves of spiritual energy soar within his body. However, at that time, the Flame Mark's voice echoed.

"Quick, concentrate the spiritual energy within your pagoda, and suppress your breakthrough!"

Although Konrad didn't know why the Flame Mark was asking such a thing, he still executed himself and concentrated all his gains within his sky-blue pagoda which trembled from the invasion.

"Your cultivation has been rising too quickly, and although you have no problem of purity, your foundation is shallow.

Your control of spiritual energy is far below your cultivation level. If not for your physique and bloodline, you would have never been able to fight across your level. Hell, fighting those of your level would have been difficult.

Thus, you need to suppress further breakthroughs and tamper yourself through more battles to get accustomed to handling spiritual energy. When you have reached enough proficiency, or if a dangerous situation calls for it, you can let your cultivation skyrocket."

Those words made perfect sense. While Konrad had not been feeling them due to his many assets, it was clear that his cultivation was flawed, and his foundation unsteady.

The competition for the Holy Flame Baptism would be the perfect opportunity to tamper himself by smashing those nobles unlucky enough to fall within his clutches.

He then sat in meditation to perfectly suppress his breakthrough, and allow Zamira a few hours to recover.

Time passed by in a flash, with a more composed Zamira now getting dressed and picking up her torn undergarments. The study had become a mess and needed immediate cleaning. She would tend to it in a bit.

For now, her eyes remained locked on Konrad who had just awakened from meditation.

"I have heard many things about incubi, but this is the first time I've seen one in action."

"I really can't believe they are all like you because you…are nothing less than a sex machine!"

She exclaimed, still feeling sore from the hammering she'd taken.

"That is natural. I am supreme!"

Konrad boasted with infinite self-satisfaction.

The Flame Mark then restored the time flow, and the two left the study to return to the main hall.

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