Profane Prince Of Domination Book 1 Chapter 46

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 1: The Incubus Lord Of The Inner Court Chapter 46 Falling In Line R 18

Some time before Wolfgang stepped toward Zamira's chambers, Konrad strode toward Daphne's.

Unceremoniously, he shoved the door open, and as expected, Daphne was waiting for him. She was dressed in a sheer, transparent navy-blue negligee and lied on her side with her eyes expectantly locked on the door.

Konrad wondered how long she'd been in that position.

"Well? Never have I ever seen someone so eager for punishment."

"It's because I'm a docile girl that knows her wrongs. So, I've been patiently waiting for daddy to administrate punishment!"

Daphne exclaimed with glee, but Konrad who had seen her perform at her highest level was no longer alarmed by anything she had to say.

"Unfortunately, I'm not here for that. Come with me."

"Huh? Where?"

"You will see, just follow me."

He ordered and without waiting for her reply, spun and walked out.

"Wait, wait!"

Daphne yelped while rushing after him. However, as she followed him through the alleyways, she couldn't help but realize they were heading increasingly closer toward Iliana's chambers.

"Why are w-?"


Konrad cut before she could finish her words and led her straight toward Iliana's bedroom which he also shoved open.

Iliana who was having a hard time falling asleep due to her earlier disgrace was now lying on her back with her eyes staring at the ceiling when the sound of her door springing open alarmed her ears.


She snapped and rose to meet the intruder who happened to be Konrad with Daphne at his heel.

"It's You? With her? What are you doing here!?"

A palpable mixture of anger and dissatisfaction rose alongside the "with her," causing Konrad's lips to curl into a smile.

He ignored her interrogation, stepped toward the chair lying in front of the desk in the corner, turned it to face the two puzzled ladies, and sat.

"Daphne, sit by Iliana's side."

Obediently, and to Iliana's dismay, Daphne stepped toward the bed and sat by her side.

"Did you bring her here to bully me?"


Konrad silenced and canted his head as if to take a better look at the pair of warring cousins.

"I've come to make something clear. When you sign up for me, there is no expectation of monopoly. I will treasure you all equally, but if you can not treat each other with the courtesy of sisters, I might let go of you…entirely."

"I do not like rubbish."

The coldness of his voice made the seriousness of his threat evident, causing both Iliana and Daphne to stare in shock.

Losing the Konrad?

How could this be permissible?

"Wait, wait, I can share! If not for her being so greedy, there would have never been any issue to begin with."

Daphne blurted out, causing Iliana to almost flip the bed.

"Who's greedy? The two of you are greedy!"

"Why can't you be like my dad and satisfy yourself with one woman?"

"Because I am Konrad. If I want you, I shall have you. That is my rule."

The confidence echoing from his reply caused Iliana to not know what to say.

So he helped her…

"Men who can satisfy themselves with a single woman do so out of fear of losing the one they already have. But I'm not afraid, never have been, never will be, because once you had me, there is no way you can escape my clutches.

For me, you will compromise. For me, you will obey. For you can do nothing else. This is my household, and I set the rules."

His mild but penetrating tone dressed his words as divine commands they could not resist.

Thus, although Iliana still wished to challenge the status quo, she dared not go forward and could only turn a frustrated glare toward Daphne who just shrugged in powerlessness.

"Don't worry, I know this is a substantial change for you Iliana, so I've come to make it easier on you."

He pressed his palm against his spatial pouch, causing two beams to flare-up. From them emerged Faidra and Aliki.

Without needing Konrad's command, they stood by his side.

"Let us all bound in mind and flesh. I promise that past tonight your eyes will open to a brand-new world."

He pledged, his pitch-black eyes shimmering with dazzling violet light.

Purple mist rose from his pores and soon covered the entire room. As she breathed in the mist, the tension within Iliana's body vanished, and was replaced by growing aching need and desire.

The same thing happened to the other females, and soon, they were all panting.


The sisters complained while turning their yearning eyes toward the sitting Konrad who then wrapped his arms around their slender waists and pulled them into his lap.

As for the Kracht cousins, their hands threatened to move without their consent.


Iliana whispered, knowing the devil was making his move.


The word carried with it a compelling force that caused the Kracht cousins' body to flare-up. Their eyes met in a brief exchange that allowed them to see the heat rising in one another.

Daphne licked her lips.

"Don't you d-…"

However, before Iliana could finish, Daphne took her lips into hers and pressed her on the bed!


Quickly, Iliana submitted to her soaring lust, and her tongue intertwined with Daphne's.

"Good, very good. Give yourself up to debauchery and embrace the heavenly pleasures of my harem."


Pink flames of ecstasy coated Konrad's fingertips as he fondled the breasts of his two devoted servants.

"Ohh…master…yes, just like that…"

From playing with their ample breasts, Konrad then went down to teasing their lower lips through their clothes. Their moans soon filled the room.

Meanwhile, the Kracht cousins had already discarded one another's clothes and passionately kissed with their bare bodies pressed against one another.

They only broke for small intervals of breaths, before restarting their heated connection. They now recklessly rolled on the bed with trails of sexual juice streaking down their thighs and blessing the bedsheets.

The sight of Daphne's breasts squashing Iliana's while their tongues intertwined, brought another smile from Konrad.

Unable to endure his touch, Faidra and Aliki got rid of their stifling clothes and kissed as much of his face, neck, chest, and lips as they could snatch from one another.

"Share, learn to share. To each her part and then you switch."

But driven by the licentious greed caused by his demonic touch, heeding his words was nigh impossible.

Without another word, Konrad lifted them by the waist and carried them toward the bed where Iliana and Daphne were still lost in passionate embracing and mutual fondling.

However, seeing his shadow appear by their side, they let go of one another and pounced onto him! Faidra and Aliki respectively held his right and left arm while Daphne grabbed his waist to press her face against his crotch, and Iliana collared his neck.

The scene would drive any male bystander mad with jealousy.

"I want you!"

"I want you!"

"I want you!"

"I want you!"

"We want you!"

They exclaimed in unison, eager to abandon themselves to his rod.

"Relax, my beauties, you will all have an equal share. But first, you must serve me well."

Their eyes glazed with passion and lust. Nothing else remained. In a flash, they shredded his clothes and latched onto various parts of his body.

Faidra sneaked into his back, straddled his waist, and wrapped her small feet around his hardening shaft for a footjob.

Iliana went under him and pressed her moistened lips against his balls, kissing and suckling them while trailing the middle of his rod with her tongue.

Daphne rose to bring her drenched cunt to his lips, while Aliki kissed all the available parts of his body and brought his fingers to her cunt.

All needy! All hungry! All passionate and wild!


Daphne moaned as Konrad flicked his tongue across her clit and kissed her labia.


Aliki groaned, losing control of her kissing pace when Konrad's deft fingers sneaked into her and teased her insides.

Meanwhile, his fully hardened cock was being played within Faidra's rubbing feet while getting moistened by Iliana's saliva.

Her tongue teased the tip of his urethra, then licked the underside and glided all the way down to his balls which she cupped within her inexperienced hands.

Konrad's head now rested against Faidra's breasts while Daphne's juices flooded his mouth and streaked down his throat.

Even for him, this was rare delight.

He revolved the Hundred Flowers Scripture, causing a whirlwind of petals to shroud their debauched quintet.

The spiritual connection was established, and they all shared in the pleasure they were providing him while he shared in theirs.

"Yes…right there! Right there! That's the spot!"


Like beings of one mind, Daphne and Aliki groaned. One in his mouth and the other on his right hand.

Konrad's throbbing shaft shook, and he released his spunk on Iliana's face, inducing a contented sigh from her lips.

"We're only getting started."

He pulled up the cum soaked Iliana and impaled her on his rod, all the way down to his balls, in one go.


The soft cushion of her butt cheeks hugged his balls, he then pulled one of her erect nipples into his mouth, and the pounding began.


Meanwhile, Wolfgang had stormed out of his room to track the noise, but as he approached Iliana's room, he no longer dared step forward. Yet, he also didn't dare step backward, and so he stood there in awe, listening to the crescendo of four different moans that assaulted his ears, as well as the smashing sound of flesh against flesh that made evident the stage they were currently at.

"How can he draw such volume from them? Even at my best, I could not get a tenth of this from Zamira…is it possible…that I have to learn from him?"


The entangled bodies moved in various positions and switched spots on Konrad's rod to experience the full flavor of its heat.

Iliana was the first to fall and receive his spunk within her cunt. Daphne then swiftly followed, after which Faidra and Aliki each got their turn.

Then they started all over again, repeating the rotation of mating until all had been creamed at least four times in a session that lasted for three-quarters of the night.

The girls now laid on the bed, passed out from exhaustion with silent cultivation base breakthroughs of various magnitude while Konrad sat cross-legged and stored the generated energy.

Faidra and Aliki reached the eighth step True Knight Rank.

Daphne reached the first step Grand Knight Rank.

As for Iliana, she was very close to the second step and could break through at any time.

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