Profane Prince Of Domination Book 1 Chapter 49

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 1: The Incubus Lord Of The Inner Court Chapter 49 New Quest Format

"Main Quest: Level 3 Initialization!

Part 1: Conquer ten beauties of the Adept Rank.

Part 2: Obtain a net worth of 100.000 purple crystals.

Part 3: Establish a partnership with a low-ranking (or higher) member of the Holy Flame Empire's nobility."

Main Rewards: Harem Expert Rank, Cultivation base breakthrough, Fortune Wheel quota.

Ability Reward: Origin Sight, Flesh Healing Kiss.

Timeframe: One month.

"Status: Completed."

"Wait. C-completed?"

For an instant, the system believed its data erroneous, but quickly it recalled Konrad was not far from completing the first part of the quest before it went on vacation, so it was no longer startled.

"Alright, alright. Not bad, host. You live up to the name of Harem Expert! Want me to distribute the rewards first or just initialize the next quest?"

Within his mind, Konrad observed all this with a weird look.

"Hum just carry on. I'm not sure you're ready to distribute rewards yet."

"Haha, don't underestimate the might of the main quest!"

Main Quest: Level 4 Initialization.

Part 1: Conquer twenty beauties of the True Rank.

Part 2: Obtain a net worth of 1.000.000 purple crystals.

Part 3: Establish connections with at least five low ranking members of the Holy Flame Empire's nobility or one mid-ranking member.

Part 4: Plant at least one spy within a low-ranking noble house (or higher).

Main Reward: Harem Master Rank, Free Grand to Arch Physique Upgrade, Two-mid grade Third Circle Spells.

Ability Rewards: Invisibility, Heart Mending Kiss.

Timeframe: Three months.

Status: Completed."

"See? Completed! Wait, wait, completed? Again? What the fuck?!"

Knowing this was going to take some time, Konrad lied on his bed to hum one of his favorite Earth tunes while ignoring the system's outburst.

"This makes no sense. It has only been a week. What sorcery did you use to complete all those tasks? What purpose do I serve if you can finish the main quest without me even telling you what it is?"

The system wanted to cry, but as a system, it truly had no tears to shed.

"Stats. I must check the stats!"

Name: Konrad

Rank: Harem Builder

Cultivation level: First Step Grand PriestSixth Step Grand Knight

Race: Pureblooded Incubus

Physique: Grand Primal PhysiqueTranscendent Level Anzu Beast Physique.

Attributes: Light, Fire, Water, Storm.

Acquired Abilities: Body RegenerationEcstasy FingersEcstasy Clouds.

Bloodline Abilities: Female Dream TheftTransformation SkillArousal AuraDesire FlamesBewitching FogTelekinesis.

Harem number: 23.

Exp: 12.373.225."

"Holy moly…you've been working…hard."

As a top-level beauty of the sixth step Transcendent Knight Rank. Zamira alone was worth 12.000.000 exp. Therefore, the numbers didn't surprise Konrad.

It was now time for the fifth level of the main quest and this time Konrad didn't believe he could complete it with his current achievements.

"Very well."

The system's voice turned serious.

"Main Quest: Level 5 Initialization.

Description: Congratulations on becoming a Harem Master and making the preliminary arrangements to establishing your faction within this world. At this point, you probably have enough women and resources to enjoy a life of luxury and ecstasy. However, that is not what we want.

We want the supreme altitude! Unless you are supreme, unless you rule the entire world, how can you truly protect your beauties?

Therefore it is time you embark on the road to not only build the world's greatest harem but also establish your dominion over the entire Ancient Crystal World.

Level 5 Objectives:

1: Conquer forty beauties of the Grand Rank.

2: Obtain a disposable income of 100 million purple crystals.

3: Take full control of three mid-level noble houses (or higher).

4: Conquer a Noble Imperial Consort.

5: Obtain the full support of two influential figures (or more) within the inner court.

6: Establish a black market both in the inner court and in the Holy Flame City.

7: Achieve all these without letting the name "Konrad" spread within the Holy Flame City.

Main Rewards: Harem Grandmaster RankCultivation Harmonization (if applicable) Free Physique Upgrade.

Ability Rewards: Harem Tolerance Programming or Perfect Polygamy Art.

Timeframe: Six months."

"Now that's a tad bit more difficult."

The first three parts of the quest were the easiest to fulfill. In six months, Konrad had no doubt he would be way beyond the first two requirements. As for the third one, he already set Wolfgang on the path to complete it. By the time house Kracht successfully took over the Schoner and the Henlein, that condition would be satisfied.

However, the remaining four parts were much more problematic. Unlike the other imperial consorts, Noble Imperial Consorts ranked very high, just below the Holy Consort and were among the few to frequently receive the visit of the Holy Emperor. There were only two of them, and each possessed great backgrounds.

Yvonne Voight, the sixth prince's mother and the daughter of Sovereign Prince Hubert Voight.

Anke von Jurgen, mother of the Crown Prince, and cousin of the Holy Emperor.

They were both high-level Semi-Saints and possessed at least one Saint as backer.

Konrad's power wouldn't have much effect on them. So, he could only do it the old-fashioned way, and he would still need to avoid getting caught by the emperor!

"If I can complete part four, Part five should not be difficult. Part six will rely both on house Kracht and on my connections within the inner court. As for part seven, you can say it's simple, or you can say it's difficult. In a nutshell, I must do all these from the shadows without obtaining any fame linked to the name Konrad."

This time, although it finally had grounds to feel elated, the system didn't take the opportunity to tease him.

"When I return to the inner court and obtain more information on those two, I can choose my target. In any case, you can distribute the rewards!"

The system didn't delay, distributed the harem rings, and new abilities, then caused Konrad's cultivation to go from the first step Grand Priest to the sixth step Grand Priest. As for his martial cultivation, it didn't budge.

"Why did my spiritual cultivation experience such a large leap when my martial cultivation didn't improve even a little bit."

"Starting with the sixth step of the Grand Rank, you can't get any cultivation boost from me. I used your martial quota to make your spiritual cultivation equal to your martial one. I know it's difficult, but in the future, try to keep it even. It's important to set up your Divine Foundation."

"On a side note, if you choose to accumulate spiritual energy, I can now split it evenly between your martial and spiritual cultivation if you so wish. With that new tool, you shouldn't have to worry about staying even."

Konrad had nothing else to say and began weighing his options.

First, his physique, then his bloodline.

Konrad stepped into the system and assessed the costs.

"Grand to Arch Primal Physique Upgrade: 1/3 the Original price, 100.000 exp.

Pureblooded Incubus to Dream-Weaver Upgrade: ½ the Original price, 2.500.000 exp."

It seemed the discounts given for having the previous level were getting lower with the upgrade's rank. Fair enough.

Konrad was about to make the exchange when the system's voice echoed within his mind.

"After the update, one of the features unlocked is the ability to improve those wearing the harem ring. I recommend you first assess the costs of training your harem before making the purchase. A few days of preparations will do no harm.

The stats of the ring bearers will also become available."

There were many harem rings to give, and many girls to plan for. It would be a lie to say Konrad had it all figured out. Thus, he chose to step back.

"Very well, I will just do the free physique upgrade for now. After I get a better sense of what my girls need in terms of upgrades, I will spend all that exp."

"Exp hoarding is never a bad option. You can also try to find out what thing you can trade that would give you a serious economic advantage in the outside. For example, rare alchemy recipes that don't exist in the outside but are readily available here if you can pay the cost."

"Alright, show me the Fortune Wheel."

As soon as Konrad gave the instruction, a gargantuan jade wheel appeared before him. On it was displayed the names of every cultivation method, artifact, and item available within the system. There were different symbols depending on the object's nature which made classification simple. In the middle of the wheel stood a vertical arrow ready to spin at Konrad's command.


He ordered, causing the arrow to rotate, at first slowly, and then picking up the pace to reach a speed normal eyes couldn't follow.

Konrad let it spin for thirty seconds before steeling himself to halt its course.


The arrow slowed down, and gradually stopped in front of a case that caused Konrad to fly into rage.

"A fucking recipe? Damn System, why did you curse me?!"

His eyes stopped at the herbal illustration used for recipes, and he didn't even bother checking the name before getting enraged.

However, when his eyes rose and fell onto the recipe's name, he staggered and almost fell on his rear.

"No…way. Those actually…exist?"

As for the name that caused such shock within Konrad…

"Recipe: Semi-Holy Elemental Baptism."

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