Profane Prince Of Domination Book 1 Chapter 72

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 1: The Incubus Lord Of The Inner Court Chapter 72 Distance

The third level of the incubus bloodline list, the Dream-Weaver stage unlocked many wondrous abilities. Most importantly, in terms of bloodline level, it was already the limit of what one could see in a mortal world. Outside of places like the main seats of the Celestial Church and the Infernal Cult, there was probably no knowledge of it.

At this stage, the incubus became a true master of the ethereal, capable of sending his mind into others' through astral projection and rewriting all their innate wishes or desires. He could also transform dreams into reality and summon nightmares to shred his foes.

There were many other abilities. Among other things, his speed and strength would skyrocket while his flexibility reached inhuman levels.

In the Infernal Realm, Dream-Weavers were born at the Semi-Holy Rank, and all belonged to the nobility. This alone was proof of their might.

Within the space treasure, Konrad sat in the middle of an empty grassland with his original appearance, waiting for the system to complete the exchange. The system traded the 2,500,000 exp for the bloodline upgrade, and Konrad's exp count dropped to 9,453,225.

Then the transformation began. His white skin turned into a pale grey while long claws sprang from his fingers and toes. His eyes turned into a full violet, leaving no space for white, and his short black hairs extended to fall all the way down to his waist.

Violent demonic energy swirled around his body, larger goat horns emerged from his forehead, and from his back grew a pair of grey flesh wings large enough to enshroud his form.

He stood up, and although his height remained at 1.85 meters, his muscular build rippled overbearing energy and newfound might. In the distance, the demonic beasts that felt the outburst of demonic energy shivered in fright. Their instincts telling them to keep their heads pressed against the ground to avoid offending the lord.

Konrad stretched out his arm, feeling that besides his new abilities, even his old one became a lot more powerful. His telekinesis could now accomplish mightier feats while his Transformation Skill could deceive even Saints.

As for his physical abilities, he could feel himself:





His speed, in particular, had already reached the Transcendent level.

"Good. I should now have no trouble winning the competition."

He reckoned, used his Transformation Skill to return to Anselm Kracht's shape, and left the space treasure.

By the time he returned to the outside world, Daphne and Iliana were still resting. However, he received news that Zamira and Wulf were on their way and therefore got dressed to welcome them.

But as he stepped out of the door, a shadow shot from his side, and bared its claws at him!


The shadow roared, and instinctively Konrad threw a palm at its face.


The "shadow" spiraled into the air and crashed onto the ground. Konrad shot a vigilant gaze at the figure he just sent flying, but when he saw who was lying on the ground, his eyes went from furious to puzzled.

"I just wanted to surprise you! Why did you have to be so brutal?!"

Nils wailed as she readjusted her position on the ground and stroked her right cheek where Konrad's handprint now remained.

Konrad blinked for a few seconds, not knowing what to do.

"Vigilance is key to survival. You can only blame yourself for being so silly."

He replied after a moment of silence. Nils couldn't help but agree. However, her heart was still full of grievances. Why did the slap have to be so hard?

*Sniff* *Sniff*

"You're always bullying me. And here I was coming to do my good deed of the day."

"Not interested."

Konrad dryly cut.

"You don't even know what it is."

"Not interested."

Nils was struck speechless. What did she do to offend him?

"You're not even going to help me up?"

"You have functional feet and legs. Use them."

Without further ado, Konrad left. Nils could no longer pay any attention to the pain of her right cheek and leaped back on her feet.

"Anselm Kracht, stop right there!"

But Konrad ignored her and carried on with his way, so she crossed the distance between them, and seized his arm.

"You've been avoiding me since that time in the forest. What did I do to you?"

Considering her unique position in the imperial family, it wasn't easy for Nils to make a friend. In fact, she didn't have any. To say that she was content spending her days alone with her sword would be a lie.

She'd finally managed to make a meaningful friend. Why was he suddenly trying to put distance between them? She couldn't understand.

It was fine if there was a reason. But to be snubbed out of the blue after a life and death event that should have brought them closer?

What nonsense was this?

Konrad stopped, his eyes brimming with frustration. Inwardly, he was currently struggling with two thoughts. One telling him to use Nils to deal with the crown prince's next attack, another telling him to leave her out of it, and carry on with their respective lives.

Both thoughts clashed within his mind, failing to obtain victory on one another.

He yanked his arm free of her grasp and turned to face her with cold, piercing eyes.

"Who says I'm avoiding you? There needs to be something between us before I need to do so.

But there is nothing.

We're just acquaintances, people who met by chance and whose futures bear no connection whatsoever. I helped you, you helped me, and now we're through.

So stop acting as if I was your bosom friend because I am not."

Konrad's callous words took Nils by surprise, causing a stinging feeling to grow within her chest. Did she hear things well, or did his words get distorted within her mind?

Konrad's eyes held no compassion. He turned heels and was about to leave when once again, her voice stopped him.

"You're lying. I know you must be. I've been in your mind and you in mine. With the link we shared, you cannot deceive me!

I certainly mean more to you than the…nothing…you're trying to say."

Konrad chuckled.

"Nonsensical. Who is to say that what you saw wasn't just what I allowed you to see.

I initiated the link and controlled it throughout. All that happened was within my grasp.

But since you seem so desperate for a reason, let me give you one. Iliana is my woman and betrothed, but you're surnamed von Jurgen. Is that enough?"

With those words, he left.

Nils stood behind, staring dazed at his departing form with a wave of phantasmal blows assaulting her chest. Tears filled and blurred her eyes, but she remained there, like a statue.

"Perhaps I was just being foolish."


"Guiding the young ones is truly a daunting task. Why did you do that? That girl was the perfect shield to deflect the crown prince's blows. You've wasted a golden opportunity."

"I don't need her for that."

Konrad replied to the Flame Mark's indignation.

"Hahaha, the more you try to push her away, the more convinced I am that you will soon take her."

"Oh? Why is that?"

"You never wondered why does a princess need to pose as a prince? The answer is quite simple."



Afterward, Konrad welcomed Zamira and Wulf at the church's entrance and brought them to the Kracht wing to select their lodgings. Of course, Zamira first headed toward Iliana and Daphne to inquire on their stay.

The rest of the day was uneventful.

Konrad isolated himself and sat cross-legged to cultivate, deepen his mastery of the Hundred Flowers Scripture, and further analyze his new abilities. The second day passed by in a flash, and it was now time for the second round to begin.

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